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I am not an expert in this, but I can see that some fellow artists are not even aware of the possibilities in the steem engine coins and that if they at least powered up the 1,000 creative coins that they probably have it would be a small extra source of income here on Steemit.

I haven't seen a place where it was explained in layman's terms so I decided to make an introduction I can link to if I find a great steem artists that was not aware.

Steem Engine

Steem-engine post.jpg

Steem Engine is a smart contracts side-chain platform for the Steem blockchain. (it says so right here in the FAQ which you might use for reference) - in plain words it means that custom coins can be made, and a lot of people have done exactly that.

Some coins work exactly like steem, some with other rules and setups. Below I will show the ones that are most interesting to artists and creatives in general.

If you add your profile name instead of mine you can find your own Steem engine wallets here:

Some of the coins have separate sites that look almost identical to but only shows posts that are tagged with a special tag. This kind of coins can be powered up just as steem and when you vote normally on a post with this tag it will recieve both a vote from your Steem power and a separate vote from the powered up coin. This way you will be able to support your fellow artists with many votes, just by voting either on steemit or on the website of the coin.

It might sound complicated, but all of it can be logged into using you normal Steem keys - mainly the posting key and the active key for trading.

Creative Coin

A Steem Engine Tribe for the Creative Arts!

Steem-engine crea.jpg

This coin is the largest and most active of the coins meant for the creative community. It has its own site, that only shows the posts that are tagged #creativecoin

My profile page:

There are not many restrictions as far as I have understood - pictorial art, music creative writing, fiction etc. As long as it is art and you have created it yourself.

There's a profile that rewards posts on a regular basis and burns some creative coins to keep the price nice and healthy



Steem-engine photo.jpg

The PHOTO token is another coin for creatives, as the name implies it is photography that is in focus. You have to use the tag: #photography

They also have a website where you can power up the coin and see all the photo posts.

and a profile for info or questions:



Steem-engine tune.jpg

Tunes is for music posts. You can use the #tunes #steemvision or #music tags to activate it.

This coin also have a website where you can power up the coins.

Info and steemit profile here:




Neoxian Silver is not made especially for art. I haven't been able to find a page explaining what it is for, but it is obviously made by @neoxian. If you add the tag #neoxian you will also get upvotes from people who own and have powered up the NEONAX coin.

Here's the website:

And there's also a profile, but without activity...


Deranged coin

Steem-engine deranged.jpg

This is not like the other coins above. I had one from @insaneworks and have bought some so I can give them to others. It works like other similar coins like the beer coin. For every five deranged coins you have you can give 1 coin a day by writing: !DERANGEDin a comment. It has a cool skull and I have decided to spread it among the black artists. I think the whole design fits people like @nyarlathotep, @mikkolyytinen, @donnadavisart, @achristopherart and all the rest of the black. It is a fun and good way to make yourself write some more comments.

There is no way to power it up so there's no website, but you can read about it on the profile:



Great explanation of the different tokens and I love your art to go along with them. I really like the !DERANGED art you have there. Keep up the awesome work!

Thanks! Deranged coins are my new hobby!

Thanks for the tip - it is very helpful! Heck, I didn't even know I could put 8 tags on, lol, just found out while typing them in.

To be honest I didn't either until a few days ago.

resteeming this to read later, you're amazing. Excited to see what it is all about @katharsisdrill

Just ask here in the comments if there are things I didn't explain well enough.

I am getting a Katamari style from your art which I love!

Had to look that one up :) you learn something every day.

It would be great to get all the artists using these so people can to one place and see lots of cool work. I know some have complained Steemit is too crypto-focused. The tribe tokens tend not to be worth a lot, but that may change. It will be interesting to see what effect SMTs have on all this.

Investors are not the most entertaining people, so social network can always do with some art, some babies, some jokes, some news, some science, some home builder projects and some kittens. I am not sure how the tribe thing will work. I enjoy to read all kinds of things, but these extra coins have made it possible to get some CCC on a post with no steem, so you can see that people appreciate it even though they are not steem rich.


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