Steemit Creator Dan Larimer on How Steemit Is Changing Social Media Forever

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During an interview I conducted with @Dan Larimer, creator of Steemit, EOS and BitShares, Larimer goes into the revolutionary blockchain innovation that is Steemit.

Steemit as we tell our viewers often is a blockchain based cryptocurrency social media platform where users can post content and be upvoted by other users on their posts which makes them money in Steem and SBD. SBD (Steem Backed Dollars) is a risk mitigating token given to creators but has found a life of its own. It's supposed to be pegged around $1 USD, but has found its way up above $10 USD in recent days making creators a lot of money when they cash out.

As other platforms cut off people's revenue based on their views, Steemit is a real free market system based on individual demand. As Larimer also points out, it's the only cryptocurrency out there with password recovery options.

The potential for Steemit is incredible and life changing for so many in independent media. For so many writers and photographers. It's the future.

Being the first major social media on a blockchain, it's growing in leaps and bounds on a regular basis with many of its passionate users going out of their way to promote it on the streets, like WAM's frequent guest @StephenKendal.

Considering how many people have yet to find Steemit and the number of big names and personalities that have recently gotten accounts on the platform, there's no doubt that we're going to see a massive climb and a huge adoption phase down the road. It's just a matter of time. Nothing this innovative goes without recognition eventually.

We appreciate Dan's time and hope you also check out as the future of cryptocurrency couldn't be brighter.

See the clip here:

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love it. hope there will be more exciting development in steemit.

Every time I hear Dan talk or read his work I am first incredible impressed and then know if I invest in his project I am bound to make a lot of $$'s :D

Agree 100%! Steemit and Steem are great ideas. I knew that as soon as I heard about them; but it took me several months before I got around to participating actively on Steemit.

There is a deeper reason why I am impressed.

Steem is an ideal platform especially if you, like me, are now writing primarily about asynchronous programming, including coins and decentralized application, network effects, and object oriented programming and actor models. The stuff now usually published behind steep paywalls. It gets read only years later and progress is boring and slow. Too few incentives in principle. Until now.

The interface is reactive and clean. So the only thing missing right now is support for LaTeX. And that is mitigated by easy uploading of images. All the same a hassle, and convenience is the thing that sells technologies, and remember it was convenience that sold plain paper printing and flying.

Steem valuation will go through the roof gradually after there is added typesetting by LaTeX. Or something close enough. Tying scientific content to a monetized popular platform means you can have open access journals without the fees!

Observe that monetization and blockchain coupled to popular content gives free archiving for any other content on the same platform. Including archiving comments. Nobody will discard what is personally valuable. So it can capture much of the present academic market of institutional players by competing along the lines of lower transaction costs. Universities are bleeding money on subscriptions or subsidizing archiving fees of their individuals to have them publish without paywalls.

In other words: billions of dollars. That bump in valuation could be lasting, I suspect, because institutional players would create another market position for Steem. Institutional players are essentially huge whales that are not spending their own money ...

I watched an interview with him yesterday, and I'm like obsessed. His dedication, and intelligence. The way he goes about his work seemingly ego-less. He seems like he just buries his head in his work to get shit done! Like he came to the planet with a mission, and that's all he's focused on!

Thank you for your interview with Dan.
It gave me confidence

It gave my confidence too. I've got a couple shares of EOS so we shall see what happens.

Waiting for steemit to enter the top 10 in market cap. Definitely deserves it, very undervalued right now.


Let's claim it would @markjackson


Soon the STEEM will be in the Top 5 !!
We can Do IT !!

Back in MY day Steemit touched 3rd place! You whipper snappers have no appreciation for Steemit Lore... arrrr..

Wow really @blackmile.? I am staying on her ebecais to love everything about it

Yeah, I am looking forward to the time when we get back in the top 10!

I'd like to see it!

Let's pray for that @marc99

@joshsigurdson great article! Keen to hear what brought you initially to Steemit

@DollarVigilante initially brought me here in July/August 2016 and it's definitely proven itself since! :)

Steemit is one of the best place and its a pioneer who change the social media of power in to earning

Indeed @sherrya I have never been hooked like this in any digital platform

Perhaps the most experienced blockchain developer, hands-on in 3 working projects under his belt. And his interviews always nonchalant, down-to-earth personality without big ego or fast talks. When majority of people start losing interest in Facebook and come onboard Steemit, then the results will be astonishing.

Im waiting for people to ditch Facebook. Its only a matter of time. I give it a few years and we should start seeing results that are out of this world.

