Emergent Budgeting vs. Budget-Setting

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Everybody produces STEEM's budget on the fly, primarily through authoring and curating on Steemit. But what if STEEM employs budget-setting?

I'm sure if the community budgeting follows some kind of vision, it would make much more sense for everybody including producers, curators, investors, and speculators. Or is something like a daily budget too authoritative? Anyway, if I can set it in terms of content, I would set it to the average of:-

a) Crypto-stuff @ 10%
b) Platform-marketing @ 10%
c) Platform-improvement @ 10%
d) Business-integration @ 10%
e) Platform-apps @ 20%
f) Other contents @ 40%

What will be yours? And let's say if I want to study the on-the-fly budgeting that has been happening all the while, what would be the best way to do this? Having a good view of what's happening to the daily distribution will be awesome.

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Platform marketing 100%

LOL. i like your simple approach.

Marketing is very important nowadays and I would save at others 10% and give at marketing 20%. The other distribution I would leave so.

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My take is a bit different from @liberosist.

Platform Marketing 50%
Business Integration 50%.

STEEM desperately needs some other utility beyond commoditized voting power to scale.

if there's a decent food supplier accepting steem in almost all major cities in the world then it's a win lol