I Feel Downhearted And Flexed

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This is a feeling that I often get at times. It is an awful feeling. No peace and tranquility never seems to settle on me.

Often it seems as the world was crumbling down upon me. All my people around me seem to be hostile upon me and there seems nothing am doing is right.

My effort at happiness seems to be evasive. Joy dodges me like a conjurers trick. It happens so fast. I am down....... Very down.

Sometimes these mood swings often settle upon me. They normally subside by themselves and am free.

What causes such? Is there a scientific explanation for such? Who can help me?

I love these stemians





I really love them.


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It's very important to relax and breath. Take one day at a time.

Hi @keya. We all go through that stage sometimes, when nothing seems right and no matter how we try, our efforts serve futile. There is a feeling of emptiness. If I may share in times like this, I pray and I pray fervently. Yes, I seek God's presence and I tell Him how badly I am feeling. Surprisingly, things get better and fall into places as I pray. There is great power in prayer, my friend. God bless you

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