Whitelist form for Top STEEM/SBD Exchange!

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Bittrex has been closed for new registrations since some time, even black market for buying accounts opened.
It is a top exchange for STEEM and SBD so i am sure loads of people are interested to get there if they havent.

Keep in mind Upbit is Bittrexs version for KR market hence i say Bittrex is main. If Bittrex drops STEEM im sure Upbit would too.

So if you need an account fill form here - https://support.bittrex.com/hc/en-us/requests/new?ticket_form_id=114093958552

Bittrex Markets

Its one of my fav exchanges, especially due to having loads of cool coins and nice volumes. I trade there a lot ZCL, EXCL, XZC, NEO, STEEM, SBD and many many more.

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To circumvent the foreseeable restrictions on exchanges, the steem community should leverage the reputation of its members to create something similar to LocalBitcoins. It could be called LocalSteem and would like to facilitate the exchange between cash and steem, bitshares and other cryptocurrencies. People with a large audience at Steemit, like you, could start mobilizing. Thanks for the text.


Sadly it needs to big of an infrastructure so it's not that simple.

Other than that, I'm in.

Upbit?? I had no idea they were the biggest exchange for steem. Ive never even been on there site!


its for KR only


korean exchange only dude


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Wow didn't know that. Gonna try it. Do you need to submit ID to sign up there?

Sbd & steem growing rapidly day by day


I'm new to steem it... like brand new... as in 6 hours old haha But i'm blown away with this network already. WHAT HAVE I BEEN DOING AS A WRITER FOR THE PAST YEAR!!!! This is incredible. I hope people like my crazy true story post. I can't stop wanting to learn more about this network!


Did you check last 24 h @imgroot ? Not growing now...but going down a lot...i am using bittrex still...but need a crypto plastic card...or an usd plastic card, do you know where i could apply for one at this point from my country, Romania @kingscrown ? Thank you:)


Thanks a bunch:)


Thanks a bunch:)..mychoice and wavecrest are closed now but i.ll check the rest:)

Glad I got with Bittrex a long time ago. Might try ShapeShift.io to pick up some STEEM...

Interesting. Thanks for the info.


Plz vote me plz

let SBD and Steem reach 100USD

Once Bittrex reopens there will be a FLOOD of new money going in. 2 coins I have been watching that are on bittex are steem and zclasssic.

Hopefully they open for new users soon.


I agree! If have known, I would have created multiple accounts. Some might look down on flipping accounts, but like anything else, it's an honest hustle!

I agree bittrex has a lot of currencies but hopefully one day all of us can use a decentralized exchange.

I usually use the internal market or blocktrades when exchanging Sbd!

great find! upvoted

getting off Bittrex and will sell at fair price. LMK.

Also, thanks for the great post!

i tried joining bittrex several times but been sent to the waiting list, currently using poloniex, steem and SBD will continue o grow with time

I hope that this clears out bittrex from being a "scam" exchange. Bittrex is truly a wonderful platform and is among the best among all exchanges. All it lacks now is fiat trading for it to be perfect.

yes bittrex does this few days back also ,to create the hype of bittrex so that more people should wait for the new registration for them.so its one of the marketing hype to make it popular & also for steemit users its easy to sell their sbd there. thanks for the information bud.

I'm sad on bittrex.
My IDs had been expired for many years.
And I'm starting to be anonymous and the feelings keep growing to be as private as possible.
My coins there would remain as there...

Thanks for this guide. I will follow the link and fill the form.

thanks ^^ upvoted!

amazing post thanks for sharing upvoted and resteemed

I managed to get myself into Bittrex just a few days before they closed new registration. Its my favorite, and has one of the easiest trading interface.

I joined bittrex like 6 months ago but could never get verified because of my id was to old and a little blury but i know steem will continue to go up and up because the community here on steemit is just great and crypto like steem is just being found by alot of new people and will go up as the year goes on mark my words its a matter of time

Keep in mind Upbit is Bittrexs version for KR market hence i say Bittrex is main. If Bittrex drops STEEM im sure Upbit would too.

What is a KR market?

Upbit is pretty good. Was having a discussion here with my friend and he said that upbit is responsible for the latest crypto-craze from Koreans because of how well their UI is designed and people in Korea simply "get it" when using it. Registrations for accounts are opening today, I my self need to go to the bank and update my info as per the latest Korean regulations. But yeah, new money is lined up!

Thanks for the valueable guidline on the steemit.
great to share

Yes i am also facing problems in bitrex transaction. My new address is not generating but i hope it will open soon for new users also. Huge money transactions will be performed when it will open again.Thanks for the sharing informative post.

Glad I finally got my Bittrex verified few weeks back

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Woah!!! Are you kidding me? I can see a top rank of bitcoin over there. That's really impressive and the forecast i have been reading is coming true. Bitcoin will sure bounce back because lately countries have really encouraged it as a means of exchange even wanting to legalize is as a legal tender. So its really a great information for bitcoin investors . And yes bittrex market has been good with their crypto currencies market trading but haven had a setback in bitcoin earlier this month i had to seek for other means to get my forecast straight but sure I will definitely make a registeration not after seeing this good and encouraging market trade . Thanks for this info @kingscrown .sure you are very familiar ere on steemit. 🖒🖒🖒

good but how i can believe that exchange the money

Good poste thanks for the information

I feel like im standing in line outside the nightclub, waiting to get in lol

-Ultimate Truce

i am interested to get there.. thank you for sharing @kingscrown

Looks like some new competition is coming with Upcoin. I'm posting here because I wanted to see if the more experienced traders around here have formed an opinion of Upcoin.

