Transparencybot "The Transparency Circus" 🐵🙈🙉🙊

in steemit •  5 months ago

Greetings everyone !

Ill skip the prologue and i'll go straight to the point !

image source

Two days ago i saw a comment in my POST by a bot named transparencybot ..
Hmm.. okey but its unuseful info, still this info can be obtained & seen from the voting list & from steemd , oh ! nice it has a optout option ill use it !
Couple of hours later i saw a flag in a POST of mine !!!??? first flag was from @introbot , in a rush i am checking out the bot and its rules and i am seeing this

If you find this tag spam to be unacceptable behavior, then let the author know. A quick comment with your honest view point may be sufficient to make a real change. Letting them know they are on "The Naughty Taggers List" may be plenty useful.

My first thought was maybe i misused a tag tears , i am panic double checking my replys in case some one left me a note about misusing a tag , nothing .... more tears Ill try to reach the administration then to ask them what is wrong with my post,
in the meanwhile i got a rain of flags to this post from a swarm of dummy accounts with 25 REP
pretty epic names right ? @steemprotector , @qualitycentral missing @steemZoro .

I tried to reach them thru comments & with wallet TX leaving my message but with any response

So i asked @rouketas to reach them out for me, and find out whats going on some after a day and a half he came up with that reply from bycoleman
In case you can't see it because the screenshot is a bit crappy he replied...

No, only because he opted out of the comments. If he he wants he can reply to any TB comment with #tbopt-in and he will not be selected for any future down votes.

So proppably ill get some more random downvotes in the name to @bycoleman trasparency circus !

I would like to give big to thanks the big fun guy @berniesanders & the flagship armada @abusereports , @iflagtrash for taking care @bycoleman "transparency thunder"!

Thank you!!❣️❣️

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It is unfortunate that the transparency bot pretends to be helping you but it really isn't and then it downvotes you when you refuse its help. Crazy.

νομίζω με ενα ταψάκι εκμεκ θα αλλαξουν γνωμη... :)


Σκετο το ταψι φιλε και οχι να το φανε απο το στομα...


xaxaxa!!! poli swstosssssssss

Death to the bots!!! All the bots!!!


Not all the bots! Just the abuser / spambots ones !!


Nope. All of them.

someone needs to sic that bot that has been harassing @haikubot on transparency bot.


i am bot confused now !


I'm confused a bot!

Thank god there are people like bernie that try to balance and keep this platform a great place. We got a rising number of abusers like that who wanna show their power? make steemit worse? think they are smarter creating a million fake accounts? but at least he couldn't do a single thing


It's like yin yang exactly !

I actually used to be a supporter of theirs at the very beginning as I thought it would be a nice way to reveal bot abusers, back then it was a simple info that you could use or not. But slowly I watched it turn to, well you said it best, a circus. This is blackmail simply put, don’t offer opting out if you’re not really offering it, the sad part is not all people may be able to handle this proberly or get a help from people like @berniesanders for a reason or another and that terrifies me.

Only twice have I ever boosted a post hard enough to earn a comment from that annoying bot and both times I resented it! I'm glad you received support from Bernie


It happen to me once but i feel it was like happen to me 100 times! Still trying to gain my audience so i need to be at the trending page , and in the meanwhile thank my voters with better curation rewards, plus accumulating SP while Steem is cheap! With one stone three birds ! 😉 Yes and he reacted super fast !

It was supposed to be for posts that got over 50 dollars in bids, I haven't had one of those in months, a few months ago i said fuck off and stop spamming my posts so now he says I opted out and sent those 10 fake accounts with rented SP after me too. But my post was for 10 dollars! He's making more than my post is worth by upvoting his own accounts with dummy accouns, and I am the bad guy because i bought a 5 dollar vote. It's crazy.
He says he's quitting now so hopefully that BS is over

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Looking funny with surprising action

WHAT?????? I shaw it today ! I'll kill them .YOU! NEVER! STUPID PEOPLE!