STEEM added to HUGE Korean ALtcoin Exchange by KakaoTalk

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We knew since some time of this happening. Bittrex got a deal with known korean communicator Kakaotalk and they were going to launch biggest altcoin exchange in Korea and take 100 top coins from the original exchange for start.

Since today the exchange is online but only chosen people have access to it, yet we can already see the markets.. and STEEM is one of them!

STEEM/KRW market is planned to be open for now they suggest BTC market.

Why this is BIG News?

KaKaoTalk is one of the most popular communicators in Korea and KR is amazing in driving volumes and prices in crypto, just look at Top7 volumes on Bitcoin.

An interesting (for us non-koreans) thing is that all coin names are translated to Korean not written natively. So STEEM looks:

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This is good news. When Ned has fixed the technical issues is guess Steem is going ATH.

So great news! I see so much good new about steemit all the time but it seems little is happening to it the past few months(value wise). Is it me who is blind or do you have any suggestions to why this might be the case? Anyways i beleive in steem as my #1 cryptocurrency but still the questions remains unknown for me why steem in value have not grown (in fact it has fallen).


It's just the nature of crypto in general.


It sounds like you are impatient. Give it time the STEEM blockchain is just over a year and a half old.


Almost all cryptos are like that, fluctuating. Anyway it is good on the part of everyone because he one can trade.

Wow! This is huge for Steem!


yeah, great news for us :D


Let's see where this goes! :)


yes absolutely its great


Yep yep! Let's see where this goes!

That is great news. Here's to Steem taking off!

This is good news and I think it's a trend one needs to have a close look with follow up on.

Pretty sweet but I dont think the jump was from it being added to that exchange. Every alt coin jumped around the same time due to the sell out of bitcoin and back into alts after the bitcoin gold hardfork took place.

Its still very good to see steem spreading it's wings though and gaining more exposure and traction.


nice complement

The more cryptos are accessible, the faster they will rise.

good news for steemians!

thanks for sharing this!
I have a katalk but I didn't know they have this feature :D
now I do !
am glad I went online tonight :)
resteemed and probably shared via katalk tomorrow :)

Cheer Up! 많은 사람들이 이 포스팅에 관심을 갖고 있나봐요!

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yes too much cheer up


Wow, good to see this happening as a Korean American who has been in Steemit for 1 year.

Great news for steem community. It will be in other big exchanges sooner than later.

This is Huge!
I’ve always been wondering how come kr tag is so popular than any of the other language tags. I guess there’s a reason.
They are really doing great.
Great job.

Thanks for sharing this!


Korea is killing it. Really exciting blockchain enthusiast community they have got going over there. I'm seeing some grassroots things in the US, but they are far and few in between. Hope to see more in the future!


True, adding steemit on a popular messenger app rocks. Really a roll model community here on steemit.

I'd predict an influx of korean users with this additional exposure!

God Speed Brethren.

@kingscrown yes the more exchanges the BETTER. GO STEEM !

Correct me if I am wrong but if I am not mistaken this is the first fiat pair for steem. Breaking from the shackles of the STEEM:BTC pair is important for the Steem blockchain.

That's the most positive thing I've heard all day!!
Hold on to your britches, and get your space suit on because steem is about to blast off!!


Cool, hope this helps steem to raise from the deep...

Hey ,
Thanks for the great content

This is insanely huge news! Thanks for sharing!

Big news for Steemit Community

Promote & income. Nothing else

This is a great news guys

the more interesting ...!

Good news for Steem! Hopefully this will be fuel to take off for the moon! Thanks for sharing, any clue when the list of all coins on the exchange will be out?


Yeah pretty cool news right?

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This should really give Steem a boost!

This is awesome news for Steem!

Amazing. We have already seen what tremendous positive impact Japan just had on Cryptocurrency. Korea will trigger a similar boost making which will soon be reflected by increasing share prices. Once again, history will prove its tendency to repeat over and over again. One hype will emerge after another as public attention inevitably grows. We can wholeheartedly say that we just passed the threshold - cryptocurrencies are here to stay.

You can also get STEEM on Korbit also. Anyways great move by kakao. ive been a kakao talk user for 6 years now

Thanks for the news.......

Nice!!! What a great time to to be a steemian. Hopefully there's good volume and that should help out immensely

That is super good news, you made my night ;)

That is great news . Thanks for sharing.

great post! nice bit of info, go steem!

so is it safe to say we can go ahead and buy now and watch the price rise?


Baste Aticle

Yes... @kibgscrown aplication massanger social .. good job

This is big news for Korean^^

Good day @kingscrown I appreciate all the info and hard work thank you :) Followed , I'm going to read it. See you later. In which country do you live in the meantime?

"Kakaotalk were going to launch biggest altcoin exchange in Korea". This is huge news for Steem and another top 100 coins.
Followed/ Resteemed

Kingscrown u r really a king bro of steemit
Bro plzzz do a favour just upvote this comment

good my friend!!

Good news for Steem ! And also huge for Steem .

cheer up! cheer up!

cheer up! cheer up!

wow thats good
plz help me to grow my account

wow thats good
plz help me to grow my account

That sounds like a really good news... let's see where it will go ❤

ThAnks for sharing this .This is a big news.You R OSM

Awesome! More awareness for steem and its community! Thanks for the post @kingscrown

This is great news for Steem and all other top 100 altcoins!

Great job.thanks for share.

If you haven't invested in STEEM. what are you waiting for. :-)

This is insanely huge news! Thanks for sharing!

the more interesting ...!

Very good news

good news

Most popular communicators

just awesome.thnaks

Anyong hasheo Korea, STEEM is back in business!

This is great news!

This post is too good. It is really a worth knowing.....@kingscrown

This is insanely huge news! Thanks for sharing!

Hi.. @kingscrown This is great for Steem...

Will the price of the coin go up ? Because from yesterday it is down about 10%. I think its still a huge news for the Steem comunity! Thanks for the info!

Definetly, this is very huge for us.

Thanks for this news. Good to know! I'm sure a lot of the kr steemians will make use of this.

Steem just seems to keep growing .

Good news and content, and excellent for the value of Steem going forward 😳

Good news and content, and excellent for the value of Steem going forward 😳

That is a Great Content!!! Good Work!!

It was great!!

great content helpfull information i like it

That's great news! I spent significant time in South Korea and I know firsthand how HUGE Kakaotalk is! Thanks for the info! Upvoted!

Probably not completely surprising since there is a large group of Korean users on Steemit

thanks for this valuable update great job keep it up

This is great news.

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Thank you so much for sharing this @kingscrown.

thanks for share @kingscrown, this is Amazing post, I Like it

great information,keep posting such great content

KakaoTalk has over 130 million users chatting worldwide. Download today and get in on the conversation!

KakaoTalk has over 130 million users chatting worldwide. Download today and get in on the conversation!

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Awesum Post!! Keep Up the Good Work :)

vow good news , thanks for sharing !

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Awesome nice post

That's great news! This should really boost awareness of this platform.

Wow this is good news, thx for sharing it with us..

This is great. As a foreigner living in Korea,I can say tht this brings cryptocurrency to EVERYONE. I don't know anyone in Korea, (Korean or foreign born) who doesn't use kakao, This will only help to increase the knowledge base on steem and hopefully get more steemians. Great to see. Kakao is a leading innovator and if the transactions are smooth that will be huge for crypto

Wow, great news. I am Korean American so I am excited about this news.

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great news for us all steemians, i'm sure steemit will take over the world one day

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