That was short and sweet... I think the brilliant move in creating steem Dan nailed it when he decided to pay the content creators instead of mining with the inflation the coin kicks out. Proof of Brain is smarter than proof of work... and it leaves in the wake a beautiful trail of Content that adds more value to the blockchain instead of putting money in the electricity providers pockets.
@joshsigurdson you know the lower price reflected on the rewards is funny. I looked at STEEM as if it is worth $1,000 a coin and try to treat it with that kind of respect. I would love to see a $14 steem token this next year... I think that is a good starting point.... the value of adding SMT's on top of this pie is like adding new layers to a cake each slice gets Bigger :)

Wonderful comment @allowisticartist. Great I am more motivated to do steemit

We are human ASICs. That's what I've been telling after my first few days on steemit. Our "mining" process is intrinsically valuable. We are creating a token using content that already has a value on their own.