Breakfast Epiphanies - The Very Battles Of All Mankind Against Time, Gravity and Probably Salty Snacks. Must see /read/listen!

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This is the second voice - only "show" I am working on- and today it got its name - "Breakfast Epiphanies". That name is too good! I want to slurp the name right up through a straw and drink it like the delicious medicine that it is.

I am on a very wavy roller coaster - but this.. .

THIS! Brings me joy. Straight up!

Listen to my rambles- please and love me a little or a lot - I just want you to hear my take on the battle of all mankind.
It is worth your 8 minutes I fucking promise.

Plus my tiny ego will be soaring if I get alot of downloads or listens. I need all the uplift I can get right now- as I try to gain the momentum to get to my Dads memorial services - still 800 bucks away from the goal. = ( Fuck.
Oh well - that has nothing to do with this awesome pod cast- tune in and turn the volume up and let your mind become my play-doh for a few moments!

Screenshot (150).png


Oh the lonely self replying @ monger in me cannot resist - I forgot to wave down @lextenebris and @stellabelle for their awesome eye power. @ned just for fun even though I know I wont get a reaction out of that guy in the next million years it seems like a fun poke to poke. While I am at it I might as well try poking @steemit @carlgnash @curie lol @glitterfart if that is a real fart person @whoisboredandawhaleofavoterandwilllovemesomuchtheycantresistmyattempttogaindelegationandsomesteemysteem
ok bye


Hey.. I just saw that you're back.. Yeah.. I gotta go catch up

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