Introducing @KeiserReport: We go nuts for Steemit!

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So, I know we're meant to hold up a sign or whatever to 'prove' we are @keiserreport and so we did one better by announcing it live on Keiser Report itself (skip ahead to 00.50)

I know there was something I was supposed to say and a squirrel ordered me to do it but I forgot what the exact words were . . . LOL.

And it's a real great day to watch it with bitcoin up over 10%. A measly 10%, I might add. Cuz $STEEM is TO THE MOON up over 20%.

Screen Shot 2017-08-12 at 14.11.59.png

Enjoy the ride, kids.

(Signed, Stacy)

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Awesome shout out to 2 million subscribers on YouTube! More proof we will absolutely see a $10 Steem price within 7 months!

BAD JERRY! Steem has a HUGE issue that needs to be fixed first. "THE SIGN UP PROCESS!" I told all my YT subscribers to come here and I was flooded with emails complaining that they couldn't sign up or that the password given to them didn't work. So they left discouraged.

As someone who has been in marketing, first impressions are HUGE and you don't get a second chance at it. Steemit needs to fix this yesterday and they don't even seem to be worried about it.

Wouldnt it be marvelous if we had some small signal that mgmt at steemit actually gave a damn and/or knew what they were doing? Marketing, marketing, marketing. Step one - set some marketing goals. Step two - set a marketing budget to achieve the goals. Step three - execute. Step four -repeat

Add to the issues of some waiting weeks to get a email being accepted, a much better set of day 1 instructions to understand this platform (the learning curve is hard), the conflict on which set of instructions is right (upvote all day vs 10 a day for 100%), the length of time for full power votes to recharge, an easier way to locate folks. When you are talking about bringing over right at 50,000 subscribers from YT to steemit there needs to be a 1-2 steps move for a smoother transition.

  ·  2 years ago Reveal Comment

wow, that's amazing to me, i signed up pretty easily i mean it took them a couple days to allow me to create my account but i had no problems. I also came here on the recommendations of a youtuber and i haven't really made any money at it yet but i'm trying to post and comment as much as possible and i am just hoping that people like my posts and my page grows. Definitely think steemit is a great platform and my experience has been nothing but positive except for that fact that i've only made about 2$ so far lol

  ·  2 years ago (edited)

I have similar experience. I persuaded 4-5 friends to join , but when they did not get the Sign up even in 1 week , and I told them to go in chat and ask for help, they denied saying : if this is the beginning, then what is that going to happen moving forward ?

So I am also waiting for the login process to be fixed, so that I can bring more and more creative people here. I even raised a question (if you see my comments in my profile), but I was told, its working as expected.

  ·  2 years ago (edited)

@davebrewer Thats because there is no Steemit MNGMT and there is no steemit marketing team just like Bitcoin doesnt have a marketing team! WE ARE steemit marketing team! And @jerybanfield is the leader of steemit marketing group....steemit is decentralized! they dont HAVE a marketing director! and the small group of official steemit inc "employees" are just incorporated due to some US law, it's just symbolic, its up to all of us steemit users to advertise! no offense but I see many noob comments JUST like yours and u are coming off sounding like a spoiled millennial! You must REALIZE that WE are the maketing team!

BUT HEY about the need for marketing I AGREE we need more and I am doing my part and I know I have to do more! m right theer with you! but we cant expect a decntraized autonmous organization to be doing things a centralized company does, thats like asking why the BITCOIN management ! But look, when u do steemit ads and pay for them yourself and show steemit, steemit will end up paying back in form of upvotes! its a community driven organization!

Please rtead my blog pots if you want to see what Im talking about, see how I advertise steemit on Instagram and facebook and twiotter?? See how @jerrybanfield advertises steemit using his youtube ca,paign here? he uses the money from his upvotes to PAY for the Youtube ad campaign and then makes a post about the resuilts and repeats! its genius! a self funding youtube steemit ad money feedback loop!!!
Heres the Video of @jerrybanfield explaining steemit to his 192,000 subscribers

I got like $40 for this photo (among many others) of me holding a sign made by @monkimo while we visited comic con few weeks ago in san diego (where we live0 and we went JUST to promote steemit and walk around with our sign!

