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Some weeks ago I started working on an issue that could hinder Steem growth: a lacking sense of community. All hope was not lost as I stumble upon some community here and there. This give me an idea: how can I help people participating in communities, without requiring things like Smart Media Tokens (I am not a big fan but anyway). I am working on a service to make people support their communities by using their voting power. I don't want to see another split like the russian community and Golos.

For now though, I am still l working on the code and I will release it as soon as it not that quick and dirty. In the mean time I decide to support the communities I usually join.

A mecene bot

My mecene (French for sponsor/donator historically for art) bot has been running on @cryptohazard for a while. I am migrating it to @lablockchain to ease my work. I also, using the low steem price, spend a bit of money to rent some SP. Using all my SP from my accounts too, I will have 750 SP devoted to my mecene activities. I don't expect any ROI.

Which communities?

#fr for the French community. I am impressed by how much we grew. This way I might see more and more content in French.

#freewrite is a writing community managed by @mariannewest. I usually join with my artsy account @jyezie. Go take a look.

#gridcoin is a pretty active community here(huge thanks to @dutch, @vortac, @sc-steemit, ....). I am still not contributed to the research mining yet but that way it will still be in my mind. I will do an article at some point about the NFS project and its use to cryptography, but that is for another time.

For women's day international , I supported the tag women and womensday. I will keep supporting it but manually.

So if you write on the aforementioned tags, you should get a 7% vote from @lablockchain. If I do it manually, it should be at least 17%. I check every now and then the content but no blacklist for now. The code will be released through utopian one day.

You want to support me?

Keep interacting and writing awesome pieces. We need a better sense of community and less paid bots.
You can also vote for me as a witness( @cryptohazard) too :-D. That would be cool to get some votes and make me create more blocks. I like that can focus on building things, interacting with people and not constantly look at the price.

@lablockchain: mecene bot
@jyezie: writer, artist
@cryptohazard: steem witness and cryptographer

shley Kirk on Unsplash


The more the merrier. Welcome :)


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This service is free. If you want to help the initiative, feel free to upvote this comment or click here to learn how to delegate SP.

Have a nice day.

Disclaimer: This account is not associated in any shape or form with the official gridcoin dev team.

I'd been wondering what my lablockchain votes were! If you had an app that automated voting of author+tag, I'd use that!

that is the idea. I am still learning and preparing the features people might want. Next step will be a service for people to support their communities. Hopefully I will get it done by April.

Awesome! I will surely use it.

Enthousiasmé par la communauté gridcoin depuis un moment maintenant comme mon profil le montre, je suis sûr qu'on se croisera quelques fois. Keep it up ! Bon boulot !

Merci super initiative !

depuis le temps, c'est normal que j'essaye de faire quelque chose.

Thanx a lot for this wonderful initiative, as a freewriter, I'm very grateful

keep on freewriting!

This is amazing! I'm a fellow freewriter, so not only am I excited to meet someone new...but another witness I can vote for! Thank you for taking an initiative and coming up with ways to help. I'll check out your accounts!

awesome. I just want to motivate people to partake in those fun communities.

Thank you so much for doing this!! Hopefully, we all can grow together!!

Exactly! That's the idea ;-)

This is exciting news! So nice of you to do this for everyone and you can count on my returned support. You would make a great witness! Best wishes! : )

ahaha Just keep having fun writing ;-)

Wow this is incredible @lablockchain, very kind of you. Keep up the great work and thank you very much for supporting all that take part in the @mariannewest writing community!

Now let's all write awesome posts!!

De rien. Ce n'est pas grand chose, mais c'est un début!

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