Steemfollower has opened it's follower exchange page. Earn up to 5x more steem now!

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After my previous post about SteemFollower (an upvote exchange where you can get upvotes back with up to 5x the worth of given upvotes), there has been some new developments about the site. Finally, a new Follower Exchange Page is available and you can start following other users and get new user to follow you.

  • You can follow only 30 user per day. The limit will be reset at 10:00 PM (UTC).
  • All new users have 5 "Follower points" by default.
  • Each point will be converted to 1 Follower.
  • Users will follow you only if they like your profile. They can read your steemit account 'about' section.

So lets get those follower numbers up!

I have had many comments asking me how to exactly login to the SteemFollower service. So I wrote this little step by step instruction to login there:

  • Click on your avatar picture in the right upper corner and then on 'Wallet'
  • Click on 'Permissions'
  • Click on 'SHOW PRIVATE KEY'
  • Copy the private key
  • Goto
  • Click 'Login'
  • Enter your steemit username (without the @) and click 'Next'
  • Paste your private posting key and click 'Log In'
  • Accept the requested permissions to Vote and Follow and click 'Continue as @...'

What is SteemFollower?

It is better than selfvoting as you will get extra upvotes depending on your steempower. All users will earn more than their upvote depending on their steem power. This benefits especially minnows.
Take look at table below:

It is not an automatic process, you can upvote only posts you like and the others will do the same. Through steemfollower you will get more users to read and vote your posts. There is no limit to the steem dollar amount of upvote you can receive from users. For example, if you are a minnow and you upvoted a post, you are able to get an upvote from a whale too!


I don't get that follower bit, maybe you can enlighten me here. So if I followed 5, I will be followed by 1 and if 10, I will be followed by 2 and so on. Is that it?
I am already a member since 2 days ago I think.
Is there a way of knowing that the person upvoting you is a fellow steemfollower?
Same with followers, I will just assume that those people who are following me are fellow steemfollower members but there is no telling if they are.
I hope I made sense.

Hey! I will try to explain a little bit more that I learned from my experience.
Basic thing is that if you follow one person then you get one "point", which means that up to one other person may choose your profile from the site and click the "follow" button and become your follower. After that your points will go back to zero and your profile will not be shown on the site. By joining the site you get 5 extra "points" so in total you may have five more followers from the site than you are following. These "points" are only accumulated when you click the "follow" button through the steemfollower site.

The site won't tell you if your upvotes are from the steemfollowers site or have been given using the steemit site. In practice, there is a proxy way of knowing that by using steem block tools like steemnow and look for votes with 45.55% upvote power (the default power value from steemfollowers).

But with followers there is no way, that I know of, to check where they come from. But either way, the more upvotes and followers you have, the better. Don't you think? ;)

I have another question that maybe you can enlighten me with again. I just went on steemnow and you were right I can see those upvotes with 45.55%.

My question is, what is the value of that 45.55%? I was wondering why one of my post which got 12 votes and only sitting on 6 cents and that 6 cents came from me and another who upvoted with 80% - 100% steem power.

So what is the point of getting upvoted if the post is not getting $value?

Sorry for the questions, I'm really new to this.

So this 45.55% is the default vote weight that is built into the steemfollower system. It can be easily changed next to every post and it will remember the last weight when you refresh the page. The problem is not everybody knows what that number means and knows that it can be changed actually.
I read on the creators post that he's point was to have a lower than 100% default weight value so users can vote more before their voting power diminishes. I really don't agree with this because most people don't vote 20+ times every day on the site.

Thank you very much for that. I did not know about the points for the follower. I just keep following and upvoting. Cheers

One of the biggest advantages it that it's only a limited amount of people and posts being displayed so the chances of you and your posts getting exposure to others increase.

how legit is this site?

It has over 1600 users and they never save your password. It is still in beta and has an active almost daily development and updates. You can search around the steemit for more info but from my experience it does exactly as it advertises - no automated processes, only fair upvoting made by the users.

Well structured post @kromosoom, I as well joined SteemFollower a few days ago and it's great! Made the "Top Inviters" list! maybe we can collaborate about writing a more in depth guide about Steemfollower, how it works, how to optimise your usage of it and maybe a FAQ! :)

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Nice to meet you @kromosoom i have upvoted you post
thanks for sharing i am following you follow me back

I have used this as well ; its a very great place to find followers and even upvotes - very easy to use as well .
once you are actually logged in it is very straight forward . im always down for upvoting helpful posts like this to bring the community together .

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I follow you have upvoted you.

"Accept the requested permissions to Vote and Follow and click 'Continue as @..."
nothing popped up so I could accept

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