I'm also learning about Open Ledger and I like what I've seen so far. But OL doesn't have nearly as many coins as the larger exchanges. I'm looking to get out of Bittrex to a better exchange, so I'm looking for guidance.

Any guidance you have to offer is greatly appreciated.


Fix the tittle dude!, it says whitelist! ... Im glad i have my bittrex account, the good volume for all coins allows to trade fast anything...

so meaning, as I've been using blocktrades since my first pay-out.. I'm using wrong exchange site since it's to pricey? huhuhuhuuhhuhu

Thanks for the feedback on this, steem and sbd is growing everyday it's good to be informed about these

Nice post sir 😍😍

Good update Kingscrown! Thanks for letting us know!

I am a newb here, and was trying to get in on bittrex/poloniex, however, with no luck! :(

Quick question though - do i have to rely on these exchanges? I was thinking that I can buy BTC on Binance and can then use Blocktrades.us to buy Steem. Will that not work?

Would appreciate your inputs!

Looking to invest in the platform, as I believe it will go a long way!

Followed you and 100% upvoted your post (although it wouldn't make any difference). :)

Take care.

Can't wait for the floodgates to open. It will definitely result in more prosperous outcomes.

Thanks, this was helpful. I use Binance, hopefully Steem will be listed there soon.

Please come to my blog and see what I can say about the coin.

it is always impressive to see how this market, even in a downtrend currently, is still showing some nice demand where exchanges are having to shut out people simply due to volume. Imagine how things would be if the waitlists would be filled and those people, possibly new to the cryptospace, would start dropping their fiat into the market!

I'm sad to admit that when Steem was at $3 I was thinking about buying some, but forgot that I had signed up for an account. My bad. :)

is biterx closed rightnow..? I think it should be in first place.. Thanks for info @kingscrown

Thanks for sharing informative post.

its want invitee name and code please. i want to create a account @kingscrown

like :)

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I create account on Bittrex 2 weeks ago and on Cryptopia, I`m so lucky :) and on Cryptopia has been closed for new registrations.

Very useful information and link G. This the kind of post steemers need. Thanks.

very good information @kingscrown, I do not know that Bittrex has closed for new registration. Very useful information. Thanks for sharing. Success continues for you

Bittrex is fine , but the coins they handle are sometimes more volatile I find. That said , like with SWT , you can can see a 60+% gain in a day and then get out , they also handle numb after the decimal, unlike binance witch just leaves it (can't sell so does you no good there and after their commission, you're almost always left with something after the decimal point in owning coins).

thank you for sharing such a informative post.

i will fill the form. thank you

Great time to get in on COSS and even get signed up on Robinhood before they close their registrations/referral program from the crazy volume.

Truly bittrex has been closed and i have been trying to open an account with them but i keep getting, registration is closed for new members. So i trade on binance and steem is not on binance and i so much see potentials in steem.
I will follow this your guidelines and open a account in bittrex. Thanks @kingscrown

Votes me friend plleast

I hope they open for new users.i will fill the form

Believe me steemit go to moon who want to invest then steemit is best option for investors

Bittrex is my primary & only exchange. Love 'em!


Hopefully steemit will hit $100 by year end.

Hi @kingscrown, thank for post.
I agree with you not mentioning HitBTC, too many clouds these days.
Just for asking: you did not mentioned OpenLedger because volume is too loo and most of people would not understand a decentralized exchange ?

If anybody is interested in buying bittrex enchanced acc, mail me to [email protected] Im not using it.

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Good post bos..

I have an active account on Bitrex but i do not use :(

There is a growing numbers of interested in opening an account in bittrex. I'm glad I made one earlier. :)

could anyone tell what are their fees? i only see flat 0.25% fee for trading. what about withdrawal?

Nice work, help steemit baby sir by up vote than, thank you.

2018 may be the year for Decentralized Exchange with all the regulations coming.

of course another wait list it took me two weeks to get approved just to steem. guess good things don't come easy!

Thank you for sharing the link, I JUST missed opening a Bittrex account and have been kicking myself for not doing it when I had the chance. I've just submitted a request so fingers crossed!

Thank you so much for the form link! I didn't even know that existed. Now, I can have a chance at getting a new bittrex account. Loved the post!

thanks for the information

Thanks for sharing!

Nice, I really should buy some Steem and powerup, I'd say it would be a very good investment,,, I know Jerry Banfield said he did to start him off....

I would keep an eye out for BINANCE. In my opinion, STEEM would be added to BINANCE in the near future, and when this happens, there would be more exposure for STEEM and a MOON SHOT.

What is UpBit? I'm on Bittrex and Poloniex and I have a Bitcoin wallet on my computer. Hope for the best. Hope to buy some more Bitcoin before Bitcoin peaks again in the next few months in 2018 maybe before Christmas. I'm Oatmeal. Liked. Shared. Upvoted. Resteemed.

does it cost anything to register on one of these exchanges?


No , no registration cost will be charge , only trading fee will be charge when u will exchange coins

thanks for the info!!!!

Hey thanks. I feared I might have alreay missed the boat on this one.

Thanks for the post!