Be DIVERGENT on Steemit

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Are you a sci-fi fan? Maybe you’ve seen the Divergent film? I was inspired by the bird tattoo of the lead actress in the film. And I really loved the concept of multiple factions with their different traits: Abnegation (the selfless), Amity (the peaceful), Candor (the honest), Dauntless (the brave) and Erudite (the intelligent).

After watching the movie, it’s easy to forget all the imagery, but I always remembered the concepts explored in it. Concepts, once spread can go deeper in your mind than you would expect, affecting our thinking and actions.

The five factions in the film are really basic, but it shows how each community has different social needs. Divergents are those that have more than two of those traits, showing that those with only one trait are often unbalanced. Those that are too selfless will sacrifice too much or be too accepting of both right and wrong. Those that are too peaceful may not be willing to fight even when it is for the overall good. Those that are too brave can easily be idolised for their strength but also violence. Those that are too honest can easily fall victim to lies and deceit. Those that are too smart, could be the most dangerous as they can easily manipulate others and see them simply as tools for their end goals.

So far on Steemit, I see those factions developing:

Those that are selfless come on Steemit, to share their ideas and not their ego’s. We see these amazing people share meaningful information and concepts, they try and support others. But does that leave them too exposed?

We see the peaceful faction, who want to encourage kindness and cooperation by all Steemit members. They are the mediators of the platform, always looking to resolve conflict. But will they be willing to flag a poor quality post?

Those that are honest, try and engage with genuine content producers and avoid spam content. They have the need to speak the truth. In their search for organic engagement, they will not use vote bots. But will that leave them unable to get onto that all important trending page?

The brave ones are willing to fight for what’s right, to take on the spam bots. They make the community stronger with their struggle for justice. But do they end up causing more conflict that is needed?

The smart ones are busy running witness nodes, and creating super cool tools like by @mauricemikkers by @penguinpablo by @dragosroua by @steemchiller by @roadscape

But are they missing the simpler loopholes like large self votes and other Steemit reward pool thieves?

I hope I can take these lessons and be a better Steemian! So whatever your natural traits, it is balance that makes us able to function at our best. Learn new skills, be ambidextrous, be DIVERGENT.

Thank you for taking time to read this post, I hope you enjoyed it !

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Photos are captured great.


Thank you @laconic !!


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cool tatts! do those mean you're a divergent?


Anyone can have that tattoo, so it doesn't mean anything ;-)


but you had it for a purpose.. what is it for?


Well, the purpose was explained in my post. Art is subjective, what it means to me may not mean the same to you. I am here to share my journey through art, I hope you can respect that and show some courtesy :)

Well you sure are a divergent!
You were one of the first people I run into when I joined steemit a couple of weeks ago, and still, if someone asked me to describe your blog in a few words, I couldn’t. But then again contradiction is the salt of the earth, isn’t it?


As they say variety is the spice of life, but if you look closely, there are some common underlying themes. Thank you very much for taking time to read my post @fotostef !!

LOL, nice twist bringing the topic back to Steemians!

One of my regrets is following about 15k people on Steemit when I first joined. In my mind, I was thinking that amassing a massive follower base was important. I would only recently come to realize that a large follower base is not important at all, in fact it creates problems. I now have a convoluted feed which I don't bother to check, I am following 99% accounts (and I don't even know who they are, what they post, if they are active & if they post good quality content) & you can lose track of who your real following is.

I had to write all the Steemians whom I engage with on a Word Doc, that I now refer to lol. I plan on deleting most of my following eventually, but for now the task seems daunting as it took me an absurd amount of time to follow that many people.

Organic Growth is definitely the best. Choosing the best quality content you like and maintaining good engagement and relationships with a few followers. That gives you a constant source of upvotes, comments and familiarity with your followers and you will grow along with your followers so the money will come eventually as you and your following start gaining more Steem Power, Reputation & Curation Rewards! My biggest regret was trying to find a quick way to grow on this platform. Nothing worth its salt is ever quick and can be slow and arduous. But that is what it is supposed to be about so you can look back later when you are successful and see how far you've come! It is always the struggle, that makes the endgoal rewarding, not the actual endgoal itself.


Yes you are right. Have to try all then can find the most effective way. Thank you for your great sharing!

I love how you integrated the two. How cool is that you watched a movie and it seemed to fit right into the steemit community. I thought that was fantastic. So then tell me, how many traits do you have and which ones are those? I think intelligent might be one of them


Thank you @cryptoprofessor! I think you also have the same idea/view so you like this post. I learnt that we all have both wholesome and unwholesome seeds in the depths of our consciousness like loyalty, understanding, love, ... and betrayal, ignorance, hatred ... so I'm just trying to be mindful to water the wholesome seeds and transform the unwholesome ones.


Thank you! It's henna tattoo


Thanks you....ooww...thats looking nice....

I love the new tattoo. Ahaha Keep it up @livvu


Thanks @vaansteam ! I'll do more :D

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Now I have to watch that film! I hope your tattoo wasn't too painful.

I wanted to let you know that a web magazine gave me a huge featured interview with over 25 work of mine included. Here's the link to my post that shows the cover and includes a link to the site.


Oh I love to hear great news from you. I hope you like that film. It's just a henna tattoo so no pain and only lasts for about 7 days.


I'm glad it's not permanent. All tattoos should be henna. That way there would be more work for the artists!
Thanks for your comments about the magazine feature. I was very pleased with how it turned out.

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You are so perfect woman. My heart is beating faster.
I am sorry for directness but I couln't not write this compliment. Your photos made this :D I see in your posts sincerity and truth. Every people on this platform thanking and writing shitless comments. In real life they won't even smile to self. Goodluck :)