How to check your platform activity allowance

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At this time while the platforms are still being built we can see our strengths most reliably on the steemd explorer, for example as follows

On the left side we can see balances of VP Vote Power and RC Resource (activity) Credits, with some estimate of available votes, comments and wallet transactions.

Number of posts is more difficult to estimate because a post can be anywhere between very small or very large.

Both VP and RC are constantly replenished at maybe 2% per hour (my own rough estimate).

New accounts immediately receive at least 5 SP (STEEM POWER) if i'm not mistaken

These allowances are imho good, including 'plankton' level newbees.

I have seen an account cashed out to just 0.007 SP and 0 delegation who still showed

Enough credits for approximately:
21 votes
23 transfers/powerups

No other fiat money, traditional blogging platform or any other crypto coin does all this! Even multi billion marketcap coin EOS is still way behind STEEMIT

What do you guys think about all this?


Happy Sunday @leeuw I'm back.

steemd seems to be the most popularly prescribed but I'm a fan of Steem block explorer because it more details and makes it very simple.

Check out:

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Thanks @akomoajong, i agree that is another explorer that is very useful!

Great to see you back!!! So are many of us now, we are all baaaack hahaha and we'll always be baaack - i hope haha!!

Absolutely, feels good to be back! 😉

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Friend @akomoajong it's a pleasure to say hello again

and we say helloooooo to you!

Thank you for the "we" 😉

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Hello friend akomoajong, it's a good thing that you have already joined the winning team of Leeuw, I hope all this under control receives a great greeting from Venezuela @akomoajong🕐

I'm glad, hope you're doing great!

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My dear friend Leeuw greetings to you too

Wow! I found the perfect representative of our
Royal clan, @leeuw
Very nice to meet you!

Hi, i checked your blog, very interesting, your culture, stories and great photos. following! Singa! I totally get it hahaha!

Brother @leeuw how are you? Here I am reporting, I just saw the news that steemit iva to be a few hours without working before I became sad decided to take me these days to put personal issues up to date.

be sure to check in to my new kitchen contest series soon!

Very good information, that teaches us tools that we have not used, I like your comments because they go directly to teach all the steemit apprentices, and about the network is fantastic, the Venezuelans have helped us a lot, thanks to the translator, in my case and I have good friends, who make excellent publications and very good comments, being examples to follow, I know that money in this time of crisis is paramount, but growth as an intellectual has no value, because it allows us to have a conversation of thousands of topics that are published daily and that leads us to do a research work, my regards to you @leeuw

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Great one.Steem blockchain is back alive and I am soo happy. @leeuw clearing the way with this informative post. Just warming up to do more for this great platform. Steem blockchain is the real deal. And @leeuw you are right....EOS making promises Steem delivers

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steemgh is baaaaaack!!!

and, be sure to check in to our new kitchen contest series!