We are working on the roll out for the manual boosts today and the re-adjustment algorithm update will be included in our update this weekend!

@shadowbot Thanks for the quick response! Looking forward to see the changes and other future enhancements.

This weekend is our last minor release for this cycle.

We have a minor release every 2 weeks and a new major release every month (after 2 minor releases).

This weekend's update will be the last minor release before the next big upgrade.

We will reveal a sneak preview early next month for the next major release features to expect!

Thanks for being part of this project, as always be sure to provide us with all your feedback since that is how we refine the system as we grow!

Any updates to the UI of the ? (Just Curious)

No all UI/UX updates are in our next major release (Tartarus) scheduled for November 15th.

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