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RE: 8 Mistakes I See Beginners Make on Steemit

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All very good points. I'd add "fake comments." Nothing is so disappointing as working hard on a post and seeing there's a comment only to find, "I agree. You might like [insert commenter post here]."

I take the time to thoughtfully respond to real comments and often follow those commenters. But spam me and I want nothing to do with you. If I've worked for hours to post something and a commenter also wants my measly dime upvote, the least they can do is show me the courtesy of actually reading my post and demonstrating so in their comments 😉


Or "Nice post, dear friend [insert author name here]". :) I agree with you, either leave meaningful, genuine comment or move along.

I posted a question/request for input yesterday and immediately had two "very informative post, thanks for sharing" comments. I called them both out, was like "the only thing this post informed about was my desire for input, are you sure you read the the post?" One guy actually copped to it and apologized, and then left me actual useful input. Why he couldn't have just done that in first place I'll never understand...

True talk,when u want to comment make sure u take your time to study the write up to make your point of recommendation or against as the case may be,for people to learn one or two things from your comment.My point is what do you understand in other peoples write ups and u want to bring out your point of reasoning for others to see base on your understanding of the article or write up,just do it articulately for others to benefit from your sense of judgement.Thanks.

Jrhughes, your straight forwardness is inspirational! People should be fair enough on comments... but I think building relationships first is basic!!!

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