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RE: Mmmm Yeah Baby, Put It In My Reward Pool

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Man, what a fetid pile of poo this post is.

Now I've got YOUR attention....Starts off assuming anyone in Haejins place would do the same.. Just as a heads up, not everyone works the same way, there are those of us that understand there is a certain amount of 'pool', and if you want the platform to succeed it would behoove you to put at least a little something back.
Saying that though, of course its not 'legislated' so hey, whatever floats your boat! When the platform dies you've got your profit for average posts eh?

Its like the government selling off the electricity grid..... big profit now to piss away, but long term not so much. I wonder what would have been worth more?

You then say everyone else is jealous and their posts are rubbish as well so that means its OK or something. Learn to 'game the system'. The thing is, whats wrong with society is everyone 'gaming' the system. No-one is putting back or helping one another except those that believe it could work as intended and are the ones actually making it all happen....once those people give up, its shark eating shark until early adopters/people that bought in have milked the system dry and it all collapses in a heap . Good luck with that scenario.

Thats kinda what I like about Steemit.... Its a very real representation of society today. We all get screwed except those at the top who just keep taking.......Those that work at the bottom are used to make more 'profit'. Great what people have done with a platform thats a view on the world.

Then there is some crap about selling PDF's about poor content as well, or ringing out the sponge of average content, like thats adding to anything.

Man, its this thinking that makes the world the cesspool it is today with more and more just wanting to screw others over for a quick buck and not giving a damn about any community. Just get the 'bling' like the music videos have fed you.

If you really want to make a world of 'first come first rich' and 'screw the rest' you don't understand who's writing the cheques. There will come a time where one of 2 things will happen....

  1. Content creators will back away leaving those that milk the systems to survive as long as they can and bring everything to its knees as they 'market' shit to themselves in an endless loop or 'circle- jerk' as you like to repeat.

2)Somewhere, someone more civic minded will create a platform where REAL creators will be put in front of copy-cat plagiarizers and people out for a fast buck.

Still, I'm aware I read pretty much the whole thing so your post cant be that bad..... But hell... this aint content either, its just condoning greed and some marketing crap in a skirt.

Next time put on a little lipstick.


I like Yalla’s posts. Maybe because he gives zero fucks, but I agree with you and others comments.

We have a good platform here. One that we have the opportunity to shape into what we want it to be. It should be about good content. Promoting it and giving people with less. An opportunity to succeed and hopefully make some money as well.

I believe in block chain and crypto currencies, but I am actually a socialist and not a capitalist. I want to be able to give back, and I wish more would think about helping and contributing to society and make the world better.

We could all stand to give some fucks


Brotherman, if you want to give back, then come to the dark side. Capitalism is what has been moving the human race forward since its inception. If you want to make the world a better place, then start creating something valuable and either selling it or giving it away for free. Nobody else is going to do it for you.

Fuck this scumbag, Anyone can rip off EMINEM's Slim Shady and act like they don't give a fuck, this guy is so desperate for attention do I even have to go back up and read the numerous "hot chicks" and "milfs" and other objectivizing "20 some" he puts in to make it seem like there is a lick of substance to the character he portrays. He's a total douche with idiot stapled on his head, and that's fine, not everyone appreciates that hard work of ripping off Slim Shady while "what are your contributions to society" as if his misogynistic self could ever amount to "contribution to society".

People respond to the "no nonsense, telling it like it is, I make sure to get mine, hyper masculine" identity. I think it appeals especially strongly to self-conscious men who are bitter and would love to have enough power to rip people off but they can't because they're spineless and have no charisma to convince people to even give them a chance to rip them off.

Yeah I called him the Next Craig Grant in my dedication to this assholery that he embodies.


Brother... listen to me.

The problem with this platform is not a single individual upvoting their posts. Everyone upvotes their posts. And if upvoting your own posts was disallowed, people would use a proxy account. If they tried to disallow that, people would just log into another account from a different IP. If they use KYC, people would just get their friends to sign up for accounts.

The point is that if you want to make money, if you want to succeed, if you want to be smart, then you need to learn how to use the system for your advantage. Yes, it would be nice if we all got rewarded somewhat equally no matter the quality of our content. But that's not how it is, nor should it be changed to be like that. If that were the case, then the content on here would be even worse. If that's possible.

What this platform needs is 20 smart people who can create entertaining content and choose this place to set up shop. They're smart enough to use the upvote bots properly and entrepreneurial enough to integrate this platform with other streams of revenue. A Shopify store, Patreon, affiliate links, PDFs... whatever.

Hate to break it to you, but nobody is going to make your utopian platform where people make $100 for posting uninteresting, unedited, grammatically incorrect trash content full of spelling errors.

I hear you brother.

The way we think are two different ways. Perhaps our ideology is separated by time and programming by the system.

I nonetheless appreciate the different point of view.

The plain truth is I do want to make money, but not at anothers expense. Idealistic I know, when the very truth about money is the fact that to earn it means others have to go without (a finite amount available).

Excuse me while I talk about life in general, as I believe it can be superimposed onto the platform as it is a reflection of society itself.

I am, I know, a relic of indoctrination 1.0 in schooling terms. The 70s and early 80s taught us to follow the rules and we could aspire to a dream of buying ourselves out of the system with a home and a family etc.

