Announcement: The Dollar Vigilante Witness Proposal (tdv.witness)

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I am pleased to announce that I am submitting a Steem Witness proposal.

As many of you know, I became a massive fan of Steemit and STEEM within 24 hours of finding out about it. And, within a few more days I began to believe that Steemit and STEEM are not only amazing concepts but are truly genius.

Since, I’ve been focused on providing as much good content to Steemit as I can.

This includes posting my very popular TDV content first to Steemit (before even posting on and I market the Steemit content widely across the internet, rather than my own website’s now.

One of the development proposals I am currently working on is to make it so blogs anywhere can easily post their blog content to Steemit and host it on their own site via a WordPress plug-in. If we can get this done I believe that the great majority of blogs on the internet would all post to Steem first and host Steem’s content on their site. This could change everything.

As a user of Steemit I am currently, by a wide margin, the most followed on the site with over 3,000 followers as I continue to promote Steemit via all my channels. I also have one of the highest reputations on Steem, currently 69.6 (#22 of all Steem users).

And, I am also one of the top speakers at the upcoming Steemfest in Amsterdam in November.

My background includes starting two multi million dollar internet media sites. The first,, Canada’s largest financial website was started by me in 1994 and grew to a value of $240 million by 2000 with over 250 staff in eight countries.

My second venture is The Dollar Vigilante, which is now one of the top financial channels in the world and the fastest growing financial newsletter in the world.

In other words, I have decades of expertise in taking a media site from very small to very big, very quickly. And, I intend to contribute as a witness to helping Steemit and STEEM become household words in the next few years.

I also have a very storied background in the cryptocurrency community, having been one of the first financial people to recommend buying bitcoin at $3 in 2011. I’ve since been on CNBC, Fox Business, RT, Bloomberg and dozens of other channels promoting cryptocurrencies.

I also host Anarchapulco, which is heavily involved in cryptocurrencies and blockchain technology with speakers such as Roger Ver, Trace Mayer, Tone Vays and many others, including Dan Larimer, who will be speaking at our event in 2017.

Technically, I have partnered with Rick Miller, @instructor2121, a Network Architect with Python and Linux experience. Rick will be responsible for maintaining and upgrading our witness as well as monitoring each primary and backup node.

Our witness and seed nodes are located in the USA and Europe. Backup nodes are in place.

These are our current technical specs:

Xeon E5-2670 quad core
160GB SSD harddrive
CPU's are clocked at 2.6ghz

Xeon E5-2670 quad core
80GB SSD harddrive
CPU's are clocked at 2.6ghz

Seed node can be reached at

Witness and Seed nodes will scale on demand.

The price feed is currently running every 60 minutes. This can be viewed at

If you believe that I can be of help to growing Steemit, you can vote for our witness here:

If you do not see “tdv.witness” in the top 50 you can enter it at the bottom of the page (without the quotation marks). If you see it in the top 50 you can just click the up arrow beside “tdv.witness”.

You can also go here to see the full thread:

I appreciate your support in this endeavor and look forward to working closely with the Steem community to make it a massive success.


Charlie you were the first witness I voted for and was proud of that, voted for Jeff as I recall on his main account awhile ago and will support him here too. @dollarvigilante

You told everybody that DB would go down like titanic, and yet it is GOING TO THE MOON!

Deutsche Bank AG - It is going to the MOON

Are you some kind of misinformed fortune-teller or something @dollarvigilante? If people take trading-advice from you they would be REKT! Do you realize that?

look at the chart for the last 4 years, it shows a very different perspective, A 14% up day is big sure, but its from an all time low

As a Wordpress and Steemit contributor I would welcome this as well as support it.

It would als be of great benefit to enable the feed to Steemit and back to be "category" specific.

This would allow better control of market target of content.

Looking forward to seeing more and will explore uplinks mentioned.

Are you a developer? We can use all the help we can get to get it live ASAP. Once anyone can incorporate Steem into their site and pull their own content onto their site I believe we will get millions of sites doing it quite quickly.

If they dont care about SEO and duplicate content .. :) this is something to consider in this project

About wordpress you should contact @jesta and @picokernel (natebrune)/ they started this kind of project for a while now

I finished my project. I am waiting for a php library to come out to implement it better, but for now it works just fine. You can publish articles from WordPress directly into steemit. I didn't announce it yet because it can be done better but it does work.

Jeff, it takes members with high reputation and influence to make things happen, and I think you can! I am also wondering, once bloggers can post between Wordpress and Steemit, do you have any interest in the concept of individuals being able to create a site that uses the steemit engine for any number of topics? Example would be a golfer who creates a golf site where bloggers can create a blog in this site and write articles for the golf site,which is all powered by Steemit.

Hell fucking yeah!

Look forward to chatting with you at some point and seeing what you're proposals end up looking like in the wordpress space!

There's huge potential here - and I'm so glad you see that. Giving the world a tool to create a blockchain based blog on their own terms is going to fundamentally change part of the internet. There are thousands of opportunities here for businesses and projects to get off the ground around this ideal.

I'm hoping we start seeing a few of these potential applications here in 2016 still :)

Thank you for doing this.

Also thank for voting on my article. I try to write good stuff and i would be honored if you check out what i write every once in a while.

I will vote for your witness and his article.

I love that you are not just getting involved as an author but also as a witness and that you vote. Voting is very important and something we must do to make people like this site when they use it.

Thanks @knircky, I am not only an owner of Steem Power, but I'm also Steem's biggest fan! So, I keep very involved on the site to help it grow massively.

A massive success it shall be. steemit rocks

No because you don't respond to legitimate criticism. Feel free to ask me to provide examples. Peace.

