Facebook Users are Heading Over to Steemit in Flocks.

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My friend tagged me in a post the other day where a friend of hers was asking about Steemit.

I gave her friend some pointers and gave her my illustrated guide for newbies and to my surprise 4 or 5 people commented after this to say how they were also creating a Steemit account. It appears like Steemit is finally hitting the mainstream in a big way! I wonder how many other conversations are going on using facebook about steemit? Is Zuckerberg scared?

Here are some screenshots of the interactions with people's name's blocked for privacy:

So, let's get ready to help a lot of new users find their way around here and get prepared for an influx of new blogs popping up! This is sure an exciting time for crypto-currency and Steemit!

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More newbies should be showing up soon. Lots of minnows, chewing away at the rewards pool. Hope they stay after they arrive

They've seen the light. Saw the light some 27 days ago. Never going back :)


I was lucky enough to see the light over a year ago! :) I am glad you are here with us.


I wonder how I didn't get to hear it. But it's all good I'm here now :)

they have been going on in my feeds too. Hope he is sweating


He must be. Steemit is certainly picking up....steem. :'D

This is fantastic. A lot of this has to do with the general disillusionment a lot of people are having with FB in light of some of the politicking going on from Zuckerburg (my opinion). Whatever the cause, I'm glad we have folks like you ready and willing to engage them and help them out. I can't tell you how many questions and queries I've fielded in the help channel on chat from people anxiously waiting for their account creation to clear :D

Let's keep up the good work! And don't forget to vote for witnesses. There's quite a few who spend the bulk of their time on the platform answering questions and helping folks!


Yay for new Steemians. I've gotten two "IRLs" on here so far


It's always cool when you see someone on here that you helped onboard or knew from some place else. :D


Exactly! The crossings of paths and emergence of old aquaintances! How's (Your) chelsea?

Thanks for sharing Steemit with your Facebook friends.
I see you well explained to them and they got excited and joined.


I actually didn't even know the main person but a mutual friend knew from my posts that I was on steemit. :) Love getting new people excited to join!!

I have a personal Facebook account and an account for the non-profit I run. Lately, I've been receiving a lot of panicked-sounding notifications from Facebook: "Your (number) followers haven't heard from you in a while! Make a post, tell them what you've been doing!" Or some blarg like that.

I would guess that Facebook execs are very in tune with the mass exodus. And in my opinion, it hasn't even begun in earnest. . . .yet.


I agree....maybe Steemit will be the downfall of Facebook and it'll become a pathetic ghost town like Myspace? :O That may be somewhat unlikely but I can dream.

It'd be fascinating to see data on these trends. Facebook's at 2 billion monthly users, so it's going to be a pretty big nut to crack: https://techcrunch.com/2017/06/27/facebook-2-billion-users/

Most of my friends on steemit don't want to bite yet, but they will come around.

esto se pone bueno

That's like @ackza. He makes posts about how much he's making on steemit on Instagram. Then he makes steemit posts about how he's advertising steemit on Instagram. Then he makes an instagram post showing how much his steemit post about advertising steemit on instagram made him on steemit. And every Instagram post is cross-posted to Facebook.

The only difference? His instagram posts don't make him any money. Free advertising though.


I'm doing the same on Twitter - massive interest from my non-steeming tweeps. I have almost 90 steemers on my steemit twitlist now and it's getting good with lots of interaction. I know some of my old friends are wondering what's up all of the sudden. I have a good network there, so I am hopeful. My tweets with affiliate links are all getting hits more than before too and the income in that area is going up. WooHoo!

Steemit definitely has more perks than facebook. Once it spreads, I think it'll be great for the public to be rewarded for good content/comments!

Great work. I got one on my Facebook friends to join Steemit. Others are interested. I just keep posting my Steemit blogs on Facebook.

That is good....this place is growing by leaps and bounds.

Thank you for your post and also recruiting more users to steemit! I've been trying to get as many people to join as I can too.

I agree. steemit is an exciting new offer.

Greetings from Indonesia

nice post. . .