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RE: Beat The Dealer Rewards, Progressive Jackpot System & Much More

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Kinda impossible to beat the dealer, specially with this kind of amount.

5k for the smallest one... to have played a lot to your blackjack and won and LOST important amounts, I never reached even the smaller level of 5000 of gain, even when playing at max bet of 400 steem during more than 1 hour.

So ok I'm really wondering if you will have even only 1 person reaching the smallest reward...


As per community feedback, we have lowered the smallest eligible amount to just 1.5k. This should be attainable with good bet amount and a couple of hours of play. We can't go more lower than this, else this wouldn't be sustainable for us. Beat the Dealer Rewards are an extra incentive to play blackjack for fun as well as to earn some extra bucks instead of just farming tokens through dice which many players resort to. Hope you attain much more higher level of winnings in blackjack. Thanks for your feedback.

I agree these levels seem unattainable. I have played a lot of hands and have never gotten a run that could reach this level. Like @cryptopassion said even at max bet this seems pretty ridiculous.

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The minimum level has now been changed to 1.5K.

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