I will be making another one fo these signs for myself (it was @monkimo 's ) and I will be holding it at busy intersections to promote steemit handing out steemit brochures and $1 bills to people like a REVERSE homeless person hahaha

and i will go to the beach on a busy day and just stand thre promoting steemit to people i will even get a Table and have signs and brochures and show people how to signup on steemit etc, Ill also have a BITCOIN sign and Show people how to use Bitcoin as well to REALy get p[eoples atention!

Welcome, be productive, prosper

just flag him hes been a huge fomo. I'm also sure bitcoin will be 50k this year. :D and 500k in the next one, no fomo there.

Is there really a sign-up problem, or is it a problem with the people that were not able to sign up. I had no issues with signing up, my wife had no problems with signing up, and thousands of other people in the month of july had no problems signing up. So where is the sign up problem occurring? On this end, or the other end? I have a hard time understanding this so called issue. How can it be a problem when so many people have successfully followed the instructions and are now participating on steem-it?

That's quite a prediction Jerry. Based on what exactly?

I'd also like to know this. @jerrybanfield I've seen you and others mention this $10 Steem price before and I'm really curious to hear what the prediction is based on.


Or $100 or $1,000 LOL I think it's crazy how the price of Steem has stayed so stable!!! @JerryBanfield will you please check out the post I made today about how people can make the price of Steem go up?
I think that if the people who are trading BILLIONS of dollars worth of steem read my post I think the price will shoot up because more people will HOLD (: Please let me know what you think Jerry!


Crossing my fingers you are right @jerrybanfield

Very exciting to be on the cusp of all of this change @jerrybanfield

months??? try 7 WEEKS! But yeah man good job @jerrybanfield just imagine when people sell Oil for Bitcoin! The PetroBitcoin! What if they make a Crypto Currency JUST for trading Oil? Petro Coin

YES!! Welcome Stacy & Max!!

You guys should start covering all the new altcoins such as @smartcash in various segments! :D

Have thought about this. The problem is that many of the altcoins have very little liquidity so I don't want to unintentionally cause any price spikes and then get blamed for that spike and then subsequent fall. Lots of people out there don't actually like to take responsibility for their own actions making it difficult to actually talk about quite a number of topics like altcoins. With that, however, I plan on doing some trading and posting that portfolio here but will only be able to look at more liquid options where I won't possibly have impact on price. (Signed, Stacy)

Wonderful response!

great response Stacy keep on steeming

Great to have such responsible and considerate reporters on the platform!

  • Community Liaison, Steemit Inc.


I've followed you two for a while now. You've always been very informative and entertaining. =)
So I'm looking forward to your further coverage of crypto. The future is now.

Totally agree!

100% agree! Good thinking

I know some Keiser viewers roll their eyes a little with the bitcoin coverage, seeing as the programme has a wider remit, but yes it would be good to see a regular look at crypto, including their various merits and vulnerabilities too, like say with anonimity issues etc, as with the recent monero / zcash thing.

Oh and smartcash is a great idea. The idea is great and has alot of promise hope Max and Stacy will one day mention it.

Nice to see you posting over on Steemit, but the price points with the crypto are doing alright currently. If only it could be on the same rise as BTC has been over the past couple of weeks, then we'd be seriously rolling around ;) But it seems there's a few main issues which are causing the price to plummet (at least for now)

I remember early days of Max Keiser. He seemed nuts, now he is a well known crypto spokesperson. Time flies.

Great video.

Do you now about inforwars? and if they are planing on joing steemit?

I would love it if Infowars joined steemit. They are being vastly censored across mainstream social media platforms and demonetized as is every conservative/libertarian. If they joined steemit, I think they can easily make back all the money they are losing and more. And if they promote steemit on their broadcast, twitter, facebook, and instagram can rest in peace.

I bet we see tons of popular podcasts come over to steemit.

What do you guys think about Alex Jones?

  ·  2 years ago (edited)

I think he is controlled opposition. And an admitted Zionist supporter. The problem is the Zionist faction was involved with 9/11 and one of the intended goals was the Islamophobia, which Alex and especially Paul Joseph Watson are pushing. Watson really transformed in to a polarizing voice on the internet. So he's feeding the "divide and rule" method.

