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RE: Announcement: The Dollar Vigilante Witness Proposal (tdv.witness)

in #steemit4 years ago

As a Wordpress and Steemit contributor I would welcome this as well as support it.

It would als be of great benefit to enable the feed to Steemit and back to be "category" specific.

This would allow better control of market target of content.

Looking forward to seeing more and will explore uplinks mentioned.


Are you a developer? We can use all the help we can get to get it live ASAP. Once anyone can incorporate Steem into their site and pull their own content onto their site I believe we will get millions of sites doing it quite quickly.

If they dont care about SEO and duplicate content .. :) this is something to consider in this project

About wordpress you should contact @jesta and @picokernel (natebrune)/ they started this kind of project for a while now

I finished my project. I am waiting for a php library to come out to implement it better, but for now it works just fine. You can publish articles from WordPress directly into steemit. I didn't announce it yet because it can be done better but it does work.