While you are voting for tdv.witness think of @fyrst-witness as well. Type 'fyrst-witness' in the text box at the bottom.

Life is a box of chocolate.

I have spent a lot of time in the last few days listening to SteemSpeak, and I guess this surprises me. Fyrst.... why do you support it? I value your opinion. @fyrstikken

Since, I’ve been focused on providing as much good content to Steemit as I can.

Good content? Like when you predicted the internet would be shut down on 10/1? Silly me, with your accurate predictions and all you can't even read this!

You clearly don't read. The title was "Will the internet be shut down on Oct 2"... and then I went on to talk about the transfer of control of internet domain names from the US to the UN and just asked the question. Keep strawmanning, and keep hating, lol.

World is always ending in your doomsday posts. I will never vote such negative person.

Welcome you by upvoting and follow

Amazing 97 people read this and loved it in 12 minutes. This site is just soooo awesome.

I post on FB (with 13,000 followers) and get about 5% of the response I get here. I love Steem!!!

Right? I follow you on facebook, and I have seen what you get paid there and how long it takes you to get 97 likes. No wonder you love it here.

Oops and we survived the Jubilee! congrats.

We never die, just multiply. (colors)

personally, I like to look at skill sets. I think you have been a great asset for SteemIt in bringing your followers. I support the whales in supporting you.

However, for those who think the world is coming to an end... Not sure how your witness will work and how you will access your wallet when the power is out. Stick to endorsing survival foods. I am a fan. Just not sure you are who I would look to for technology.

With so much optic fibre based internet now, we are not in the position of the early noughties where a big solar flare could have taken down most of the internet. Power reliability is a huge concern as is power and thermal efficiency in data centers and routing infrastructure. The chances of such a catastrophic outage of the internet is very low. Even if a lot went down much of it would come back up pretty fast.

Blockchain is like KMFDM:

I always enjoy your comments/musings.

plus thx for reminding me of KMFDM. Better than the rest! been jammin to some older techno-based stuff atm; Kraftwerk's epic live performance:

I was impressed and excited when I first came to Steemit. When I noticed you pouring your heart, time, and resources into Steemit, I knew there was something extra-special about Steemit. Witnessing your dedication gave me the confidence to not stop when I was struggling to learn the type of content I need to produce. I've seen some statements online questioning whether or not you are qualified to be a witness. Only a person who doesn't know you would ask that question. You are controversial and have haters but @dollarvigilante, you are a genius in terms of dominating online genres. You also work harder than any activist I know including me...and I work my ass off. I never questioned if Steemit would benefit from you being a witness. As soon as I learned it was time, I voted with a smile. Thanks for considering Steemit as one of your passions Jeff. Publishing content here is my passion and people like you will ensure this platform remains, grows and dominates the market. Finally, your partner @professor2121 is one of the most intelligent, humble, and dedicated humans on the planet. I'm absolutely positive you and he will succeed... and in a very big way. Peace and love.

Thank you hermano for the kind words.

I've seen some statements online questioning whether or not you are qualified to be a witness.

It's a fair question. I believe Jeff when he says he's a major fan of Steemit and will definitely help promote it. However the primary responsibility of witnesses is technical in nature, so any scrutiny of Jeff's plans needs to evaluate his partner, @instructor2121.

The tech specs of his witness hardware published here look good, more than adequate for quite some time to come. I am still curious why Jeff believes having a witness will help him or Steemit. He will be the biggest help in the marketing of Steemit, not on technical matters.

One thing I have no doubt about and that's Jeff's principles. We need people like him to help promote the platform, but I think it's far more lucrative for him to raise any funds he might need via content creation and curation. It's just not clear to me why he wants to have a witness.

Hi Jeff. I just did my first steemit post, in a large part, due to you and my acquaintance Clif High. I have been following you for some time now. I'm a disabled man, that has never given up on life, and I see Steemit as possible part of my becoming more self sufficient. Thank you for your work and dedication.

Your Witness gets my vote Jeff! Good luck with the proposal.

Great idea and good job. Thanks for doing it, its very important to our community...

Excellent witness post, Jeff. I'm glad to know you've got someone like Rick on your team and that you share many of the values Dan has. Peace, love, and anarchy.

Rick Miller, @instructor2121, a Network Architect with Python and Linux experience

You definately got my witness vote! Im already one of your many followers! I also upvoted and reblogged your post! Wishing you the best of luck, although I dont think your going to need it! STEEM ON! ♨😉♨

You get my vote! We need witnesses who are going to be active and committed to helping the platform grow!

Goodjob so far @dollarvigilante !
Hey @instructor2121 really nice to see you around this project

You have all my support ! And vote

Thank you very much!

Happy to upvote. Also shared this on Twitter✔ for my followers to read. Stephen

You've got my vote man! By the way, you were already ranked #35 by the time I voted, so you're well on your way ;)

Good luck in your witness campaign, Jeff. Looking forward to a good show at SteemFest.

Nice tie brother! :D

I'd like to give special thanks to @smooth and @dantheman for the upvote! And for all other upvotes too! Thank you all!

Excellent! I hope you get support!

Up- and witness voted. I think someone with your background and reputation is great for Steemit and its further growth. I also very much like the idea to host my Steemit posts to my wordpress site. Thank you.

You got my vote

Interesting. Up voted and up voting my new blogs will be appreciated. Followed already.
You look too serious....Read below joke and laugh my

You've got my vote. I've been reading your stuff for a while now. Always interesting and always very committed but lets not forget, also very entertaining.

Resteemed, shared on my SM accts, etc..... voted for you as I recall on your main account awhile ago and will support you here too. @dollarvigilante -- voted for your witness at the account you requested, it was #33 on the list today so people can find it quicker.

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OK, I voted for you.