Looking to Convince a Multimillionaire Friend of Mine to Join Steemit.

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Just a heads up.

I've got a friend who invested in BTC in 2009. Yeah, you read that right, in 2009.

One day as we were hanging out for some coffee he suddenly mentioned he had bought bitcoin. Nobody knew what it was. So we started asking questions and the more we asked, the more kept being raised. We just couldn't wrap our heads around the concept so we started making fun of the guy! We laughed at him! Yeah, we did!

See, the whole crypto thing was at its infancy stage. We were just too ignorant about cryptocurrency; I was even totally ignorant about cryptography back then! I was barely 20 years old after all. Furthermore I'm a Hellene, so my mother tongue is only spoken by a really really small percentage of the world's population. Needless to say, I had to master foreign languages in order to gain access to global news and information.

Ignorance got the better of us. The guy came to offer some super-effective advice from the future and we just laughed! Can you imagine that? This story goes to show how important education and access to information can be. How beneficial it can be for oneself to just receive information. Your time is never wasted by reading or doing research. Never underestimate the power of knowledge.

The reason I'm making this story is to inspire others to do the same! Attract investors to steemit! This website is a huge game changer with a bright future ahead! We must treat steemit with the utmost respect and try to gather successful and wealthy people to this wonderful platform. Try to think of steemit as your personal business, try to think of your blog as a start up company. You have the business plan and all numbers sorted out and all you need is investment. You can easily find investment if you provide a solid, healthy and reasonable plan. There are many people with some extra funds laying around that are willing to invest if you can convince them! So why not apply this mentality and use it to promote steemit?

It's up to us to take it to the moon. This blockchain is a live organism. Let's feed it the best of us.

Please consider spreading this initiative by resteeming my post if you liked it.


Thank you for your attention!
I wish you a Happy New Year!

Highest Regards

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It does seem like a living organism!

Steem on man!


@jgvinstl Without a doubt!

Steem on to Eternity!

Highest Regards


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Am happy am seeing such an encouragement ...new about crypto so early too at its infant stage but due to lack of convincing power from my friends who were into it i didnt give an eye to it....so when i got to knw about steemit not too long ago i just had to take ma step...moreover everyday i am educated on something new on steemit...it not all about the money sometimes it gives me a reason to make valuable research about something wich might make good meaning to my life some day


@dindani Thank you for your input! I'm glad you've learned a lot so far here on steemit. I hope this beautiful journey of yours continues to teach you things and bring you pleasure.



the ripple I bought at 16 p or 20cents this month and it has gone to £1.76 now :-)

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Merry Xmas and yes knowledge is power, the best never stop learning or improving! Let's inspire each other to do so :)


@joneytalks I wish you a happy New Year! Never stop learning and researching!

Hope my post inspired you to do so as well!

Highest Regards

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I have only been here a week, and already put my doge coin in to steem power, if they would take ripple I might also put that in, and most of us missed the boat on bitcoin, I was offered loads for £2 each in 2009 or 2010 can not remember the exact year, and I also could not see the point in buying something I could not spend, any ways, have a great new year.


@deliberator Hey! Thank you for your input!

Never worry about the missed opportunities of the past! Always consider what your best options are today and move accordingly! I would advise you to hold your Ripple, but that's just my humble point of view.

Highest Regards

I just came across this and I have to say, this post is very eye-opening to the publics closed-off mindset. I am taking away that I should always keep my mind open to new ideas and out ever-changing society because I do not want to sleep on something as huge as bit-coin.


@v3r Thank you for your thoughtful and kind input! I'm glad my post helped!

Wish you a happy New Year!

Highest Regards

Great post! i'm feeling this platform as a real job. It's all about communication and relationship, creativity and professionalism. This is the future. Revolution 4.0.


@industrialvarez I see you! I feel the same way as you!

Let's treat this beautiful platform with respect and make sure it grows!

Highest Regards

Brwrrwww barapishimin. MinnowPower Glad to read this, we must be respectful and transparent with money and people. This platform is beyond everything we know. Keep calm and steem on

Thank you for sharing with us!!!!