Let The Challene Begin (Day 14)

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I Only Look Back To See How Far I've Come


Happy Sunday My Fellow Steemians :)

I Hope You All Are Having A Wonderful Sunday.

Today I Bring To You Day Number Fourteen (14) Of My Personal Challenge "The 30 Day Pushup Challenge"

Yesterday Went Perfect I Did 100 Pushups In 2 Minutes And A Couple Of Seconds, I Did 2 Sets Of 50 Continuous Pushups Each In About 1 Minute.

Lets See How It Goes Today :)


Today was my second and last day off and tomorrow I am back to work in the evening from 3pm to 11pm. I didn't manage to run today due to the thunderstorm and heavy rain where I live but hopefully tomorrow the weather will be perfect for a run.

Today I did 1 set of 50, 1 set of 40 and a final set of 10 pushups in 2 minutes and a few seconds, my goal is to do 100 continuous pushups in 2 to 3 minutes and I am pretty sure I will achieve this before Day 30.

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