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RE: A call to separation of powers in Steemit

in #steemit4 years ago

one question, do you think spoiled children with a devotion to illogic masquerading as logic and godlike powers will ever vote for themselves to be defanged and declawed? i have read some of the extended posts by these giant children and in my assessment, they are not acquainted with logic, nor have they ever viewed it from afar.


'defanged and declawed' - that is the line of the day for me - and I've read A LOT today!! I agree on the logic score. We need to defang these children and start letting some adults into the room - FAST!!

defanged and declawed, comes from some classic literature, i think Aesop.

I will hunt it down ;) Thanks.

what flavors does it come in? cool stee-mint?

I keep considering doing a post with nothing, but various whale comments throughout the community. I also fear being flagged and I have worked really hard on my Reputation.

i think the whole conversation here boils down to, what else can we do except bare our fleshy throats and hope the bloodthirstiest of the whales don't bite. i will help you however i can. without other whale support, of the more beneficent kind, what is there that can be done? let me know what i can do, short of ending with my head in a basket.

Depending on wat you say I guess @whatup
They just can't simply down vote because of some partial views

Some whales are down voting for $value, and others because they want to silence any information regarding negative views on SteemIt. I don't know what if anything we can do about it. I feel it just adds to the those who say SteemIt is a Scam. These "kids" do not understand when you silence people it make it look worse.

I was an early adopter of Facebook. Mark Z, was your first friend back then. He didn't go around deleting posts that talked about., and there were a lot of harsh words back then. He wasn't the all powerful Mark Z, yet either. He was just mature enough to let it all play out.

I don't know mark.
I definitely think is not right just to silence everyone just like that.

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