Request for newbie helping donation

in #steemit2 years ago

Dear Steemians,
I want to help newbies on steemit platform. So i decided to give free upvote to newbies. My SP (steem power) is not much, but i try to help steemian newbies.

If your idea is same with me!! you can donate here. I will not use for my personal profit. The more SP i gain. The more profit i can give to newbies and help to motivate on steemit articles. Most of the steemian was giveup until they reach the target point. Everybody can use here. Steemit is open source platform for everyone. You can check account history, can check all post and articles, can check SP and SBD. Nothing is hidden on steemit.

As i say i will keep doing this idea of mine. Till the cryptocurrency world is disappear. Because everybody can start steemit on free joining. No need to give register fees, No need to deposit. And then Steemit was give you all knowledge about our Earth.

Everybody sharing there knowledge, thinking, experiance, etc,.. So people on all over the world can share and can get every knowledge and tech. That's why steemit give to them a reward for sharing there knowledge and tech to the world. That's what i am thinking.

So why i can't help to them, i want to help as much as i can. Now i got 5 audience for my first week free upvote. You can join me when i call for free weekly upvote.
Thanks for your time and happily to accept yoru donation.
Thank you, have a good day.


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