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Over the last few days, the social site, Steem and SMTs have been in the news quite a bit.

How much have they been in the news you might ask?

Just off the top of my head I think I have seen about 10 different sites picking up the SMT announcement that was made last week by CEO Ned Scott.

In fact, I took the liberty of compiling said links here:

That is at least 7 different news outlets/websites picking up the SMT announcement. Including econotimes, and the observer.

Feel free to read through them as they each seem to offer their own flair and their own take on the recent developments regarding Steem.

There were even a couple web sites/news outlets that mentioned Steemit just in passing, but it was mentioned in pretty positive terms never the less:

*Pay special attention to that last link, you know the one written by the huffingtonpost. The one about gaming and blockchain coming together... 

The gaming industry is projected to be a $109 Billion dollar industry in 2017 (that's Billion with a "B"), according to Newzoo's Global Games Market Report. I don't want to throw any projections or numbers out there, but imagine would that could mean for and Steem if it were to eventually capture just 5% of that market, or say 10%?

I am not sure if you have noticed, but some very big "gamers" are starting to show up on, and they are starting to bring their followers...

But shhhh... don't tell anyone. I'd like to get some more cheap steem first. ;)

In all, Steem and Steemit were mentioned in at least 10 different news articles or websites within the last week or so.

Is this much different than before?

Yes, by a wide margin.

For comparison sake, Steem and Steemit were mentioned about 3 times in the last 2 months prior to this SMT announcement.

In short, this means is getting a lot of press right now and most likely a lot of new eyeballs.

All this, and the team hasn't even really begun to launch an advertising campaign yet.

For anyone that might be nervous about Steem's future, all I would like to say to you are two words (well one word and then one statement).

The First is:

SMTs - "Move over Ethereum, Steem is about to monetize the whole internet."


Image what will happen when Steemit/Steem actually launches an advertising campaign, you know one that is well funded and well targeted...

Basically when you combine the above developments, I think there is a very good chance that we are about to see some major fireworks in terms of price over the next 6-12 months.

I am getting my popcorn ready, are you?

Stay informed my friends.

Image Sources:

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The good and impartial press can do a lot of great publicity without even realizing. But at the same time bad press can distract all potencial new Steemians. I think that in our country in general people are so skeptical about it. Everybody is so scared, that all this is a pyramid sistem and it's all fake. Too bad so little of them take time to dig a little deeper than the shalow news of general opinion and discover for themself where the Steem world is headed. I tryed to convince a few of my coworkers, who were excited and loved to listen to all my positive experience here. But at the same time they didn't jet took more time to discover for themself the wonderful world of Steem. I'm still hoping they will change their mind, because I know they can quite contribute to the whole comunity. Keep up the good work!

I had similar experience, some people I talked with about Steemit thought Steemit is 'scam, bullshit' or a 'ponzi scheme'. I explained to them and only one of about six persons actually took a deeper look on Steemit.

I know right. I managed to explain three of them all the little I know. I tried to find some plain and simple explanations here for them to read. One was to busy, one to skeptic about money etc. and the last one didn't found the will to look a little deeper. So for now I will leave them with all my advice for a while. If they discover all the greatness of this community I will gladly help them to rise slowly up like I did. But if not, I won't mind and I will try to make the most for me.

Good plan.

The same was said about BITCOIN!

To the victor go the spoils.

To me steemit seems a little more complicated than the usual social media and the idea that you can get something that seems like nothing to most people they find bewildering and I find interesting ☺👍

I think for the persons, who are used to earn money slowly and with hard work, it's very difficult to understand, that it's an "easier" way. I'm not saying that earning money here on Steemit is easy- quite the contrary. You also need to put in a lot of effort, time and quality posts/comments. But spending time in front of computer for them isn't hard work. So when I will persuade someone with that kind of thinking to join Steemit I can be really proud of myself.

Great post thanks for sharing. I think SMTs are a great chance for steemit to get really big!!!

Great info JC, thank you!

Upped & Reed

It's not only great press, but having links to Steemit from high-ranking sites will do a lot for our search engine ranking! Twice now, my girlfriend has done a Google search where a Steemit post showed up as the #1 overall result.

That is great! I was actually doing some research the other day for a post and I googled "big brother cryptocurrency" and a post I had written about 3 months ago (on the topic) showed up as the number 4 link on google search... I thought that was pretty cool. :)

@shenanigator, I can't agree with you more. Recently, some whales have taken some initiatives keeping in view the Google search rankings. This is going to drive massive traffic to Steemit in next couple of months. All this is good for our platform.

