A Potential Problem With Steemit. #1

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So I was searching for some crypto related stuff on Google, and guess where Google sent me? STEEMIT! It looks like steemit is pretty good when it comes to SEO. Now this is all good news, but here's a problem I feel..

Steemit is a revolution, no doubt. Steemit is like reddit/blogger combined, except you get paid for your time and knowledge. This is what decentralization is all about and we are all liking it. Personally, I love steemit and the idea of it.

But I feel like there's something missing. As mentioned earlier, Google sent me to steemit for my answers. Here's one of the recent posts by @deanpress that I read which was knowledgeable, but it didn't get the love it deserved even though it got over 500 views!
Check it out -->https://steemit.com/eos/@deanpress/eos-might-already-be-completely-finished

And this very informative post by @cryptomined got over 12000 views! But only 67 votes?.. That doesn't sound right?
Check it out -->https://steemit.com/ethereum/@cryptomined/how-to-get-30-31-mh-s-with-your-rx480-8g-amd-sapphire-nitro-using-a-bios-mod-for-ethereum-mining-xfx-msi-monero

There are countless posts like these which are not getting the love they deserve with many authors researching and posting these valuable posts at the expense of their time. These posts are getting the views they need, but why aren't they capitalizing on them? I understand for something to sell, it needs to be seen first. But it doesn't make sense in this scenario? Those posts aren't bad either? What can be a solution to this?

Recently, Fiverr started a service called 'PRO', where they handpicked the quality and legit freelancers and gave them the badge 'PRO' next to their gigs so people can identify quality freelancers.

Now steemit is decentralized as we know, and the reputation works about the same as that 'PRO' badge.

Decentralization is the people, but the people are dispersed. It's hard to find quality posts among the noise in the feed. Yes, you get rewarded for curation but how do you find the quality authors to curate? The current whales were the early birds who didn't have this much noise when they started, so it was easy to identify quality.


How can we bring forward the quality posts? How can we identify quality authors? Is there a place where we can do that? Can the whales start a project where they bring forward quality posts and minnows from the noise in one place and help them get their deserved recognition?

Too many questions, anyone got answers?


Great idea! I was thinking that we should get some incentive if our article appears on Google and gets lots of visitors. Yeah Steemit seems to have a great authority in Google's eyes. Do you know if we get dofollow backlinks from Steemit?

That's a great idea! But I am not sure about the backlinks..

In-post links on Steemit are nofollow. Which isn't to say don't include links in your posts. A natural backlink profile for any given website should include both dofollow and nofollow links.

You have such a valid point, especially with the way voting power works so there are also a lot of people who are stashing their power. There seems to be a stigma against people who vote a lot too. 🤔 no easy answer i suppose but it is fantastic that google is indexing steemit posts! Thanks for your piece really good! Upvoted you!

@satchmo I just completed signing up today and I wasn't aware of this issue. Nor that there was a stigma against people who vote often. Could you explain further what you mean? If I like a post, I will upvote it regardless , I'm just curious.

I wouldn't say its a real issue per se but the model is different so its hard and therefore hard to get ones head around. My point to @kryptonknight was more that people may not be voting so they can stack power

Thank you @satchmo! Yeah, the voting power is a tricky question now. We'll see what happens in the future!

Maybe!!! Treat it like video game hahahaah need to stack dmg abd save xp buff for hordes. And dont forget the magic find buff!

Many of us who believe in the platform and are looking for something more than a quick payday are thinking the same thing. We know that this is the right place to be and there is real genius in the way Steemit was built. However, there are some flaws in the "maturity" of the platform.

As more and more highly knowledgable and helpful people sign up for Steemit, they are often quickly discouraged by the slow-moving and highly time consuming growth aspect. Without "whale" support, many strong new members are quitting because of the level of commitment and fickle sets of followers.

HF19 has made Steemit a better place for minnows, but there is still room for improvement. I am confident that with enough thought and collaboration, we will get through it and figure out the best way to improve the platform!

Yeah, I've seen some quality authors just disappear because of the lack of support. You pretty much have to beg the whales for support, the support from minnows doesn't really matter. The platform is decentralized, but it is not equal. No matter how good of a post a minnow posts, they still need whale support for their post to trend and the minnow votes are pretty much worthless. But again how do the whales even find quality posts? That's still in dark. And that's not a motivation or fuel for the quality bloggers who just signed up or will. But like you said, hopefully we'll figure everything out!

I seek the same answers my friend, i'm starting to emulate other successful posting styles and commenting more as the rewards are greater in my 3 weeks experience than my original posts. Like 10 fold, i need to polish my style more but curating has proven more lucrative in both rewards and loyal follower building than original posts. Thank you for sharing, youve been upvoted, followed and resteemed!

Yeah curating is better for interacting, completely agree! And thanks!

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Hey, I saw your post in the #postpromotion channel on the WhaleShares discord. Thank you for being with us! Anyway I think why you see this amount of views and such a low amount of votes is because the post is 9 months old. That means on google it is still a very hot post, but you can't vote for it anymore. :)

The authors of hot posts should get some love too

There's actually a team of whales that search for good content from minnows and then compile them into a list. Check it out @ocd, which stands for "Operation Curation Delegation".

That's exactly what I was looking for!

Thanks for promoting @ocd! We are not a team of whales. We are actually a group of minnows supported by a whale :P

One of the problems, in my view, seems to be that after 7 days posts aren't rewarded anymore and can't be resteemed. I'm not sure what the philosophy behind this is, but it can take much longer than 7 days for quality content to be discovered...

That is so true! It definitely takes some time for quality to get discovered.

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