I also appreciate those born after internet (in simplistic terms) have a belief they need to use life to their advantage. While I cannot disagree this will work to some degree, you have to understand that like a casino, the dollars you make are taken from a poor sap who invested in the dream.

So forgive me when I know that people talking about 'making money' are really talking about how much they want to take from others lives. If a person earns a million a year and another earns 20,000 then that person believes their life is worth 50 (god I hope my maths is ok, but u get my drift) times as much as the other........ really? Both have the same amount of life give or take. Because of a particular sperm fertilizing a particular egg or because you started equal and you think you can screw your fellow by outmaneuvering them although their content is actually better you believe its all OK?

No..... hate to break it to you, but In actual fact, the only people who believe the self-upvoted posts are worth $400 dollars are the originators who would take from other content providers.
And yes, I am a dreamer who believes that people should be worth what they are worth, not discarded by the person who can game the system to push actual content providers into the refuse to further their own agenda.

I have to believe you are indoctrination 2.0. The group that believes they should have it all at the expense of the actual creators....... Kinda ironic... I aint religious, but it seems to me some think they are entitled to it all, although they never created anything at all.......Nevertheless if no-one wants to believe in a utopian future then it will not happen. But I have to ask..... If your belief in the future is 'gaming' a system and allowing the promotion of posts that have no content... What kind of future are you wanting?... or are you , like every politician that sold out, hoping that their offspring will be spared the constricting noose of Orwell's 1984?

Hey, we are just 1.0 and 2.0 of a leeching system. The fact is , we are both just idiots typing at a screen hoping someone listens ...... the sad fact though is, we are just screwing ourselves over believing we are cleverer than those that came before. So I ask you.....the mindset has changed from 'work toward an unachievable dream' to 'get all you can while you can' while nothing really changes except now everyone gets done over by their peers, how deluded are we?

I was a little alarmed by the feeling I got of your certainty in these writings. I sure hope your outlook on people isn't as shallow and sad as it sounds Yalla, because there are people out there (believe it or not) who wouldn't do exactly what @haejin does. I would actually do what YOU suggested and start a REAL BUSINESS. There's no way I could be happy and sleep well, pushing the kind of garbage haejin does on the daily.

When I'm a whale, (it's going to happen sooner than you probably think) I will go around and find people with legitimate causes who are actually in need of an upvote.

Like my wife, who has congenital heart disease. Yesterday was her birthday as well. I sent well over 1,000 memos promoting our post. (I don't mean to offend anyone) (because maybe there is another reason I am not aware of) But, what really makes me a little confused is how people feel good about using a vote percentage of less than 100% on something like my post? We got plenty of upvotes and I'm not complaining, but I worked excessively hard to make it happen. To the point that I was so focused trying to get my wife help, I didn't even really get to spend her birthday with her.

Maybe I'm just a bleeding heart but if I had millions to spare I would have given people like my wife and I a few thousand to help them with their obvious life-threatening struggle. With great power comes great responsibility right?

Want to make steemit better?

You have absolutely nothing to lose, if people with upvote power would stop being so stingy with their votes, this place would be a lot more productive for everyone. I see a lot of nice content that gets washed down the drain with the garbage simply because most people won't take the time to look at a post made by an account that's -40.

What incentive does a plankton have to spend 6 hours writing a masterpiece if they have to spend another 48 hours sending memos to people's wallets to even get them to notice it? Not much. Other than the faint hope of one day being "discovered".

It's getting harder every day for new people to get noticed on here, whether your writing skills are epic, or complete shit. I've learned a few tricks in the few weeks I've been here, thankfully, or nobody would even care what I have to say because my rep would be too low.

Great article by the way, I agreed with most of it. People are lazy, entitled pricks. If you want a handout then you better be cute because otherwise you need to know how to author quality content or at least a comment.


I don't even know why I'm responding to this comment, but here goes.

First of all, you're never going to be a whale. Not in a million years. Why? Because you have the wrong attitude towards success. You are putting yourself at the effect end of the equation instead of the cause. You think it is someone else's fault that you're not making mad bank from Steemit or wherever. It's you brother. Not me, not @haejin. You.

What incentive does a plankton have to spend 6 hours writing a masterpiece if they have to spend another 48 hours sending memos to people's wallets to even get them to notice it? Not much. Other than the faint hope of one day being "discovered".

Brother, did you know who I was a week ago? I've been "famous" on Steemit for less than a month. Do you know how I got there? By paying for upvotes for my posts. I've explained it many times. You will not get "discovered" by accident. You have to get in people's faces and say, "here's my shit. Read it."

You have absolutely nothing to lose, if people with upvote power would stop being so stingy with their votes, this place would be a lot more productive for everyone.

People will always do what's in their best interests. Somewhere out there, there is someone in a worse situation than you. Are you actively seeking him out and giving him the money you need for your wife's illness? No? Why not? If he's in a worse situation than you, then you should, right?

Of course not. Because you're looking out for yourself. Like everyone else.

Sorry about your wife man, that sucks. No doubt. Good luck.

You don't know me, you're wrong and you're not as smart or as funny as you think. Obviously you didn't pay attention to what I said either because I'm not going to be a whale for getting discovered, it's because I will work for it and pay for promotion just like you did.

Anyways, I don't know why I responded either, good luck with your piss poor fucked up outlook on everyone else and their lives.

I do not know how this post ended way the hell up here, steemit has been doing some trippy shit lately.

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