Also Alex promised Wolfgang Halbig to keep on top of the Sandy Hook case, and keep reporting on it.
He, or anybody else for that matter at Infowars, won't even answer his calls, or reply to an e-mail. Just total blackout. Just as Wolfgang is engaged in legal battles with authorities to acquire evidence that normally is publicly available to proof or disproof Sandy Hook. The obstruction he is met with while trying to obtain this normally readily available evidence is very telling. The whole Sandy Hoax is falling apart but Alex or Infowars won't touch it with a ten foot pole.

Now I suppose he has little choice, just following orders of the hand that feeds him or even threatens their network, maybe also their lives. But when they're the one screaming "we ARE the resistance" I expect (way) more from them.

But on the other hand, Alex was among the first out there on the internet reaching lots of people around 1995. And is reaching large crowds. And people get rudely awoken by Alex screaming but they expand their sources beyond Inforwars. So I think that although he might be controlled opposition, in the end they are still helping the cause. They have to choose: totally try to enforce a total black out on subjects they don't want out there or provide it themselves thereby retaining some control and opportunity to spin.
Also I remember Bill Cooper storm at Alex because he send people fleeing into the mountains at the Y2K newyears eve(99/00), the Russians supposedly had launched a first strike nuclear attack. And people tried to get some mountains between them an possible nuclear targets.

I think he is controlled opposition, but that doesn't mean it's all bad. On the contrary, to appeal to many people they have to deliver, so most of what they report is true. But as with Sandy Hook, Pizzagate or Israel he won't go there.

I can't really blame him for not going into those topics like Sandy Hook, Pizzagate or Israel. The mainstream media is very good at taking what he says out of context. He's attacked almost every day for out of context snippets.

I think you would have a much bigger impact if you'd ask why he doesn't tell us the US is already under martial law? Since 1871 the US is a corporation.

More specifically, it is an oil company with a military. To paraphrase George Carlin.

Hehe good one :)

But what I wrote is true, everyone should stop complaining and check it out. I have studied this for years. Latest I read is this:

@nutela very impressive link. Regular americans ignore all of this of their own country. Thank you.

Thank god someone else sees this. I still don't understand how so much of his earlier listeners can still listen to him, now that he has gone full retard. All the sudden it's ''the left'' and the ''dnc'' that are the problem. All the sudden there are no more false flags, only when it's some white guy. All the sudden he's all blue lives matter. And yeah apparently Islam is big power group, but zionism does not exist.
Just the other day he made a video about Nettanyahu being anti new world order :-D. And I'm not even saying that the zionists run it all, but they are a major power group, no doubt about that. He always used to say the reason he doen't talk about zionism, the vatican and freemasonry is because he dooesn't want to attack any groups. It seems he doesn't have that much of a problem with attacking islam, bringing forward the clash of civilisation agenda. It's truely scary when you read the comments on his videos now it's all ''nuke meka'' and stuff like that. Divide and conquer it is.

Are you talking about Alex Jones?


Well you have some good points I guess. Hard to tell who is real and who is controlled opposition or has hidden ties.

Honestly man, I love Alex Jones. Yes, the guy can be over the top on his radio show, but it makes his radio show fun to tune into. But I mainly like the guests he brings on. Steve Pieczenik, Roger Stone, etc... Although I would have to say Paul Joseph Watson, David Knight, and Owen Schroyer are my favourite infowars crew members.

I like him too but it is odd that he wouldn't know such a fact!

Not sure if you have HBO, or can get HBO mini-clips on Youtube. John Oliver skewered Alex Jones on his recent show

Well John Oliver did have some good stuff but he is still part of the fake media mainstream.

More of fan of

John Oliver makes the dude look like a genius

Pau Joseph Watson.

Wouldn't that be wonderful!!! I would love for them to join Steemit!!! They would be a huge success and really spark some good Steemit debates :) FFFUUUUUNNNNNN!!! Have a GREAT Sunday .. SUNSHINE247

If it was not for Alex Jones I would probably still believe in mainstream media bullshit! Thanks Alex keep up the good work. He is giving coverage on Charlottesville right now and proven it is a false flag!

