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I've been away for a over two months... what's going on you may ask?


Well... at first I was going to do a site related to Steemit's philosophy as it is, and the potential for improvement. But after reviewing my past experience, I don't think critical evaluations of Steemit are much welcome and it might be a waste of my time... (many only want to see all sunshine and lollipops with the platform... lol). I was being flagged by power-rich-"rulers" for the somewhat popular posts about morality and consciousness which added value to many people's lives, and then I was just being flagged for months on end which destroyed my enthusiasm for Steemit. I could have just launched into bots and auto-curation rewards to make money... but I don't want to be a part of that way of doing things (of putting money-making first).


So instead of being a "social media" blockchain platform "entrepreneur" of sorts to generate some revenue, or of being a critical voice counter to how some things operate on the platform, I decided to try to apply for "standard" jobs again in the tech support industry after being away from that field for over 5 years pursuing other opportunities like permaculture and philosophical writing. After all, I was being told I was being flagged for so many reasons, such as not having a regular job... (who knew Steemit was a place where some rich-rulers think they can control the value of knowledge they don't like to see yet others highly value, or where you "have" to have a regular job for revenue generation and flagging someone who didn't was A-OK "good-behavior"...)

But tech companies don't seem to like it when you don't have a "steady" work history... where you leave jobs trying to figure out what you want to do in life... lol. They want corporate culture career-minded people who will work steady jobs for long durations of time and be devoted to a company... I'm still applying for jobs, but who knows when that will hook and one of them will give me a chance... maybe never? It's not like you forget how to do tech support or troubleshoot... it's pretty easy. Also, being in Quebec, many employers require you to be a "master" at speaking and writing French, which I am only advanced at :) Anyhoot...

In the meantime, I had delegated most of my SP (30,000) to another Steemit user so that at least it would be of value to someone else, and would be used rather than not used. I will probably take back my delegated power if I start to post and read more regularly, so as to reward other authors with my SP.

But... at the same time I started applying for jobs, I also found a significant other to share my life with. :) <3


So I've been happy not generating any income for the moment... hehehe. :) I'm not "poor" by my standards, so it's all good. :)

Who knows where the future will take me here on Steemit or in my love life, but I have been thinking of my future and how I needed to find a more stable source of income in order to build a life with a life partner. Maybe I will rejoin the tech support career I had previously been pursuing after college... maybe I will pursue something else...

So that's what has been happening. Let me know if you have have interesting things to share about what you have been doing in your life or on Steemit, whatever :)

See ya'll around. I will probably start to post a bit more :)

Take care. Peace!

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Good you are back, do what feel good; sure it will bring joy and it makes life mich easier.


Easier isn't always best, but I get what you mean :) Thank you.

Good to have you back mate and hope to see a post or two every now and again at least. It is good practice just in case your writing falls down to where your French is ;)

Have fun in the new relationship too and make sure that it takes nearly all of your time. The job can come second.


Haha, yeah, I wouldn't want to lower my English skillset :P Thanks :)

Congratulations man! Welcome back, I hope you start posting again as you produced some of the best content on Steemit in my opinion. Personally new opportunities have been popping up so abundantly it's hard to decide what to actually invest time into. Be open to opportunity and the right ones will appear, but I know you know that already ;)


Thank you :) I will try to invest more time here again.

I Have just re applied for tech support after a 3 year break and should have an interview in my company soon, depending however I wish you the best and tech support is very easy once you know how to it's like riding a bike :-) I wish you the best I also upvotes for your post as it is enspitstion for my self too!


Thanks, and good luck to you as well. I had a recruiting interview with probably a job interview lining up soon, and another less tech interview tomorrow.

Haters will hate keep progressing !! That's the motivation . Let success make all the noise


Indeed :) Thank you.

Well, I for one was missing your contributions to the Steemit community, but I'm happy to hear about the recent positive events in your life. In the end, Steemit is pretty cool, but there's a lot more to finding enjoyment in life, and it's good to hear you have your head on straight about that.


Indeed, I got too invested psychologically in Steemit only have that shattered. Now I'm refocussing on matters closer to reality, and less virtual reality hehe. Thank you.

I miss ya, I miss your writings, musings and deep questions. I'm so sorry that all that shit happened, you should be able to earn what people feel like giving you, without someone taking it away. I'm glad to hear you're gonna be back :) :) :) And that you've found a wonderful partner to share this crazy life with xoxo Hugs for you both! And thank you <3 <3 <3 For all you do for others.


Thank you very much :) I let go of focusing on Steemit and trying to influence change here, and focused on real life and things are better indeed :) You can keep the delegated power for a bit longer, I don't know when I'll take it back :P hehehe. Take care. Peace.


Get your gal to join too! Strength in Numbers haha :) And maybe she'll post some cute selfies of you guys :) :) Hey, every day's a blessing, I've been having fun, keeping the Only Upvote Others A-Thon alive and well! xoxoxoxo


Way to go! :) I'll try to get her to start posting, but the personal pictures is not something I would like at this point. Steemit is too bullyish/trollish for my liking and experience to want to do that. Other people haven't felt that side so they feel more secure.


I 'innerstand'...it's all good about the pics, I didn't want to put you on the spot :)

This comes to mind

I'm facing some of the things you're writing about right now. I got flagged for the very first time today, for nonsense made up reasons! I thought it couldn't happen to me, cos I treated people with respect, I never flagged anyone, etc. Definitely something needs to be fixed.

