Calling on @ned and @dan to put aside their differences

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Some of you might be aware of the public feud between two crypto juggernauts, @dan and @ned. @dan is Dan Larimer, the cofounder of BitShares, Steem, and now EOS. @ned is Ned Scott, the CEO and co-founder of Steemit. Keep in mind Steemit is a website that enables interaction with the Steem blockchain.

Dan and Ned got together a long time ago to build Steem and Steemit. According to Dan in an interview, before building Steem, Dan and Ned had an agreement that they'd first build a dPOS social network blockchain before pivoting to building a dPOS smart contract blockchain. At some point, the relationship broke down and Dan resigned from Steemit to start EOS. Dan claimed that the breakup was amicable but, given the public feuds they've had, it's clearly not the case.

For example, Dan recently posted an EOS development update on Steem. He denied rewards from the post. Ned still downvoted the post and commented that it was for "aggrandizement" (link). There have been a few other instances of "comment feuds" between Dan and Ned.

Needless to say, these feuds are much to the chagrin of the Steem community. Two of its cofounders are publicly fighting. It really makes one wonder how much better Steem can get it they were on good terms and working together. Imagine if the Steem and EOS projects formed a partnership. This would create one heck of a blockchain ecosystem.

As such, let's publicly call on Dan and Ned to put aside their differences, rebuild relationships, and build something profound leveraging the powerful technology behind both Steem and EOS. We are on the cusp of a blockchain revolution and it's much better for everyone if the pioneers and visionaries were not quarreling over personal differences. Steem can be so much better than it is today.


Resteemed. Cheers!

i hope they to agree and get over their differences am sure everyone will be pleased

this is a very good post.

They have their own dispute to be solve by them. What we gonna do now is to stay neutral and positive that one day they just forget things that gone wrong and start a whole new beginning.

We would all love to see these two mend fences.

yep the last thing we need is for Dan to fund a competing project with the ton of EOS money they have... the resources should go towards improving steem and its already large community

In the end, going at it separately will hurt either projects chances of success. It is only through collaboration that true greatness will be achieved here.

Wasn't aware of this but totally agree. Thanks for sharing.

I am exiting steem as well going to transfer over to EOS platform. When it is up and running. I have nothing but. Hardship. On steem including bulling downvoting, And Whales like @jerrybanfeild to think it is ok to take SBD w/out consent of the owner. I will be posting more in my #intrductionpost

Shows me that the company will just hide away any posts it doesnt like. You didnt mention this but Ned also used $3,000 of the Steemit company account money to upvote his own accounts posts. So, this to me is centralized and Steemit (Ned) will use its power to destroy your reputation and hide posts it doesnt want people to see with its influence. Facebook doesnt even do that unless its absolutely necessary. Shows me how young and immature the Ned is. I don't know... One last thing, Dan also commented on this and said that when EOS is up and running he will create a new social media platform to rival this one.

hay @ned and @dan🤗🤗🤗
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If only ned didnt flag dan, and if oinly ned woudl have responded with his own post and created an intellectual debate

instead he flagged him like a baby and proved he is notteh elader we need

if i was as rich as ned, i would be so much happier especial about my competitor who was my FORMER partner who CREATED the platform i was leading.... bad optics all around

and people liek me get mad who have been investors for 3 years and work their ass off promoting steem across social media everyday,

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