First time watcher... This is great. You guys have a new fan!

Been watching Max and Stacy for years! They are great!

I am new to Steemit but posts like this are very helpful, keep up the great work @keiserreport.

100% Upvote, Resteem and Follow from #teemnomad!

Love Gerald! Don't worry about 2040. New Crisper Cas 9 technology along with stem cell technology just might keep you around forever! Haha😨
Also, Peak Oil had me freaked out 10 years ago. That idea died just like our fiat scam soon will.
Thanks @keiserreport 👊


I love the shoutout. Very cool. :)

Hey Luke! Thanks for that. :D

We are in uncharted waters in the 5th dimension right now..

thx for sharing

youtube censoring people is actually good for steemit, keep on coming

I go nuts for steemit as well

go nutst for Steemit :)

Why not a brief segment that explains what steem is and why it's great 😬😀

and this is how you enroll a whole bunch of new people!

Stacy mentioned STEEMIT and WHALE Oil...............She is so Beautiful !!

LOL, unintentional.

Still Love You and MAX, Thanks for Replying back Stacy...........Buy Silver !!

cool. welcome to steemit. came the info coming :)

  ·  2 years ago (edited)

Good one.
Is it possibly yourself, who are responsible for this recent price-spike?? :)

Boss. All I can say.

i love RT and am becoming addicted to the RT news... It is extensive and exclusive of bias news...I really love most keiserreport to watch and Redacted tonight and Larry King Now...You are the best

Thanks. Sweet comment. (Signed, Steeming Stacy)

  ·  2 years ago (edited)

I'm glad you guys confirmed that it was you indeed behind this account. I had some doubts, because of the many fraudsters on the platform. Big fan of Max and the lovely Stacey, since 2009, and RT of course, if it weren't for RT, I would never have discovered the Keiser Report 😀

@keiserreport does raise a VERY important point: if the USA and the West in general is not being progressive on cryptocurrency and blockchain innovation/regulation, Russia and China will be eating their lunch, and ruling the future of mankind. Do keep in mind that IT security becomes the MOST important defence and attack factor in this new paradigm of virtual currencies/assets. This new technology can either help us create a much much better world for ALL, or complete chaos and devastation through cyber wars, ultimately leading to nuclear annihilation. I hope we as the human species are actually smart enough to use the tools/technologies that we are gifted or have created to benefit humanity as a whole.

Steemit has got hold of the free market and might be worth $500 billion very soon. Decentralization is the future and the future is now. No more monopoly from social media giants like face. Am sure facebook is by now creating a reward monetary system( facebook dollar). All the same their technology is too obsolete. Steemit is too the moon.

Recommended video

Thanks to you guys, exactly 2 years ago I decided to take a look what this "bitcoin" thing was you were talking about all the time - was the ideal time :-)
(actually it was due to EU and US starting this war with Russia in the Ukraine, seeing my former prime minister on a stage in Kiev inciting the crowd to revolt against the democratically elected government) and then stumbling upon RT to learn about the view of the other side and being amazed by their refreshing approach to geopolitics :-) )

Welcome to Steemit!! Hope you enjoy your stay in the crypto sauna :D


BAD JERRY! Steem has a HUGE issue that needs to be fixed first. "THE SIGN UP PROCESS!" I told all my YT subscribers to come here and I was flooded with emails complaining that they couldn't sign up or that the password given to them didn't work. So they left discouraged.

As someone who has been in marketing, first impressions are HUGE and you don't get a second chance at it. Steemit needs to fix this yesterday and they don't even seem to be worried about it.

heartfelt welcome! rolling out the red carpet


read if ur holding ripple
i have very very bad news for ripple holders i have read the white paper and its not good news at all

xrp tokens will not be used to transfer value they are just ledgers that will be communicating in the network

they can use other tokens also and ignore xrp if they please.
get out while you can guys , oh also this is just xrp is just token its not a real cryptocurrency its not even a blockchain.

help out your fellow crypto investors and warn them of this finding.