Another great post @jrcornel.

Keep writing, sharing, caring and rocking man!

Steem On!

All of this and we really haven't even advertised the site much...

please give me a one vote & comment

@jrcornel When is steemit planning to launch ad campaign?

I wish I knew. I would imagine once the sign-up process and site is ready to go and ready to handle millions of users, not sure when that might be though. I am hopeful it is within the next 6 months or so.

Thanks for anwsering my question.

I know only one way to stay informed, I follow @jcornel.

Haha now that deserves an upvote ;)

please one vote & comment

You are smart))

You look like Dan Larimer...?

That's amazing! I must admit I didn't notice the articles, but maybe that's because I read too much on Steemit. It can only be a good evolution. Who knows 1 Steem is 100 USD next year because of this...

Over 400,000 members on Steemit now, I hope they all see your great post also.

  ·  2 years ago (edited)

Absolutely true..I'm finding the platform and business model to be very intriguing. This seems like a very interesting move into the future.

If you want eyeballs and ads, vote for @jerrybanfield witness :-)

Before ads, I'd like to have eyeballs and interaction on my site. Because I can control what ads can be seen and based on a valid history of interaction, I would basically be able make my own cpm calls to advertisers.

Already did ;)

It's incredible press, as well as having connects to steemit from high-positioning destinations will do a considerable measure for our internet searcher positioning! Twice now, my better half has done a Google look where a Steemit post appeared

What need to see is how good the smart tokens can be generally added to other platforms. And then the history or userbase has to be able to accept it.


It's good to see that the press behind the #smt is good and can be added to all kinds of new media without a reprisal from users.

I had been considering buying bitshares while it's cheap.
Now I'm not so sure..
Perhaps I should just continue to increase my SP instead.
IF I were to buy anything else I'd have to sell Steem (that's where my discretionary income comes from)...

And we all know that is probably not a great idea at these prices... perhaps over $5 or $10 ;)

god bless u

Your discretionary income comes from Steemit? How much are you actually able to make here??

it would be indiscrete to say.

Bro please pvote me me.i upvoted you

That's quite a list... i was at a boring budget meeting this morning but in his general comments our CEO mentioned something about the growing influence of financial blockchain technology... i thought holy shit, this really is starting to go mainstream !

Thats great and will help steemit to grow more. But i think that a lot of things must be done to keep users active and not disappoint and have them to quit at the end. The voting power is insufficient, votes worth nothing for most new users, people come with the motivation to make some money and when see that does not work quit and become inactive... Steemit has to increase the rewards pool as first step to improve things. Without doing this there is no luck.

I've been looking out for media coverage too. It's going to go viral soon

great compilation of articles!!

I'm glad to be a STEEMIT member before this big boom goes on.

This really is good news! some great websites mentioning steemit there!

I try to mention steem as much as I can

I am seeing more and more of these posts! Surely they can’t all be wrong!!

I bought more today, would be good if the price stays flat for a couple more months and gives me time to double down before it takes off !!


Great post thanks for sharing.

Eye on MGO and GAME, that will be crypto stars for sure.
About STEEM..... MOON and back

  ·  2 years ago (edited)

You're more helpful than you realize, thank you for your hard work. Upvot deserved :)

Thanks for sharing;)

Which gamers, you've piqued my curiosity !!?

More are coming... ;)

Thank you for sharing this :D

That is really great news!!!!

Steemit new paper sent to my door! I cannot wait!!

I have followed the steem news for a couple of months and I agree that there is more main stream articles in the last week than months before. It is starting to gain some main stream traction. It's about time.

Came in via that Wired article. Sorry, not sorry about the neighborhood now. :)

Great write up,and very informative.

You have a lot of awesome posts, but this is by far one of your best ones man. I needed this one today! i followed you and I will encourage you to no endThanks.

Wow, that is great exposure! Thanks for researching all those links!

My guess is that the SMT infrastructure is gonna be rolled out under the beta banner and tested before launch. I also get the feeling that the launch date is likely to coincide with the end/beginning of a financial quarter. What we're seeing here is a very smart pre-launch strategy being played. What I do think is a safe bet is to keep an eye on YouTube and Terrestrial US broadcasters. When Steem announces the launch date - those two sectors will be the crucial targets, by virtue of the fact that the mainstream takes its cues from them.

What is important, I think, during the run-up and immediate aftermath of the launch is for users on the platform to show support and help guide the influx of new users on how best to interact on the platform.

