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RE: A Potential Problem With Steemit. #1

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You have such a valid point, especially with the way voting power works so there are also a lot of people who are stashing their power. There seems to be a stigma against people who vote a lot too. 🤔 no easy answer i suppose but it is fantastic that google is indexing steemit posts! Thanks for your piece really good! Upvoted you!


@satchmo I just completed signing up today and I wasn't aware of this issue. Nor that there was a stigma against people who vote often. Could you explain further what you mean? If I like a post, I will upvote it regardless , I'm just curious.

I wouldn't say its a real issue per se but the model is different so its hard and therefore hard to get ones head around. My point to @kryptonknight was more that people may not be voting so they can stack power

Thank you @satchmo! Yeah, the voting power is a tricky question now. We'll see what happens in the future!

Maybe!!! Treat it like video game hahahaah need to stack dmg abd save xp buff for hordes. And dont forget the magic find buff!