Great post. Its great having people like you on steemit. Upvoted, mind checking my profile too and feel free to upvote and follow back..
Here are some posts that might be helpful for you -

the stars are beginning to align for the cryptoverse

The mastermind.

Squirrels and nuts?! Well, then. That settles it. You guys are clearly both cointelpro. ;-) /sarc


Your secret is safe with me. LOL

Great post

Thank you for taking the time to create this article. Always great to get insight and help for newcomers like myself!
I am your follower and I will be thankful if you give your precious Upvote to me.!!

amazing ty for share

You guys are nuts :D (Pun intended).

So glad to see you guys on Steemit. I have been an avid follower of yours for a few years now. You were a critical component in helping me figure out the massive corruption that basically runs the wordl. U/R/F! By they way, I want to see that rubber chicken again! That always cracks me up.

  ·  2 years ago (edited)

Oh first time to see ur page !
Loved it and thx for thr good news and for the video.

Crypto is on TV and ppl are knowing more and more.
Interesting !
Followed for sure

Awesome post! FOLLOW for follow?

Awesome post! FOLLOW for follow?

Gotta love that shout out! Squirrel nuts?

Members do you see any future for this cryptocurrency like thing?
Is it better for the economies around the world in the long run?

oh it was $1.51 at a moment :D

Join man, join.

It was "Nuts" that you mentioned when speaking about squirrels. Some squirrels have bigger nuts

Wooo! Huge asset for the Steemit community :)

You have proven you are Stacy & Max.

I'm NUTZ for the Keiser Report!!!

Max, good to see you on Steemit. I must say I'm sorry to hear that you will had to move your studios from London. I've been a long time listener of your show. Anyway, welcome!

Yahoo! Thanks for supporting Steem Stacy. Will Max join up? @maxkeiser looks nizzze

Thanks for sharing! Links for your post and video were included in the wiki page In the news. Thanks and good luck again!

awesome episode

Wow!!! Keep doing this, you are doing great!! $339 right now. Keep talking about Steemit on your reports. I am going to be following you forever.... Upvoted and Re-Steemit. Thank you!

Resteemed. Glad to have you guys here! I've been a fan since 2012.

Hahah! "They like to bury 'em" indeed!

You two are amazing.

Nice, I predict the rest of RT will be here shortly :-)


So do you give advice on how you can accomplish this on steemit

Great video

What about Snowden. 😂😂

At first I thought this is a joke. and it was a plagiarism account. But this is nuts I tell ya.. NUTS.

[insert squirrel burying nuts emoji]

This guy is great!

This is awesome! Thank you for bringing us REAL news!

thanks for share

How about filling me on on what is going on with Veri? I want to sell half of my Veri but I need them to rise up!!! Any input? Thank you Friend .. SUNSHINE247

excellent edition of KR - am on for the ride

A very interesting post and interested my friend's heart to see it greetings from me

So glad you recognized @theblindsquirl. He is quite the character around here and you gained a follower for both this and your content.

I was trying to see why the price was rocketing. Now I know, love you guys xxx

[Insert squirrel emoji here]

YAYA! love it! thanks for the update!


Oh Max, it feels good to watch Keiser report! ;)

Kisser report?


Hallo steemit patner, it looks like my post is worthless, the proof is no one memvote, please vote my post more

Hello! keiserreport .I'm mew in Steemit.I have followed & voted you.So, I wish if you also consider me like this.
....Thanks. from me(Akib).

Yaay very exciting! Welcome keiserreport

hello who is keisier....

I ask myself that every day.

Everyone loves M&S. I Hazelnut and one Walnut.

I had to pause this video to tell you how great it is, I'm so happy you brought your show over to this platform it gives people a way to tip you for your content!

Thanks for the comment. Now go back and finish watching. :D

I love you guys : ) Been following you forever.
Max- you always make me laugh : )

Enlightenment highly anticipated by steem users, thanks @keiserreport for the post, may be useful for all users of steemit in the world.

Steemit advanced and became number one in the World

I am Steemit novice from Indonesia. I am still confused how to set some text on the post. I hope there are people who can help and guide me. thanks.
# Greetings from the son of aceh @munamaqfirah