Launching the Highest Paying Dividend System – Equipped with the first-ever Token Buyback Program to distribute even greater rewards to our Steem community.

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We are proud to launch the Highest Paying Dividend System, in which 70% of the profits will be distributed daily to our community token holders. As a token of appreciation to the Steem community, we have also incorporated the first ever Token Buyback Program, which will increase the GAMER token value steadily in the longer term.


Dividend Program Features

  • Transparent
    All players can view the next day’s total upcoming dividends as well as their expected share of dividends in real time in their Dividends tab of their dashboard.

  • Time
    Dividend Distribution will happen daily at 8:30 AM UTC as per the token balance snapshot of each account taken at that time (8:30 AM).

  • Cost Calculations

    • Referrals: 10% of the House Edge (1%) of Dice, 20% of the House Edge (0.5%) of Blackjack and 10% of the House Edge of Video Poker (1%) is given out as referrals. In other words, 0.1% of the total wagered bet amount is given out as referrals.

    • Insurance: Statistically, 9 out of 10 insured bets of 10 Steem such as Roll Under 11 (10% probability) will be a loss and thus costs us 90 Steem (0.9 Steem per insured bet) since we have to return the loss amount as insurance. Taking into account the growing number of insured bets (100+), 0.05% of the total wagered bet amount is given out as insurance.

    • Token Buyback: 0.05% of the total wagered amount will be kept for token buyback. Token buyback will be a monthly buyback in which the GAMER tokens with the lowest value will be bought from the market and will be stored in ‘kryptogameapp’ account for transparency. The time of buyback will not be disclosed in order to prevent market manipulation and token dumping.

  • Guaranteed Dividend Distribution based on total wagered bet amount

    • The house does not make profits every-day. However, after 10 Million wagered Steem, we have experienced that in the long term the house ends up with the profit very close to the house edge of the game.
    • Hence, for the greater good of the community, we have decided to incur the temporary bad day losses to our account and reward our players with daily guaranteed dividends depending solely on the daily wagered bet amount and not on the fluctuating profits/losses of the house thereby granting them a more stable daily income. Now that’s exciting!
    • After subtracting the above cost calculations, 70% of the net profits will be distributed daily to the community token holders in their unclaimed section of dividends. “Claim” feature is incorporated to benefit “Minnows”, who earn less than 0.001 steem daily, so that they can accumulate and claim their dividends when it reaches the minimum payable amount (0.001 Steem). Also, this will reduce the load on our servers for smooth operation of our platform.
  • Staking
    Staking will be enabled in the future in order to increase the token value.

IMPORTANT: All token holders should hold tokens in their account at the time of daily snapshot (8:30 AM UTC). In other words, Tokens that are in the pending order-books of the trading market of Steem Engine will NOT be eligible to receive dividends.

Platform Updates

  • Max Payout has been increased to 1000 Steem for Dice and Blackjack and 2500 Steem for Video Poker and Max Bet has been increased to 400 Steem for all games.
  • UI changes have been implemented as per community feedback.
  • Some Performance Bug Fixes have also been done.


For any questions, feel free to contact us on Discord

Thanks again for your tremendous love and support all this time. We would not have made this far without you guys.

Stay Happy! Stay Motivated!


I have been a massive supporter of this project for a long time purely because of the transparency and communication from the team.

However, since the beginning it's developed into more than just communication, it's all the times they've helped someone on Discord, all the times they've smashed expectations and delivered on every promise.

As a massive advocate for token buyback and burning, I'm so glad they have implemented this. This means that there will be continued token demand AND your tokens won't lose as much value as more and more are distributed. This is essential to a sustainable token in my opinion.

Furthermore, this token is also tradable on Steem Engine for those who don't want to gamble but also want a share of this project. This is another massive advantage this token has over other gambling tokens.

I honestly think this project is going places, thank you so much to the team @kryptogames

Thanks for your kind words. We are doing our best for the community and will continue to do so forever.

Exactly! KryptoGames is the best and most undervalued Steem gambling app.

tradable for $0. this token is scam

I'm waiting for delegation possibility, please implement this fast so those who don't want to gamble can gain some tokens as well and show support, @kryptogames!

You can delegate right now for free daily tokens! Alternatively, you can buy some from Steem Engine!

This is stunning because unlike other gaming platforms which have an ever decreasing shelf life and popularity as their token awards decrease and thus their dividends, this scheme preserves the tokens and dividend payout.

Genius and unique within the crpto gaming community and that can only be good news for Steem too!

I hope this exciting news also gives the token price a boost and improves liquidity on Steem Engine.

Seriously brilliant. Best wishes and thanks as a gamer and Steemit community member :-)

Thanks nathen. This is all possible because of the love and support of people like you.

The project progress is looking good, looking forward to delegating some of my steem power to your project. I love your communication and transparency.

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I was so exited to see the dividend live today I wrote my post about it

The best thing in the long run is indeed "owning" part of the casino and I really like what you guys are building here.

Any plans to combine other cryptos on the platform like Tron or EOS like @steemmonsters ? That would also be an added value for the Steem platform as users would need a Steem account and their wagers in other currencies would give GAME tokens and be rewarded with STEEM dividends driving further adoption

The day we have all been waiting for! Not only have you had the best variety of games from the beginning, but now this is the best token model I have seen on this platform yet.

The buyback is essential, great implementation, but the even more exciting element… The dividend payout based on volume! I see a few other casinos moving through this and I think it's fantastic. It takes the risk off the token holder, With a essentially guaranteed payouts as long as at least one person is playing.

To everyone else, If you do not have any gamer tokens, you are going to miss out!

How much dividends do they pay? Like what is the roi?

ROI is about 72 days based on current volume.

So if you hold the token they pay out in steem or more tokens? 72 days what does that mean? Like 100% profit in 72 days?

Yes, they pay out in steem. Yes, based on current volume and the market value of the coin, you should be able to 100% ROI in 72 days. Not to mention, you still retain the tokens that have value in that time.

hmm, that's interesting.

Do they pay out dividends automatic? I see you can request a payout on their website but i would want it automatically paid out for owning the tokens.

Glad to acknowledge that your word is worth something as you keep delivering on promises.
I also like how you carefully manifest your actions and do everything in timely manner; it looks professional in my view.
Let’s see what the future holds for us all! :)

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I cant resteem as the amount of votes covers it up lol
Really great work from the Dev team, always on spot with delivering updates and a fluid communications effort also!

One thing I noticed is that you said, "in our experience" meaning this might not be your first project already?

I also follow them for a long time. Great guys! I have long started collecting their tokens))

Fluid so far! Hope you are good man, its fucking deadzone quiet on here init 😂

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Amazing @kryptogames gd job 😁

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