@brow10 @lahcen80 @smiggy Ninjawhale is a service similar the the likes of Randowhale,Minnowbooster etc. The difference is that instead of paying for a big $ vote on your post you are paying for bulk upvotes. For example if I send 0.1 SBD to @ninjawhale with the link to my post in the memo @ninjawhale and the trail of accounts that follow him will come and vote on your post (Currently 40 accounts). This service is best used alongside the services noted above.

Can I send it now???

You can yes. You have 7 hours 10 mins until the bot goes to sleep so upvote everything you want by then.

But people are complaining that you are not upvoting their post as you should...

Where are you seeing this?

Just forget about it

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