How to easily gain TRX

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Tron bought/gained STEEM. From what they say, for 1 STEEM you will get 1 STEEM on TRX (maybe with new name).

They also say - TRX users will get some free STEEM.

We dont know ratios but we can guess - they will want TRX whales to be TRX-STEEM whales.

So if you want to stay here i guess (not verified as we dont know) its good to have some TRX.

So here is places to buy some TRX and my review.

Those aint looking interesting as all need documents, just Bitforex is a good one. But while top10 looks odd you have Tron on Binance, Okex and many more.

But if you buy TRX/Tron on ie KuCoin or Binance it will stake and get you some cash monthly. KuCoin pays better imho.


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It's a really weird situation and I only wonder how it will be. No need to panic yet, because nothing has happened and any development will take months to implement anyways.

panic is never n

You also get those staking rewards if you freeze (vote) on the network. Also, if you are interested in better rewards, then staking via Poolx via KuCoin gives the best return. It is locked for 60 days but unlocks with POL credits if you really need it before.

Either way, if it is in exchange, don't expect the air dropped tokens!

ive sold most tokens now left only #actnearn #neoxag and 1 more

Do you know the best desktop wallet to access the Tron network?

I am going to try Atomic Wallet.

sorry forgot to reply. i use tronwatch and tronlink. atomic should be fine too

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