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RE: Steemit Community Feature - Is that the big surprise?

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Steem will have a new app to allow for Bitcoin miners to migrate. It will essentially auto-post and auto-selfvote to simulate the mining they're used to lol. Just joking. Yeah I think it's about the communities feature as well. I also have a hunch there might be other blockchains involved in the process.


Hey @kevinwong !

I came here to check out this very interesting post and see you here! BONUES!

I haven't seen much of you lately either =( though I just noticed you dropped a vote on one of my posts, that is of course appreciated.

Great to see you around. Ur comments are always worth reading. Very refreshing in this copy pasta spam promotion world of Steemit!

Spending a lot of time reading and writing these days, facing a different kind of screen xD
btw I've been thinking for a bit, is it possible to spend a month or two in GoE and learn just about the essentials from A to Z?

Yes its possible. Let me know what it is you want and or what your proposal is. There is a LOT to learn and conscious evolution is of the utmost importance~*~

Hey @kevinwong it's been a while! We have to reconnect. I wish we had a private messaging feature already so that I don't have to go over on What are you up to?

I'm still around, even on steemitchat! Been out of the loop with stuff on Steem though with so many things happening in the blockchain space.

If you send him any amount of steem or SBD, and start the memo with a hashtag, it's encrypted.

Yup. In your wallet it's visible, but go to his wallet and its blank.
He can see the memo in his wallet but not in yours.
Not sure if its advertised as a feature, but it works.

Yes i tried it matt. It worked!

Good information

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