About the love life, we have a saying here, "who wins in money loses in love, who wins in love loses in money". So no wonder when you stopped dealing with money, you won in love! :P


:) Hehe, yeah that saying is about the focus/priority. I choose to stop trying to change the world through Steemit posts and make money that way, and finally focus on my personal life which I had neglected for years... It paid off well for me to abandon Steemit for a while :) Thanks for the quote and the chats :) Remember, DFTT :D Steemit is a messed up place that can't incorporate real-world rules and self-governed actions for dealing with wrong behavior. We are made impotent to what the code allows us to do... uniting against wrong-doers doesn't happen often as most people are too concerned about losing their previous $$$ if they get involved.

Touching Story. Well, its the life we live in, I think this is where the passion for what you love doing should come in, Do you want to remain in the tech world or do you want keep blogging. As for me, I believe you should get into the Real world, seek for a stable paying job and then Steem alongside with it.


I agree, real world stable job for building a life, and Steemt on the side is my plan. I invested of my life too much into Steemit early on, but it's not a way to build a future of economic stability for survival. I tried though, but forces on here wouldn't let me because of what I talk about... They didn't have a problem with other people making it big though... lol :P. Thanks for the feedback.

Nowadays, jobs have changed, and these new technologies are revolutionizing. The traditional world will come to Blockchain, and there are people who will figure it out maybe 10 years later, if you can not get a steady job, make it yourself and be happy! I know it's not easy, but nothing is impossible.
That may you achieve your goals, and achieve your desired goal! Welcome again, congratulations and cheers!


Yup. I want to do a steady job to get some money banked up for a bit, then maybe try to be an "entrepreneur" of sorts again. I don't want to sell my crypto or gold/silver that is low again and a loss for me to sell. :) Thanks and cheers!


Ual this is amazing, success for you!

Welcome back, I personally enjoyed every philosophical article you wrote. It was exactly what I never saw on Facebook etc.

Congratulations on finding someone to share a life of Love Learning and Laughter with 💖


Thank you very much, and for appreciating the topics I covered :) Finding someone to share life with is great :)

Great article.

Wonderful post ...keep it up and win the world👍😊...and I take after u so plz take after me...and remark back or rply plzz and vote me 😃

Congratulations and all the best. Don't give up!

Congrats on your new job and for finding love of your life.


Thank you :)

Hey! That's good news! Take care my friend!


Thanks :)

congrats for finding love in your life, wishing you well and its kind of you to delegate your steem power , hope the lucky guy finds good use of it. may you carreer leads you to prosperous paths


Thank you :) All the best to you as well.

Well that was awesome! Really happy for you!

Have you tried posting your resume on CL, it's a different market :D.


Thanks! What is CL? I'd be willing to look into it :)



you do you and fuck the haters. Let them fail at their job of hating while you doing a great a job at living happily. Happy you finally found someone, I’m still lonely in that area.


It was the right causal point in time for me. First time online dating and the first person was a great match. Very lucky that things coincided at the time causally. :) Best of luck to you in finding someone as well. Peace.

Welcome back, kudos on romantic happiness =)


Thanks and thanks :)

where have l been???? always here on #steemit and thats why l want to follow and read more of your work..this one is amazing..thanks for sharing @krnel ...upped


Hehe, thanks :)



Glad you are back with us, 2 months long time my friend wait your next smart posting :)

@krnel -- Great to see you back again, and congrats on the changes to your love life. It really saddens me that a few a-holes have interfered with your ability to continue sharing content here. I found it very insightful and thought provoking. Hope you can find a path that will not only be profitable, but also enjoyable and successful in reaching others with Meaningful Truth.

Now you get the opportunity to perfect your balancing act with online / offline activities and the time you invest in them. I have the utmost confidence you will find a rewarding path for all of that and then some.

As to what is happening with me these days waaaaaaaay too much to post in a comment. However, I finally prevailed at getting a good friend to post here on steemit, and if you have a chance please consider checking out his material: @aj33

Appreciate the ping and update; miss your philosophical meanderings. Steemit seems a different beast these days... my own enthusiasm has been somewhat waning as of late.

Cool about finding someone to share the journey with; one of the best things about having someone is being able to stand there and laugh at the ridiculousness of existence... with someone. At least in my experience...


A beautiful brother and a beautiful human being I see.
Happened across you from a random search and happy to be connected here on Steemit. Feel free to give me a follow and check out my introduction if you'd like :)

I had no idea you were being flagged an you had become one of my favorite authors around here so you are missed.

Wellcome back, man.:)
Light shine on Steemit.

Missed this post originally when you posted it. Welcome back. I also took a break for a little over a month and scaled back some of the things I've been working on.

But after reviewing my past experience, I don't think critical evaluations of Steemit are much welcome and it might be a waste of my time...

I recently found this too, or at least there is not much will for diverging from The Path as laid out by Steemit Inc. I've kind of given up here. When we were debating hotly around the time of the whale experiment I think many thought there was still a lot that could be decided by democratic style means, but I don't think that any more.

The best you can do is to show problems using grey-hat tactics I think, otherwise you will not be listened to. And I don't have the time for that any more. We'll see what the future holds.

I was being flagged by power-rich-"rulers" for the somewhat popular posts about morality and consciousness which added value to many people's lives, and then I was just being flagged for months on end which destroyed my enthusiasm for Steemit.

It's a pity this resulted in your enthusiasm being affected. I'd hazard however that it was more so the economic effects that were most important. I don't apologize for my criticism of your writing at times, but I do hope you know it was always in the spirit of debate and critical thinking.

But tech companies don't seem to like it when you don't have a "steady" work history...

My recommendation is to do some short accredited online course in the area you want to get back into. You can probably find something that you already know a lot about in your area and just blaze through it. It's just for the paper, but you know, you got to play the game.

Good luck. 👍

Awesome post ...keep it up and win the world👍😊...and i follow u so plz follow me...and comment back or rply plzz and vote me 😃

It might be time to re-read the book "what color is your parachute".