I think facebook is great but steemit is better @sreepyeldarb

Precisely and investing in Steemit would be greater reward than Facebook stocks. Just imagine the potential.

Hi joshsigurdson,
Thanks for the great content

The crash that happened yesterday is the biggest lesson that we learnt the hard way.
Theres No point in investing in currencies that we know nothing of or don't trust.
It's our best interest to invest in something that we Believe in.
Steemit is Belief

True @baclpackingmonk. I am a firm believer of steemit even of I have not cashed in yet

I don't feel like Steemit is changing social media.
Imo, steemit is the blockchained version of Reddit (Oh, just noticed the name resemblance).
But don't worry, a blockchained Facebook, Twitter, Instagram etc are on the way. We already have D Tube, D Sound...

I see your point but you are clearly lacking in historical viewpoint...

STEEM started ALL THAT and STEEMIT is responsible as the parent entity. So you are mostly lacking in actual historical view but your views are honest and only lack regard for truth.

I feel it is different than other social media in that I own my keys and not the steemit platform/UI. On those other places you mentioned those are 3rd parties that could disappear with my content any day and they also sell advertising and some engage in questionable privacy practices. Well those are some differences I noticed.

Nice video. I think EOS could be huge soon. I gotta get into it. And BitShares is a brilliant thing. It will constantly go up in my opinion

I agree! And BitShares doesn't get the attention it deserves in my opinion.

Yup. I feel that way too. The tides will turn though. BitShares will gain popularity its just a matter of time

CANUSA PATRIOTS watches most of your content on Youtube and followed you here. You're one of the only Canadian Patriots to break through the programming in CA. You're content is intelligently done and professional. Gave you a few upvotes. Rep is still kind of low at this point but if you could reciprocate that would be awesome. Also, we are trying to grow the @Inforwars group. It seems like you'd fit in there pretty well. CANUSA PATRIOTS has a historical knowledge base of the Iraq and Afghan Wars and commits daily time towards research, primarily in US politics, world news and the patriot movement.


OH man @joshsigurdson I be waiting all week for this post! Going to go watch the video now and come back and add some more thoughts. Thanks for doing this for the community.

My pleasure! Thanks! :)

That was short and sweet... I think the brilliant move in creating steem Dan nailed it when he decided to pay the content creators instead of mining with the inflation the coin kicks out. Proof of Brain is smarter than proof of work... and it leaves in the wake a beautiful trail of Content that adds more value to the blockchain instead of putting money in the electricity providers pockets.
@joshsigurdson you know the lower price reflected on the rewards is funny. I looked at STEEM as if it is worth $1,000 a coin and try to treat it with that kind of respect. I would love to see a $14 steem token this next year... I think that is a good starting point.... the value of adding SMT's on top of this pie is like adding new layers to a cake each slice gets Bigger :)

Wonderful comment @allowisticartist. Great I am more motivated to do steemit

We are human ASICs. That's what I've been telling after my first few days on steemit. Our "mining" process is intrinsically valuable. We are creating a token using content that already has a value on their own.

Great Post... I find it hard to get started with crypto currency here in Jamaica can so one please help me out..






Bitcoin cash


I went on a vacation to your country two months ago and fell in love with it! I hope Steemit will help many Jamaicans to make a little more money because your prices are so high compared to your incomes. Keep on posting mate!

I tried to steem chat u and it didn't work...

Ok I will

Steemit is a condenser...Steem is where the magic is.


wow awesome valuable post it is for all steemit member.. Yeah I totally agree with this topics. Steemit will change the whole of social media soon. It's the great place to publish yourself. Even all of the social media is not trust-worthy accept Steemit. And from Steemit every user can earn money with his own post by upvote.It's really great idea. Nowadays most of social media is doing business by the user. But user doesn't have any chance to earn anything from those social sites by post or comments.But only Steemit has given us chance to earn money from their own post or comments and from steemit we can get real news. Because Steemit they always marked of fake news. So none of this can't post any fake news on Steemit. It's very important and everybody can trust on Steemit... Hope in future, most of the people in this world will come to our site( Steemit) to join with us..

I Like steemit so far! I just created my account and its awesome!

Congrats to you. Time to join the old guard, this is the place to be bro.

Great interview.....Thanks for sharing @joshsigurdson

Since I was introduced to steemit apart from the money it gives, it has also be my source of information and research to how the cryptocurrencies are trending, I want to know more about the steemit that is why I follow @joshsigurdson. Thanks for your good work.

Shared on twitter. Stephen

So I recently read some posts about how Steemit is a ponzi-scheme. It made me feel a little bit anxious about investing more in to the platform. So can someone debunk those claims for me in a simple way to understand?

