Scam Alert: Do Not Download Steemit Official App On Google store.

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As a fact, let me state it here that Steemit do not have any app whether for android or IOS. The only app that has a high level of trust because it is developed by a highly trusted witness is esteem.

Now to the story, I woke up this early morning to see a message from a discord user with name @blackstar. The message was a link to an app on Google store.

Immediately, I saw a lot of read flags but I know most other Steemians are over trusting and don't look out for this signs so I'll share those red flags here.

  • first, Steemit would never run around people's dm with their app.

  • There's no official statement on either @ned account or the @steemitblog handle about such app.

  • This message wasn't from someone I have been chatting with. Thus it was an act of spamming.

Oh well, I decided to go see the app so I can report to the others. And I confirmed my suspicion when there was only seven reviews and five gave it a 100%. I can't remember ever giving an app 100% because there's always something I'm not satisfied with. Therefore it's easy to see that this was fake reviews from same friends.

So I want to repeat it here again. I don't know how many people have been scammed so far. Please do not download this app.


If you have a Google account, click this link to report that it's fake so Google can have it removed.

Always be vigilant, learn to never trust anything or anyone until they've earned their trust for there are lots of wolves out there to devour you.
No one is responsible for your security, not even Steemit or @ned, so protect yourself.
And always be on the look out for apps like this one so you can report.

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Thanks @lordjames. This is timely. Thanks for opening my eyes to common red flags to watch out for when downloading apps of similar nature. I never thought of this. I'm actually surprised that people would go this far to deceive others. Indeed trust has to be earned not given.

Always be vigilant, learn to never trust anything or anyone until they've earned their trust for there are lots of wolves out there to devour you.

And even when earned, don't ignore red flags. Maybe it might even be selectively honesty to lure you and earn their trust.

If I wanna steal 10 million bucks from you, I wont run away with the first 20 bucks I see. I'll likely use those small temptation to buy your trust while waiting patiently for the million bucks.

I'm not a scammer anywhere, I only think like one. But then, don't over trust me either.

I'm not a scammer anywhere, I only think like one. But then, don't over trust me either

like what?? LMAO. it begins from the thought. if you can imagine it, then you can become it. 😁😁. Thanks for letting me into your plans.

If you never try to think like they do, you will not recognize a red flag even if it's dangling as big as stallion balls.

Thank you so much sir @lordjames, people are using various tricky ways to defraud others of their hard earn money, I think this is one of the way.
Glad you spotted those red flag.

By exposing them like this, their actions would be limited.
I need to resteem this to join the campaign against scammers... Smile

Thank you once more.

Owk I think this is a very timely info. Heard about what happned to @surfamarly and I never knew such a thing could ever happen to anyone . I think it happens when you become so comfortable using something and I am happy because I will get to apply caution. Thanks for this bro.

Thanks for the info,
I remembered downloading the app to upload picture, even sef I've been thinking of doing it again. But not anymore since have gotten this information.

If you had tried login in with any of your keys even posting keys, you may consider reseting your password because they might have already gotten the key and are just waiting for your wallet to be a bit fat.

Okay, I would do just that..
I don't want stories that touches the heart..

Wow.... Thanks so much for this @lordjames
I've seen many people sending me various links on discord, but I've never clicked. Thanks for this info.

You can always share those links on steemit but be careful and sound the warning strong enough so that other members can take note.

We have to be cautious all the time. Because you never know how and who is going to steal your information. Spammers are everywhere.
Thanks for your valuable information.

A little mistake and they are ready to devour you like sheep.

Oh my God!!!😬😬😬
I didnt know the steemit app was a scam....that same person dm me last week but i didnt reply, i was given it a second thought:)
@lordjames i really really appreciate and thank you for this information...this is why i try to follow every post you share on your blog, the information there are for @damarth whereabout am still making research:)
Thank you for sharing at this hour @lordjames this information is vital...RESTEEMED!!!

God bless you!!!

From I see there, 7 people have already downloaded the app. Thanks a lot bro, resteemed and hope everyone gets informed.

thanks @lordjames for giving this information. yes,i agree with you no one is secure on internet so we have to be careful in case of steemit
God bless you!

And every other thing we do both online and offline.

It's very evil its the perpetrator ..
Thanks to you @lordjames, who has told us all if not certain there will be a loss ..
Permission to share it ..

You don't need permission to resteem a post. It's your right and your choice.

Thanks for this information dished out on this very morning. But does it mean that hackers will not have their way into my wallet unless I use on of those unauthorized app?

If they don't have your key, they can't access your account. They are ways that they clone different app and links to look like steemit. So you will fall victim and put in your pin. Also, someone can copy it from your phone if you save it on your phone or hack your email to get if it's saved on your email,

Thank you Brother James☺️

People don't seem to understand the way of working of steem blockchain. One should thoroughly go through the whitepaper before starting to do anything here. Besides phishing, stealing money using private keys is another scam. A thief hiding behind the handle @sami100 has stolen more than 600 SBDs so far! Be careful while handling anything related to steem blockchain.

People should be careful not to make mistake and type their keys as memo when transferring funds. There are lots of bad guys out there ready to feed on our mistakes.

Yeah right I agree with you.
and I think it's a fake application and not just people who want to look to the advantage only..

This is quite helpful especially for a new user like I am. I'll be very careful, so as not be scammed at all.
Thanks for the info.

I wish you all the best. Always double check anytime you want to drop your passwords.

That's for sure. Thanks.

Thanks for pinpointing this scammer, i use goggle chrome both on my laptop and phone, it's the safest.

thank you for your kind information as by your information we got secured from fraud sites and got more secure

Thanks for this alert boss.

So many would have fallen victim cus it looks so legit with the steemit inc.

@lordjames Thank you for the information sir

Lol. Scammers!
My hard earned SBD is very precious to me o so I don't bother clicking on any suspicious link.
I no get strength for app wahala sef, so I just respect myself and chill with chrome.

Thanks for this information @lordjames

Hahahaha, @kweenbrand it is over precious to us o.

Hey Praise God, Thx brother just for that........
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Thanks for informing, spammers everwhere

Thanks you very much

thanku for the valuable information we have to be alert everytime

Thanks @lordjames, has reminded us all,
Good luck continued and can share useful information like this again ..

Hi my friend, upvote my post please.

Hmm thanks for sharing bro,

They are at it again!... great Eye @lordjames
Let's be on alert people!...

Thanks for the info, will be more watchful.

hmmm this is so pathetic we seem to be surrounded with all these..thanks for the alert @lordjames

I just came across this post now

Thanks much for sharing this timely info

One could easily get scammed through this

SOmeone like me who likes app would just go to playstore and download the app unknowingly.

I'm so glad I saw this post @lordjames

Thanks much for sharing

Thanks for the alert bro