Finishing A Lug Of A Book One Page At A Time

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Today when I checked @steemitboard I noticed that I’ve written 99 posts and therefore as I’m busy typing this out it will be my 100th post 😊. Crazy to think back and realize that I have managed to write so many.

This got me thinking about how tough this place can be. Especially in the beginning when no one knows you. How disheartening it can be to write post after post for basically nothing. It also got me thinking about what made me stick it out to reach this milestone.

Well firstly I really have a strong belief in this platform and the future it can give me and my family. I stuck it out because of this belief, but even this at times isn’t enough to keep me going every day. That’s when I remembered an old saying that I have heard many times. “How do you eat an elephant? One bite at a time.”

Please don’t go and eat them though. It’s an old saying that reminds us that when we are faced with a huge task or goal we need to break it down into smaller manageable pieces and take care of those one at a time.

Eventually you will accomplish what it is that you had set out to do. If we only focus on the massive task of eating an elephant we will feel overwhelmed and will likely give up before we even start. That’s how I approached my Steemit blog. I focused on achieving small things every day and I found great motivation in @steemitboard and watching the actions add up into something. I’ve also kept track of my balances and followers and felt proud as I watched these numbers increase slightly week after week.

There have also been many times when I just felt like I’m not in the mood to write anything and then I check my stats and realize that it’s only two more and then I get this or that badge. This has pushed me to just go and do it. It motivates me to just keep at it even if I’m not really feeling it at that particular moment in time.

I’ve used this strategy in many aspects of life too. It works for just about anything that you feel you want to achieve. Achieving a massive goal is an amazing feeling. It’s something that you should feel incredibly proud of. And I’m sure if you look back at all your actions on the road to achieving it you will also see that it was in all those little consistent efforts that got you there in the end.

I just feel that without celebrating those little milestones along the way that I would lose my focus. I would lose my focus and my motivation. In all honesty I would probably just abandon the whole thing entirely. I’ve often believed that it was my love of reading that got me to adopt this way of thinking. I mean, you pick up a massive book and it looks really daunting. The thought of finishing it is a bit scary and you wonder how on earth are you going to lug this thing around everywhere. Then you sit down and just start reading. One page after the other and one chapter after the next. Before you know it you have read the entire thing and you can’t remember how you managed to get through it all. You got through it by reading one page at a time consistently 😊

Thank you for reading and remember to keep smiling 😊
All photos were taken by me 😊, with my Samsung Galaxy S8.

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Whoop whoop! Congrats on our milestone! I am so glad you stuck it out and are making your mark on Steemit - one page at a time! Visiting from @steemitbloggers (resteeming in celebration)

Thank you very much @sweetpea. Appreciate the support :)

Congratulations on your 100th article @jusipasssetti always interesting reading, love the Eat and Elephant one mouthful at a time nice approach!

Visiting from #qurator have a wonderful new week ahead.

Thank you very much @joanstewart. Hope you have an awesome week ahead too.

Congrats on the 100 posts @jusipassetti

We have spoken before about taking everything a little bit at a time and it's great advice for all of us. It's great to set some lofty goals to achieve but if you don't set some interim targets you could lose focus and get a bit downhearted.

Great post (as always)


Thank you very much @cheese4ead. You're absolutely right, those small goals along the way is exactly what keeps you going :) Thank you for your support :)

You're welcome.

Great wisdom...but sadly...many of us feel we need to be "heard" "validated" each time we write something...the "competition" is intense...we all want our 15 minutes of fame each day...we want to know others think like us...relate to us...

I've learned to write my heart because it means something to helps me...I have also learned that with 7 billion people in the world...believe me...there are definitely people who relate fully to no matter what we try and enjoy each piece of feeling you leave on the block chain...a piece of you will live on forever...and just like children who didn't get the proof of their parents' love...we all need to realize...we are loved...we do matter...whether we get up voted or re steemed immediately or at all...we become more real.

As you small bite at a time.

That's exactly where I ended up too. From the heart and each time I write something I grow as a person. I've worked through tons of stuff through my writing and it's something that has become such a huge part of my life now. Thank you very much for your support.

If it were not for those little milestones we would never be able to move the mountains in life. Congrats with your 100th post and hope I can say this again when you have 1000! Blessings and upvoted! @jusipassetti

Well done on that milestone, glad you persevered @jusipassetti!

Thank you very much @lizelle. I'm really glad that I did too :)

Blogging your book is an amazing approach! You get to practice your art, fail in public, build an audience and at the same time the book literally sells itself... Congratulations! Don't stop...

Exactly @organduo. I don't have any intentions to stop. This place has become so much a part of me and my life. I would miss it way too much if I had to stop :)

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Thank you very much 😄

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