I will watch this later, i cant watch an interview like that without a beer or some coffee!

Great interview Josh, I'm still a little new on Steemit and appreciate you bringing this information to us. If SBD continues to rise in value, will that benefit steemit content creators or are there other implications? Trying to wrap my head around this. Anyway, I followed you and looking forward to more of your posts. Thanks!

Really nice content :) !!!!

Resteem / Upvote / Comment / Follow - Great post!

Yes! My thoughts exactly! It's just a matter of time before massive adoption of this amazing technology takes over! Blockchain based social platforms like steemit are the future! Thank for the post!

Dan has been to the future and he says bring plenty of STEEM ! ... and strangely enough also recommends large quantities of wool socks and cocktail sauce, no idea why.

great post bro and you are so right, steemit is already changing life's all around the world, i started 5 months and i wish i heard about it earlier after seeing the price increase

Very informative interview and thanks @joshsigurdson for doing it. The most actual questions about Steemit are answered there. I am happy to see the growth of Steem and SBD which added more value for the content creators and it is also motivating all of us to make more quality posts that require our attention, knowledge and experience.

Really steemit is now helping many authors and curator for monetizing and advertising their stuff with community and it is growing and will keep grow.We are proud to be member of it.

Wow, an exclusive interview with Steemit's creator - this is superb indeed, well done @joshsigurdson

I guess steemit is the new reddit! Although I'm not very much impressed with the content curation, but hopefully with time it will get better and better!


Thanks @joshsigurdson. I really appreciate the effort you put into the writeup,the blockchain salutes you. Just recently found out about steemit, this December to be precise and I am disappointed I am just finding out about it now. Anyway the steemit platform has a lot of untapped potentials ,namely the ability to arrest the unemployment rate in most parts of the world,educating, entertaining while at the same making time spent on the platform very profitable for the users thanks @dan Larimer. Steemit is truly a gift that keeps on giving.

Awesome interview! It is crazy how far steemit has come, and steem will continue to rise :)

Yea steemit is the only platform that allows users to get paid by sharing their work, informative contents and much more. I wish 2018 will be a good year for all the steemians around the globe. Very informative post related to the bright future of steemit as well as stemians.

Cryptos need to win the trust of the public to trully explode in popularity. That requires a steadier value (the recent BTC drop scared a lot of people), smaller fees during transactions (Blocktrades is currently against transactions for less than 500 dollars), and a simpler procedure to turn into euro or US dollars (it currently needs over 20 steps).

Yup. I feel that way too. The tides will turn though. BitShares will gain popularity its just a matter of time

this coin future seems promising, EOS is a must invest coin for me even if its just a coin

Wow. Interesting i understand About Steem Backed Dollars (SBD). @joshsigurdon . thank and Merry christmas. Upvote done.

Awesome and such a wonderful invention !!
The future is really bright !!


My 3rd day on STEEM. Looking to buy some STEEM Power, any suggestions on the amount ?? first purchase ?

@joshigurdson I'm already addicted to steemit! I don't have time for facebook anymore. Facebook REALLY need to pay me if I am to keep using their website. I only use the messenger app anymore. I believe this is unavoidable if you start using steemit. Sooner or later all mainstream social media will be history.

steemit is blessing to us ...thankyou @dan

I watched the full interview last night. Very inspiring. Looking forward to more decentralized applications on EOS where the users actually benefit!

Yes, it was an amazing video. I even posted about it to reassure folk about the SBD floor. There has been much confusion about that and many seemed to think that it was pegged to remain at $1 and that the fluctuations were not normal. Spreading the word about the knowledge is key, so that other users can make the most of their time on Steemit and can understand that these fluctuations are nothing to be worried about. This is but the beginning of something even greater and better for Steemit, and I'm so happy to be a part of it.

This whole spectrum of new currencies is quite fascinating. Will they be allowed to stand?. Do governments and central banks have a choice? This is still in its infancy but will be very interesting to watch and it would be prudent to have at least some funds in the game. Thank you for your posting!

This makes me love steemit even more! :))

Much appreciated. What I like about steemit is the concept of sharing profits unlike other greedy social media like Facebook and Twitter. Keep it up and please any creative idea or tips to improve our steemit experience do share it with us. Best regards @joshsigurdson

Thanks for​ ​your valuable info...

@joshsigurdson, Steemit is blessed to have people like you in it to guide people like me. Thank you for the video.

I really hope steemit, dTube, dLive and the others kick YouTubes, Facebooks and Instagrams butts next year, that would be beyond my wildest dreams! Great interview by the way!

