Cutting Back on FB, Hopefully YouTube. Plus: Upcoming #VJLIVE! Show Announcement!

in steemit •  7 months ago

A short video regarding a recent decision I made to focus less on Facebook, and more on my own life! And of course, Steemit, as my preferred center for social media.

Plus an announcement about this week's VJ LIVE!, which will be held at a new time this week to accomodate our special guest, prolific podcaster, permaculturist, and Voluntaryist activist, @shaneradliff!

Upcoming VJ LIVE! Show Info.

Friday, November 10th @10:30 AM (Japan Standard Time) / Thursday, November 9th @7:30 PM (USA, Central Standard Time)
VJ LIVE! Episode 44: Interview with Prolific Voluntaryist Podcaster and Homesteader Shane Radliff

Be sure to join the LIVE CHAT via YouTube! See you then!



Graham Smith is a Voluntaryist activist, creator, and peaceful parent residing in Niigata City, Japan. Graham runs the "Voluntary Japan" online initiative with a presence here on Steem, as well as Facebook and Twitter. (Hit me up so I can stop talking about myself in the third person!)

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I actually never liked Facebook, if people wanna know about me, they can give me a call. I like my privacy and it all seems like a big waste of time, I got better things to do, for example read about crypto and learn about charts. Also these giant corporate douchebags making billions from my privacy, f em.


I will never forgive fb for at half the years I used it...

I know ones own decision is the best decision for his your decision will obiously bring colour to your life...there might be gud reason behind less focus on facebook.....wishing gudluck to your life.


Thanks, @bipida. I like that. Much appreciated.


Thanks a lot....your appreciating means alot

IMHO facebook is now on par with myspace....
whats left is the 'back end' of social media, not the front end.
Anyone who wants to lead the new 2018 social media platform is lining up on steem. But that is just my opinion.


whats left is the 'back end' of social media, not the front end.

Totally. It's the refuse, in a very real sense.


I am wondering if FB will make it to the end of 2018, before closing down (court cases & all)
I notice a couple of other media platforms in the last few days are struggling.

Twitter is interesting.... no real major comp just yet, but every user hates the censorship...

opportunity knocks if someone can figure out how to mass migrate a few 100 million all at once.
(the new app is not the problem IMHO, it's coordination of the migration)

i am also cutting back of facebook to build on steemit, this gives me more time to work on my articles , am glad you are doing this, my question is can one earn more on dtube as compared to you tube and can i post on both without cheetah and original works flagging my articles

Facebook is just constant stress and the their feed is a mess of videos and comments. It's always a good idea to have a clear goal so you can eclipse the stress by minimizing your life so it fits your purpose. And by doing all that you take power away from ''Fake''book and its allies !!

Wish you the best of luck ! :)

I could only stand Facebook for about a week before I started losing my goddamn mind.

By the way, 10:30 am Japan time is 8:30 pm central time, not 7:30.

Looking forward to the show tomorrow.



Wait a second. Isn’t Chicago 15 hours behind Japan?


14 hours. 15 hours behind would be mountain time.


My phone’s got it at -15 hrs. Google says same. Maybe missed a time change?


Oh yeah, it was 14 hours until the daylight savings crap this past weekend.

I forgot Japan doesn’t do that bullshit ;)

I wish you success with your life, and be sure that if you are going to focus on it, the rewards will also come.
I've also left facebook one month ago, because i find it kind of useless, the only thing that keep it up is that the majority of people are there, but more and more people are leaving every day.

That is indeed a cool decision you took and best of luck to that !

Outstanding video. Thank you for sharing!

I also welcome to your choice of selection... accepting steemit journey than other social networking sites... I don't know how I deeply attach with steemit..., before 3 months, even I was totally unfamiliar with steemit... But, it now become habitual to spend every seconds of my leisure time with you all friends of steemit family... Steemit is not a media of earning money only, it is the best source of inculcate knowelege and experience also... Thanks for sharing your choices ...Have good times ahead! And also good luck for the next popular VJlive show... Cheers!!!!

Nooo, not youtube! :)

Hello Kafka... you know, even I feel the same..Its becoming a worse social media platform where very few constructive things are posted..Account holders are using it for their publicity and satisfying their own selfish ends..
I agree to your decision of staying away from it and devoting more time on steemit..