I am back, friends and fierce felines!!

in steemit •  7 months ago

So this is what it looks like, I had almost forgotten!

So much news to share, no doubt my silence over 2 months has dimmed the lights of my once glowing momentum, however steemiest of my steemies.... I am truly here and will not soon lose this valuable set of tools - in steemit.

So much to share- coming in bits, over the next several years!

Now, I must do something to increase vote power.

I am negotiating a delegation with a trusted news outlet- so current goal is to find the best explainers regarding delegation relationships and the benefits to the community and to the individuals who use a media voice while attaching their work in steemit- and various apps on steemchain.

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Welcome back mam

Welcome back Lori!! :-D

God, it must seem like I had the nudge you'd be back anytime soon. I left you a message on your last post 2 months ago,

Missed you Lori. Welcome back to steemit.


yay! great to hear from you. Go see my new post - and please listen to the podcast in that post - but be warned- it has very bad language not for kids at all. So listen alone- and tell me what you think.
~ Nice to be back!


On it 😉

Welcome back@ lorilikes
I am new in steemit. Please mam see my post

Welcome back @lorilikes,
Increasing the power of the sound is a very good thing to do, it will be very beneficial for you and also can help some small fish in steemit,
Hopefully the delegation negotiations can proceed smoothly,

amazing post really nice tnx for share..

Welcome back!


thank you my friend!

Thank god you are back.


I need you to check out my new post and the podcast in that post - it is super important to me. It is offensive - please listen alone- or at least no kids in the room. Talk soon. Great to hear from you beyond twitter.


The more offensive the better, er... I mean the more authentic the better. If it comes across as offensive, then so be it. I'm just interested in the emotion behind it. We're all complicated creatures, sometime salty language is called for. Meh....don't like it? Too Fuckin' bad.

Please don't delete the podcast...I wanna listen....


I love this! You are so supportive and you always get me! You just get me.
Sucks because at shoutout time I can never get your username right - because it is just letters and numbers lol


Hahaha....No shout outs required :)
BTW...Loved the podcast. I loved hearing what you sound like...I mean you never know, right? I will share that I was getting new Texas plates for the car at the DMV while I listened to you. Very brave putting it out there, sister!