My thoughts on Steemit + an idea to help great posts be recognized

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During my admittedly short stay, Steemit has been absolutely #amazing, it's helping creative people live without the shackles of mundane jobs. It's great to see #creativity being rewarded. That being said, we need to focus on helping more great posts get rewarded. Would it be possible to create a #showreel of posts, that would show 1 new post from each category ?(no matter how many upvotes it has) Have those posts change in a time interval. (maybe each 15 minutes ? - you figure that out haha)  This would #help new posts not fall into the void so easily.

Maybe some people in the comments can elaborate on this idea ? Please share, comment and check out my other posts. :) (upvotes are always welcome :-)
P.S. I'm not Jenna Marbles #steemit #steem #rewards #minnows #whales #money #creativity #helping #life #posts #sharing #is #caring #idea #upvotes #thoughts #community #please #do #this

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That aint a half bad idea, hope you get upvotes and the people who could make that happen see this cause that might be pretty awesome. ill upvote and share w all the ppl i know who steem'n.


Wow thanks for that, it means a lot :)

I don't disagree with your suggestion, but I think a better example of how this should work is the left side of the top bar at reddit. A slight change could (should) be made so it would be "Categories/Tags", "Following", "All Posts" and "Random Post". I guess the last of the four would be like what you suggested, but in general being able to follow specific categories/tags will be very beneficial to both the author and reader because it ensures that a science fiction short story will get read by someone who wants to read a science fiction short story instead of just scrolling through the feed/stream and getting overwhelmed before they get to the story. People would still have the ability to go back and see the full stream, but the default should be some kind of personally curated list first instead of "trending". I have the feeling the posts that show up when you first log in give people a false expectancy of what they will earn and they get easily frustrated and give up when they don't make four digits regularly.


Yes, I agree with that. :)

start tagging your posts:

The TOP 3 Reasons To TAG Your Steemit Posts: A Simple, Quick Strategy For Long-Term Profits & Success

This will get them exposure in multiple categories.

With only ONE tag, they'll get buried quickly. With multiple tags, they'll be listed in multiple categories - and stay at the top longer, because there won't be as many posts listed in all those different categories as just a single category. DO make sure the tags are relevant, though!

This is a very good idea. Upvote for you hope to hear this function get to steemit!