Facebook, Reddit, Twitter be warned: Steemit is coming for you and your News feeds.

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Steemit is going to take the world by storm, way faster than Myspace, YouTube, Facebook, Reddit or Twitter ever did.

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I have been around social media since before Myspace was popular, I have seen the waves of people switch over within 2 years from one platform to the next, all while the entire social media sphere has grown 100x. I remember scouring the internet for new songs to add to my Myspace page, learning HTML just to add a new background image to my profile & worst of all having to choose a top 8. At the time these things were very important to my 14 year old self and I had no issues researching how to do these things, and do them well I might add. Before you know it my page was the sexiest page out of anyone of my 200 friends! My top 8 was hidden, my song was turned into a full playlist, and my HTML game was so strong, I had background images on every widget box. I was stoked.

Then Facebook came up...

At first I was a die-hard Myspace user, and would make fun of Facebook for years to come as being boring, useless, dead & ugly. But 1 by 1 my friends all switched to Facebook, some took to twitter, and some stuck with me on Myspace. Nonetheless less than a year later, I found myself with a brand new boring, ugly, useless Facebook account and I absolutely LOVED it. Why? No idea. I just did.

After a few years of Facebook-ing, you could see the website was changing, more and more by the day, and before we knew it, Facebook was the #1 Social Network on the web, and it hadn't even broke a billion users yet. For some reason I always disliked Facebook, and I still do to this day, but do I have one still? Of course I do! How else am I to keep in touch with everyone I know? Even after learning about Facebook's relationship with the US Govt. I still found myself coming back on the daily, posting things, sharing images of my life and chatting with my friends. I still wonder why I thought it was okay to give up my privacy just for the convenience of not calling someone... but alas.. the plot worked. I was hooked.

Fast forward to today. Steemit is going to throw a wrench in things.

Steemit is finally here. Just as Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, Instagram were years ago, it has started out as a project with a goal, and that goal is users. Except Steemit has one major advantage over the competition; it pays users for using the website properly. I mean do I even need point out how important this is? This means we wouldn't EVER need things like advertising to monetize content, EVER again. Now back up 5 minutes and think about the amount of people that flocked to Facebook, just to have a little easier time connecting with friends.. Steemit is going to steemroll the competition. I promise you.

Again, just let that sink in for a second, a world with no advertisements & every author gets paid for his/her articles without a middle man. #BOOM

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Hahahaha that is great!

Oh wow this is taking me back to my childhood lol, as for the article, awesome write up as well, I couldn't agree with you more.

I have now watched this in full 5+ times.

Hahaha, this is gold!

I'll surely reuse this gif!

The platform is great and only getting better. The thing we need most is people willing to pay for STEEM. The STEEM and Steem Dollars we get need to be worth something in the real world, or the advantage you cite will not be very compelling. I am hopeful that we will solve this problem, but we have to acknowledge it.

Good to know! How can we help this happen?

That is a very good question! Accepting payment for goods and services in STEEM or SBD is probably a good place to start.

Can and will do! Keep any other tips coming my way good sir! Remember #JustSteemit it folks.

Streemian.com is already targeting reddit and medium by means of an automated cross poster. Stay tuned .. we are currently beta testing already!

I dont think that Steemit can be compared to Twitter or Facebook or Myspace. A more fair comparation will be against reddit.

Agreed. I was more referring to the social media giants due to how quickly they became giants, with little to offer users. Steemit on the other hand.... has ALOT to offer users and it's still in beta!

@krypto, i hope steemit dollar can be add on bittrex

I'm still having a hard time wrapping my head around the concept, but interesting nonetheless

It is may be interesting, how this post was met on "Biggest Ru-IT-Community platform" Link Steemit on Geektimes
Geeks as they are? Or something is wrong with those Geeks?)

On this subject, I just made a parody video of a man comparing Steemit to Facebook and Twitter (Risitas, if you know the hilarious video). Let me know what you think: https://steemit.com/funny/@oliverb/funny-man-compares-steemit-com-to-facebook-and-twitter-risitas-parody

Wrote a quick article on how is doing Streemit on FB and Twitter. Glad to read your opinion.