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RE: Launching the Highest Paying Dividend System – Equipped with the first-ever Token Buyback Program to distribute even greater rewards to our Steem community.

in #steemit2 years ago

The day we have all been waiting for! Not only have you had the best variety of games from the beginning, but now this is the best token model I have seen on this platform yet.

The buyback is essential, great implementation, but the even more exciting element… The dividend payout based on volume! I see a few other casinos moving through this and I think it's fantastic. It takes the risk off the token holder, With a essentially guaranteed payouts as long as at least one person is playing.

To everyone else, If you do not have any gamer tokens, you are going to miss out!


How much dividends do they pay? Like what is the roi?

ROI is about 72 days based on current volume.

So if you hold the token they pay out in steem or more tokens? 72 days what does that mean? Like 100% profit in 72 days?

Yes, they pay out in steem. Yes, based on current volume and the market value of the coin, you should be able to 100% ROI in 72 days. Not to mention, you still retain the tokens that have value in that time.

hmm, that's interesting.

Do they pay out dividends automatic? I see you can request a payout on their website but i would want it automatically paid out for owning the tokens.