"YouTube censors and demonetizes," and "SBD is an independent alt-coin in it's own right." <-- Two important facts from the interview (among many). Dan Larimer is one brilliant guy, and a true visionary! Dan is, truly, The man. ;-)

Thanks for your post.

I keep telling my friends about the value of blockchain technology. I just hope they get it one day!

I am happy to be part of this community. Your interview is very informative. This is my first time seeing dan speaking TBH

Very interesting post, thank you! I do research in the area of blockchain-enabled creative work and new digital business models. Would be amazing to interview you @joshsigurdson and @dan to learn from your experiences :)

I wasnt around then but it seems that Steemit is still a sore subject with @dan.

Either way, he verified that the future of this blockchain is bright and we will see things happening in the future which make it explode.

That is great news.

I can't agree more...Bye bye reddit, instagram, facebook... all people will be connected with steemit.

good menn I like this

Thanks for bringing this interview, it has educated many steemians more on the activities of steemit. Nice job. I follow and upvote you.

I think you have done well for your self hope I get there to and soon

your post is very good, how can you get an idea like this?

Thanks so much for this post. I am a big Steem and Bitshares fan. Just wish we in the USA could participate in EOS now.

Steemit will win it! I love steemit! I strongly believe that it is just a matter of time! I'm telling everyone I know on the planet about steemit and its great potential! Steemit is a very kind and helpful community! I'm very blessed and honored to be a part of! :)

Thanks for that video @joshsigurdson. Steemit really is a wonderfull platform. One day I will have to make it to Anarchapulco, been hearing about it from Jack Spirko and Vin Armani.

Again, thanks for what you do... Following now

So I am very new to Steemit, just signed up. Does Steemit have video? I see there is a video attached here.

Money bitcoin money money money. :) Everything is money. Life is money..

Great post Josh! *thank you *😊

Steemit is btw a pioneer in crypto-based social medias ...
it will definitely wins the market...
wait and see it getting to at least 50$ per Steem

I think that steemit is the future of similar websites. In my opinion, however, it has greater potential for development. But I wonder how does it work to generate money? Amazing....

Wow ! Great work !! it will lead all other social media soon !!

Great ideas from Dan, the man, Larimer. Thank you for sharing this @joshsigurdson! You done good ---- again! Love you content. Upvoted @ 100% Keep up the good work!

Thank you for this post! I am here just two and a half weeks. I love steemit!! It´s the future.

Must and will watch this soon, thx!

Nice to see dan talk about steem and steemit... :)

Thank for that interesting interview with Dan. I have much trust in that. Thak you again.

Thanks! <3

What a great post, thank you so much for sharing. Here is a post i wrote about the future of virtual reality technology and how it can serve us as a community :)

Excellent video

I will watch the video later, but upvoting anyways because your content is always awesome!

I agree completely, I think this social network is going to give a lot to talk about in a very short time because the concept is very innovative and attractive for people interested in generating content.

I agree, steemit has huge potential and I see great things in its future. Thank you for the info.

Good post. I didn't know he founded EOS as well. Sounds like a busy man, but a wicket creative and technical genius to find a path for 3 top blockchain projects.

It's true - soon there will be waves of people joining the platform. Brace yourselves!

creators & artists can get paid and it's now transparent.
no more of relying on that murky crm, cpm, rpm, etc admoney.
so i love it. it'll be interesting to see how moguls like fb or google are gonna react to this when it gets bigger.

@joshsigurdon you really put to words why I am addicted to steemit

how to steem

good and nice

now a days steem and cryptocurrency is getting popular in online. a very helpful post thank you for posting this kind of post. merry chrismas.

Nice post keep it up
Hello steem mates, we're new to this plat form and we find it good to shear ideas with each others.

May be only few people's may have heard about DHL, so Pls to know more bout us kindly check out for us thank you.

I can't seem to get my mind wrapped around the cryptocurrency stuff, if just doesn't sink in for some reason. I do find it interesting to read some of the comments and I try to use some of the tips when I can understand them. :D
I really enjoy my foray into blogging that began the day I joined steemit. Thanks for making this wonderful platform. :D Merry Christmas to you.
God bless, have an awesome day! :D

Steemit is a really good platform I must say to share our personal thoughts to share our views it really emerging as a new way in cryptocurrency world

who would have thought about this????

@dan said something really profound actually. The trail of the content Steemians leave on Steemit is the real "Proof of Work". In his own words "The content that Steem produces is lasting value, while Proof of Work is not." Around 5:00 in the video. Mining merely dissipates energy in the ether.

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