A few dangers are posed by the scope of the launch, which only the community as it exists now is capable of mitigating. 1) A significant portion of new users will be trying to find a "hack" and where there's demand, folks will supply. 2) Larger, "established" content creators and corporations are going to come in and swing their phalli around which could cause all this to become just another corporate controlled game.

Investing in Steem is a good idea, but expect a bubble or two before it really stabilizes, as with bitcoin, and every emerging market, it has to weather a few storms before it can truly claim to be a place worth playing in. Pre-launch, Launch and Post-launch will be a bit of a rollercoaster, but we all need to ride it to the end if we hope to make it worth it.

This platform is the future and we are the ones to build it. With that in mind, I think it behooves (love that word) each one in turn to take some time to consider what future is actually worth building.

And that's my little rant on this piece of news.

Peace, Love and a Little Madness...

The slowly increasing exposure is encouraging. In the end, you and I both know how this works. There is going to be one big catalyst that sets the rocket ship off.

Could be SMTs, could be a marketing campaign, could be one big celebrity using it. No one really knows, just need to wait for the when.

Yes, exactly. Accumulate till then. :)

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I actually had never heard of Steemit until I saw this article in The Billfold: I have now, though! I guess all the press is working. :)

Yep! I noticed this too. And I reflect your enthusiasm! Good things are coming! HODL!

Thanks for the links. I'm still working on a counterpoint post to the SMT white paper, mainly just as a kind of red team analysis - not because I don't like the idea. I'm a fan - but most of the writeups of the idea on here have been fawning, and if it is to be successful, then we need to find the holes in the paper, like @dan said to do.

Yes great point. Link me the post when you're done.

Sounds good - will do.

Haha, okay, so I'm realizing that I said @dan when I meant @ned. Unfortunately I can't go back and edit that comment anymore since that window is now closed.

Finally got my critique posted. As promised:

This is fantastic! I had read the Wired article, but didn't know about all the others. Thanks for posting this. I'm off to do some reading.

There is a huge chance of growth of Steemit. It's Alexa ranking is 2.1k without advertising. Hopefully, It will be the next big thing on internet.

awesome and very knowledgeable post.

This is huge for the growth of Steemit! Steemit empowers the members of their community and I think it will lead to the moon! SMT's, advertising campaigns, and more will bring us to the moon. Let's try to get some celebrities on board.

I think that is being worked on as we speak ;)

Any publicity is a good publicity. Cheers friend

Thanks for sharing! Links to the news articles and your post were included in the wiki page In the news/2017. Thanks and good luck again!

I hadn't heard about Steemit until 2 weeks ago and than it took we only a few days of Internet research to sign up. Actually I friend mentioned Steemit first and than I noticed another friends was already actually for about a year and is doing quite well. Now after 1 day being active here I think for all people coming to Steemit now it wont be easy to catch as many followers as you for example and just to get some attention.
Of course bringing up quality content is the key, but you need people who will read that too.
So more people on Steemit might be most beneficial for everybody who has been around for a year or so but will just increase competition for everybody else.
However, I hope the word spreads and it will become as successful as we all want it to be and for everybody who is taking is serious here.

Love and Respect, I will follow you!!

@jrcornel - expect nothing less from you than insightful and detailed blog posts!! Really good.

Check out the most recent episode of Crypto Nights, would appreciate getting your thoughts.


Hello @jrcornel, I already follow you and take a guide line from your very valuable and impressive articles, UPVOTE your posts, i know at that time my upvote has no any worth but as your regard and your efforts I do that, keep it up,....

like your sharing

Great compendium and overview of recent news mentions. This is only the beginning.

Thank you and yes I agree! By the way, great vocabulary. I think I just learned a new word today, "compendium". :)

SMTs - "Move over Ethereum, Steem is about to monetize the whole internet."

While I'm heavily invested in Steem, I can't say I'd agree with such a heavy statement. Yeah, Steem & EOS may have superior performance - though when you consider the heavy hitters in the Ethereum Enterprise Alliance and amount that's being developed on Ethereum...

Don't get me wrong - I would LOVE Steem to explode beyond Ethereum for selfish reasons. Just not confident enough in any solid fundamentals that would justify a statement as sensationalistic as this. Super awesome that we're getting such publicity - though the outcome will most likely be dependent upon marketing/partnership strategies and adoption - and really not sure what's in the works in those regards.

Excellent compilation piece. 👌🏼