Each Of Us Must Be Our Own Master

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St. Thomas Aquinas

Here is a partial response to "Write Your Own Code" a post
by @son-of-satire. This is a comment which grew out of all
proportion and so I turned it into a post. This subject can
stand all the discussion it can muster.

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"There is no authority but the self, within the parameters
of natural law" – Me

The ultimate effect of the characters I type into this Steemit
is unknown to me. I suppose it would be in my interest to
learn how to define all the terms which guide my actions and
their resulting consequences. As it is, ignorance of natural
law is no excuse, and what with the paving materials used for
the construction of the road to hell, we must be as informed
as we can be. Intent is a null function. Action and results are
the matters of importance. There are many examples of the
divergence of symbolic logic from natural logic. The results
of participating in this bears some study. Informed consent is
the only kind, if one is to remain free.

Kurt Godel

IF there is a 'law', then it is defined by the parameters of the
natural world. Human law is too often flawed. We cannot
make the law, but only try to interpret it as best our limited
minds are able. Human law imposed by external action is
violence, as it is a violation of natural rights.

I have heard the statement too often, 'humans are of nature,
therefore everything we do is natural.' This is true and false.
If human survival is our aim, we must take into account that
which we can and cannot change. Even if we do act in
accordance with natural law and it's intersection with our
goals, there is a high likelihood of failure and a resultingly
small likelihood of success. If we act contrary to natural law,
with our goals, then failure is all but assured.

Thomas Paine

IF there is a god, god hasn't returned any of my calls, so I
can't be sure of this, does it not seem as though said god
might have created the situation with all of the materials,
tools and abilities for us to figure this out, and accomplish
survival ourselves? If there is not a god, then we are on our
own, and denial will not aid us in our attempts to survive as
individuals or as a species.

I do not think that morality comes to us from god, or at least
I have no evidence of this. The law of nature may, or may
not be defined by god, but it is our action, with or against
the function of nature, that defines whether an action is
moral, or if it has missed the mark. It appears to me that
morality is a way of saying, 'acting in accordance with the
function of the natural world'. This concept appears in many
belief systems in the form of 'correct action' from the Zen,
'the way' from Taoism, the 'great spirit' of the Native
Americans, and 'being without sin' from the Christians.

As things are, sitting here on this planet, wading through the
remains of all the extinct species which did not, or at least
were not able to, act in accordance with the laws of nature
to the extent which allowed them to survive, we also find
ourselves in a do or die situation. If we do not wish to
become part of the piles of debris strewn about the Earth we
will need to start, as a species, making natural law, or our
best estimates of it, common knowledge.

Thomas Jefferson

I know that I am my own authority, as I am the only one
who can act as myself, and I alone am responsible for the
correctness of my actions.

Only my mind, can voluntarily move my body, and express
my will.

Violation of this represents theft of moral agency.

A society of individuals bereft of moral agency is not free,
and cannot function according to natural law, but only by
dictation by authority of actions which may be, and often are,
contrary to natural law. Human law robs individuals of their
rights, but also of their responsibilities, as slaves have no
responsibilities except those forced upon them. Human law
is law by force, and exists only by fraud.

At the end of this, I think @son-of-satire is correct.

”Think for yourself, for allowing others to do it for you will not
free you from the burden of your actions.” - @son-of-satire


If we are to survive, it is incumbent upon every individual who
can, to educate the self in the best thought tools available,
and use the result to make the best decisions possible.

If anyone disagrees, I welcome the opportunity to clarify
myself and/or learn where I am mistaken.

If anyone agrees, the upvote button is below, and all
comments are welcome.


I am very glad to see that my words inspired so many from you. It isn't too often that this happens, and I have to say, it is easily as satisfying as a huge whalevote.

I agree wholeheartedly that our morality does not come from God. This is not to say that there is no God. I happen to believe there is, though I am the furthest thing from religious.

Then ten commandments are bullshit, as well as adulterated. If pride is a sin then why are our brains fitted with a rewards system that makes us feel good about us doing good things?

The way I see it, it is all just words that are meant to trick us into thinking that the answers come from an external source, but I am beginning to wonder if every answer that counts comes from within..

I enjoy response posts, whether reading the interaction, or writing it, and this is one of my favorite subjects.

I have not given up on my search for evidence of god. If I can find some I am not opposed to belief in something I can not fathom. I cannot fathom the full extent of the universe already, but I see that it does, indeed, exist.

I do think that a huge majority of answers that count come from within, and also the questions that count.

Solid! Just what I needed to read today in the synchronistic​ world.

Thank you, inspiration is where one makes it.

Highly rEsteemed! A very good analysis my friend...

"I know that I am my own authority, as I am the only one who can act as myself, and I alone am responsible for the correctness of my actions."


Thank you, it is very much appreciated.

The reasoning seems sound to me, but it is encouraging to know that others, such as yourself, concur.


Thank you.

I am gobsmacked about the fictionkin.

yeah, i havent even checked out that page on it yet. kinda worried my head might explode from trying to understand how someone can think they are part fictional charcter.

I enjoyed the post i wish i had more upvote power to hit it with.

Rule by force is the disease, who and how are symptoms.


...keep the crypto faith!...

....promo†ed & up√oted via @cnts :]

Thank you for the comment, the song, and the support, it is very much appreciated.

i just sent a dollar and nine cents to your wallet as i used your picture which was so inspiring i made my profile pic out of it & now i feel blessed!.. hope thats ok... :]

Thank you.

It is more than okay, now I will remember this post every time I see your profile pic.

St. Thomas Aquinas was a master of thought. Does it seem weird that so many people named Thomas are advocates of both reason and liberty?

yes now i think about all the Thomas's i know, they are quite the smarty pants.. great to meet you friend! :]

Followed. Thank you.

It is also unknown to me but good post

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