SBD Pump and How Method from My Previous Guide Would Make You Cash!

in steemit •  10 months ago

I have described the method in my 3rd guide -

Today you can check it on SBD itself.

Actually, SBD was at 6,5 USD but i was busy trading and selling coins for people so lets use current data.

This means if you used my method and had some BTC on HitBTC or OpenLedger you could buy coins, transfer fast (SBD/STEEM blockchain is super fast) and sell for profits.

Hell i did this 3 minutes ago to show here:

STEEM Had A Pump Too

Way smaller and price differences not so big.

If you missed right now, its too late already but for future get accounts on all of this exchanges and be ready:

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Thanks buddy. Lets hope STEEM will go to the moon :)

I love this pump )

I remember last year when steem was booming during the altboom, sbd was acting just like this. I think this could be a sign that steem is ready for some serious growth! Steem is also up to 1.85 today. ;)


This growth is very joyous, I hope that everyone will be happy, with glee and superiority


Can someone tell me why the price is going so high?

Today steem is my lil ray of sunshine in the altcoin darkness

Thanks for the tips!

yep just swapped my 20 SBD for BTC!! So glad i jumped on STEEM when I did!!

Hi @kingscrown,

Where did you get the price table for SBD and Steem?

Thank you,


hi. bit-news . yes, you are right. if we want to see the price of any cryptocurrency then coincapmarket is best option. nice comment. well done.


@bit-news it is right in my monitor, but never bother to see the "chart" tab hahahah.

Thank you.


You can find out the price difference, according to trading platforms, from this website:


bit-news answered my question.

Thank you.


kingscrown do really great job. his post are full with information and easy to understand by everyone. This post is really useful for everyone.

Good arbitage tips
Keep up the good work

Due to SBD pump, bloggers are earning much more USD and STEEM. Enjoy SBD pump, enjoy your higher payout.

Why the huge price differential between Steem and SBD?


SBD total supply is "low" at 3.56 M (relative to steem at 246M), so price movement is likely to be much higher with same amount of capital coming in vs the other coins.


The demand of SBD increases rapidly than Steem. Therefore the huge difference in price of steem and SBD.

Is this arbitrage still available? Because it's quite hassle to open up account and not finding the arbitrage available :D

Hi @kingscrown, I woke up and see SBD hit $6.34 mark. I had plans to go bed to again but I was so happy that I could not sleep again. Steem is growing slowly. Thanks for sharing the valuable method. It's helpful. Keep sharing more and stay awesome man.

Steem On!


I don't find any reason for SBD to go upto $6 or $8. Because it is supposed to be pegged by dollar..


Of course, all members of steemit will be motivated to work on blogging!!!

@kingscrown I think STEEM will make a lot of People very happy in 2018....


you are right. but SBD also make a lot people very happy in 2018...


Yes, all members of steemit will be encouraged to blog again!!!

Nice work bro :) i like it :)

Steem is having a second run up at the minute!

thanks for sharing
good luck.

The power of #bitcoin is awesome to witness. Pay attention, this is a once in a trading-career sort of thing.

Hey @kingscrown, what is the daily withdrawal limit for OL Dex?

Good information frnd ....thank u

Those poloneix assholes are taking more than a day to transfer SBD and during that time the price has been dipped. 😑

What about bitshares?

great information.Thanks for sharing.

6$ - i like this price)

Steem is having a second run up at the minute!

I'm kicking myself for not holding my SBD for a time like this...


The feeling is mutual brother.


Depends, if you'd moved it into BTC you should be in clover ;)

Should have prepare for this. But thanks for the reminder.

So awesome info! I'll jump on your method right away.

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Hey @kingscrown, really great info, i used some exchanger that was so slow but i want to use your method like HitBtc or Open Ledger, future will be depend here.

great post. steem and SBD prices increase day to day. its time to hold SBD or steem. investing in steem ans SBD gives you more profit.

Your tips definitely comes handy. Thanks for sharing

SBD pumped twince in 2 months. I made profits both the times. Now STEEM is it follow it in 2018 ?
STEEM is definitely one of the most undervalued coin with the most amazing team. i guess 2018 will be the year for STEEM. looking at the 1day all time chart of STEEM also gives us a hint that 2018 is the year where we can see the price of STEEM in double digit followed by three digit in the upcoming years. With a market capital of $424,219,607 USD and not a rise in price i see thousands of people investing in STEEM and believing in the Platform which is first of its kind to fund projects on social media platform and with STEEMIT solving real life problems by funding with the help of just upvotes, this is definitely the best use of Blockchain technology.



Congratulations to the new year Dharmik Joshi with further growth of the value of Steam.


Happy New Year to you too :)
btw it is STEEM

Steem dollars had in incredible pump, is there a way to convert with steem and take some gain?

thanks for sharing

Thanks for sharing all amazing info! Yes Crypto! Freedom to ALL energy exchange! @originalworks

I fell from my bed when I found out SBD hits $6.27, 8pm local time. I was so happy and praying it hits $50 before 25th December hope I am not asking for much.


Congratulations @tutufaith New Year 2018 with more growth than Steam value.


Confirmed... I can't wait for SBD to be $50... Fingers crossed and praying

Good info. Saved for later. I haven't yet gotten into this but want to start learning a bit more. Any recommended posts? Thanks for the enlightenment.

Thanks man , will use your tips !

Do you have to submit IDs on all these exchanges for validation/verifications though trading in reasonable amounts?

This comment is worth 1000 upvotes!

can anybody tell me how to send sbd to poloniex not in bitcoin but in sbd

I'm so sad that I didn't see your post earlier. You are the best crypto writer on steemit. Thank you for your posts :)

I have a question :::
What is Bitcoin Bubble Balloon and what happen when it burst !

Yes, this is a surprise. Do you expect it to rise further?

No thanx! I wouldn't bother selling my savings 1 SBD. I am hoping it will hit 20K by the end of this year so I become rich. Lol

Very helpful, thank you. I wonder what is behind the SBD pump though, it is going up really fast. LAst i checked which was few minutes ago, it was at $13.47. Quite remarkable.

the thing I can't figure out: who is so stupid as to by SBD at such ridiculously high prices when it's no secret that it's "supposed to be" pegged to $1...??

either I'm really missing something here... or that's really dumb money.

post a very nice I loved his good luck always


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sbd skyrocket BOS,,,

SBD actually made it all the way to $6.83/Unit. It was awesome seeing it rise like that; however, I didn't have money to put into it after cashing out to another crypto before the pump.


The news was almost unexpected for everyone.


Yeah, at least it still benefits me going forward with my upcoming earnings.

Thanks for sharing information .


hi. @pawansharma. you are indian. great. best wishes to you.