Is Steemit out of touch? Tell me some more about blockchain. 😴

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Ive been browsing Steemit lately, and of course, when youre doing that as a lazy sap, you wont be using some sidebar filtering addons or scour the discord promotion tabs... Who does that anyway, except the curators.
So you click on the easiest thing there is to click on.


And what do you run in?

A guy talking about the next blockchain/blockchain project. "Many speeds, much transactions, many profit, much problem solving... the revolution is mjau!"

And i guess thats cool. We are all here because the blockchain is cool and we love Bitcoins and Steemcoins. Some even like shitcoins. But when youre looking at the same thing over and over every day, doesnt it get a bit filling?

At this point i feel like "Elliot" is a family friend and Fibonacci the guy i go to drama class and sing weirdly depressing Italian opera.

Its a constant bombardment of topics we have read a million times over. And that would be fine if there were millions of users here. But there are probably less then 30 thousand of us. And who knows how much most are active.
So you wonder: "Is everyone dreaming and thinking blockchain and crypto all day or are there those that dream about sheep (hey im not judging) or bacon strips with melted cheese and onions on the side."

It is starting to look as if Steemit is becoming one of those technical minded social media sites. A reddit page subbreddit #allhailSteveJobs.

Is it really that something else cant get to trending without bots? How about a post about someone taking their teen son to a dermatologist because his pimples are starting to act up and Lisa from class wont go on a date with him.
See.. Thats a story. Drama, comedy and parenting. Judd Apatow would make a 100mil grossing movie with that kind of story.
(Judd, if youre reading this you can pay me in Snickers and ice-cream for this idea)

And all i see is byteballs airdrops, "GET 1342 dollars by signing up here, on this link, click this link, CLICK IT!"
and blockchain projects and stuff ive been seeing for months now.

And then people ask why @berniesanders writing a 1 sentence post: "How day, is good?" gets so much comments and interaction.

Well its because no one is talking about pimples and teen romance, thats why!

Anyways, not writing a novel this time. Just a few silly thoughts for the silly people of Steemit. Enjoy the rest of the day and remember youre only worth as much as the digits in your wallet!
Youre worth as much as you believe!
Believe in yourself for a happy life.
Worth comes from within.

What the hell do i know. Something about worth and happiness. ;)

Ill see you around.

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i couldnt agree with you more man, iv been here for 1 day, since yesterday and today and i gotta say its pretty fucking boring, i dont really see any posts that are interesting like a REAL social network would have, even the meme tag sucks and thats saying something. I think it has to do with the whole OC thing. whatever ill stick around and see if anything good comes out.

I recommend trying out the #comedyopenmic tag there are some major laughs to be had there. If you write a funny post you might even win something.