2 Forks — 1 Blockchain (Comic Competition)

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It's been a year since I joined Steemit. I was puzzled whether I should do a self-shilling post but in the end I compromised with my inner Samurai to combine it with a competition. I gained in the last 2 months close to 2000 followers so yey me. Now I am nearing 3000. My only advice guys is keep making thoughtful comments. Like I explained in a previous post Commenting Pays Like Compound Interest.

I came up with the concept of 2 Forks — 1 Blockchain after the many adventures we have been having in the platform. I am sure you all have your own thoughts to share so I am giving you full creative control to create something.


To enter the competition:

  1. Download the image and fill the text bubbles with your creative dialogue. It has to be Steemit exclusive. Each person is allowed as many entries as they want.
  2. Upload your reply illustration in the comment section & Resteem this post.

    The First winner will win 16 SD
    Second Winner 10SD
    Third Winner 4SD

    EDIT: The contest awards have been doubled thanks to a generous contribution of 15SD from @hanshotfirst


congrats man. You got first place

I just woke up so my creative juices need some time to start flowing.

Nice idea!

Maybe it is not the best. But there must always be someone who will start.

Congrats on reaching the 3000 follower number mate! Hard work is paying off I see.

good one :)

congrats you got 2nd place


Like the idea. We need more thoughtful comments. I'm asking for feedback in a lot of my own posts where I get as answers: great post/ nice Idea etc a lot. Me replying by thnx doesn't help anybody.

I tried my best as well:P


Good luck guys! I am here for the fun :D



Congratulations @kyriacos for a job well done! I'm looking forward that one day
I will also reach a milestone here at steemit! Followed, upvoted, resteemed and joined your competition!
Thank you very much!

congrats you got 3rd place

Thank you very much @kyriacos! I'm so thrilled about it!

Just waiting for HF 20...

And sorry, you'll have to zoom in to read the text. Promise it's worth it :)


Can I please donate to the prize pool for this. Amazing. Horribly horribly amazing!

Although I'm not positive everyone gets the reference. For the record I have never seen it... only heard about it. I swear!

sure feel free. I will edit the post and include you if you want.

I just sent you $15. You can split it however you like.

thank you man. I just doubled the pool.


I also participate!

lol. wtf hahahha

That's all I can do man!


Great post !
Resteemed this is pure gold, thanks for sharing!
Im following you !

This is really cool! Comic competitions are always funny, can't wait to see some of the great responses as this post gets more popular.

that's a complex post. I appreciate your work! upvote back!

Yes, you are making some good observations. I consider you an anti-shill. It renews my faith in humanity that your subscriber base is growing rapidly. That "likely" means people are seeing through the bs that goes on at this venue every day. I'd upvote you but it would be worth .01. Big fukkin deal...right? :-)

Actually, my upvote was worth .02 this time. WooHooo! I doubled my crypto value! :-)

good comp - i hope you do well

Congratulations. Hope u reach 3000 followers soon

Up voted you cause I like the idea behind this. I was wondering though, and totally off subject, your account or wallet is unknown? It shows nothing? I thought this was something we "had" to do being part of steemit? Is this a choice and option available to all? If so, how did you do it? Just curious as your wallet is the first I've not been able to look at. Thanks and much appreciated.

on the right of the screen of your page you can check your wallet

I'm not knowledgeable enough to come up with something funny and/or thoughtful to write so instead I'd like you to have this:

And congrats on your nearly 3000 followers.

Seems like a fun idea but at the Moment I can think of nothing that would make sense! Thank you for the opportunity. Take care.

May the best one win!


I hope, what I caught the meaning, and not hit the dirt face=)))

P.S. Forgot to congratulate You on your 3000 th subscriber!! От всей души поздравляю! Вы достойны этого!

Shary story....nice.

did someone win this?

it was posted 21m ago so I imagine nobody has won yet.

nicely explained!
excuse me i must have misread the date on that!

not yet. At the end of the pay week I will decide who gets what.

Love it. I stumbled up on this in that if you comment with a good well thought
out piece, it will attract followers. From your comments , you reveal your value and whether or not you read the post. Will continue to "grind" and compete dong it the right way.

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