How To Be A Steemit SUPERSTAR! (with @TerryBrock)

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In this video, I talk with @TerryBrock, a marketing coach, journalist and public speaker about the opportunities Steemit provides and how one can master those opportunities and become successful on the platform.

Steemit is the Facebook alternative on the Steem blockchain. A site where individuals can post what they would on Facebook, Twitter or Reddit anyways, but potentially make a decent amount of money if they provide good insight and follow a few steps.

People make money off of the upvote of their posts or comments.

Of course there is also DTube (the YouTube alternative), DLive (for live streaming), DMania (for memes) and so many other fundamentally necessary platforms built on top of the Steem blockchain.

Terry Brock digs into how individuals can make the best of their time on Steemit, catch people's eyes and be successful.

Of course thumbnails are important. Topical tags seen trending on the home page are also important. A great product is important. So instead of writing "I had a sandwich today", write "I had a sandwich today, this is what was on it, this is how it was made, this is where I got it, this is my review" etc.

Steemit provides reputation scores so unlike dealing with trolls on Facebook, people are actually kind to each other in the way they would be in person on Steemit as they actually have incentive to be a decent person which is one of the many great things about Steemit. One of the things that makes Steemit an amazing community.

Let's replace the mainstream media and bring this diverse product to the market for all to enjoy! We need to promote this platform as we're on the ground floor of a historic, decentralized movement.

See the FULL interview here:

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At work right now! Will definitely watch this over a few drinks tonight!


Just watched it. I’m about to follow Terry right now!


Thank you, @shaungerow! I appreciate it.


My pleasure! Always great to get tips on how to improve your base on Steemit! It inspires me to post on here, more!


My pleasure! Happy to help! Anything that breaks the monopoly of the mainstream media is a good thing!

Wow. This is eye opening. Thanks for the step by step analysis.

You guys did a wonderful job


Thank you! :)


It's a pleasure, keep the good work going boss


Thank you! Glad you liked it.

Oh, this is a GREAT interview to send people when they ask me what steemit is about. I will try to put this advice to use myself! Thanks to both of


Thank you! :) It's our pleasure!


Thank you for saying that @fishyculture. Glad you liked it and cna share it with others.

Good post! I agree, being more descriptive is a great way to engage the audience and grow your profile over time! Thanks for the post!

Encouraged that steemit is a great community. Sometime it appears otherwise. One need to identify what makes steemit tick. Thanks

Yes, there is definitely a strategy to Steemit. What's funny is that it's a very similar strategy to grow your Steemit following as it is for YouTube, and then again, my channel is growing at snail's pace. Whereas on Steemit, not even a year, almost 1K followers, a nice pace that isn't too quick, not too slow, just right for me. Although, I have a theory that YouTube doesn't like niche content. But I will not fall into the trap of talking about gossip and stuff like that. Those who find my channel, stay.

I can definitely attest that the strategy for growing a Steemit following works. Some days I post a lot and make a lot, other times I make more by posting less often. I'm still trying to find the best times to post, but commenting and sharing with others on each other's posts is very important to meeting new people and making new Steemit friends :)


Yep strategy ( content quality, consistency, and giving out ) is a key 🔑


I love the little key you added ;)


You are right, @binkyprod. It is all about strategy and finding ways to help others. Thank you for your comment.


Well thanks for the tips. It's good to hear these friendly reminders that allow us to check ourselves, if we're keeping up with our goals in a strategic manner and to know that we're doing what we need to even if it does take some time sometimes.


Only the things that sell, work on youtube. Youtube is owned by google and google is a search engine. If you make content that is searched by people then you can easily get successful on youtube.

It took me two years to achieve the same amount of success on youtube , i achieved here on steemit in 2 months. Yes, in that matter steemit is fast.


Yeah, I hear you. I do what is in alignment with me, not what people are necessarily searching for. I know however that there are other people who make videos about theories and analysis about for example Dragon Age and who have lots of subscribers. So there must be a way for me to find those people and bring them to my channel too, those viewers.

when I can be like @joshsigurdson yes, it's really amazing.

Welcome to Steem @joshsigurdson.

Do read A thumb rule for steemit minnows - 50:100:200:25 for starter tips.

Spend time reading Steem Blue Paper to know how Steem blockchian works and if you still have any queries ask them on our Ask me anything about Steemit post and we will try to answer that.

All the Best!!!

Thanks for the analysis and reading the situation and telling us what to do and how to do,this is going to help bew steemians like me alot and others true.this is going to be a huge help for all.thanks for sharing.if Facebook had rewarded us like steemit does,by the time i have wasted there i would be a millionaire haha.thanks for sharing.

Good job, follow me @madi95 thanks

Nice Video and very encouraging to minnows as myself.

I do like what Terry Brock has said about providing engaging material. I know that everything that I post does not get noticed. It may have nothing to do with the quality of the material, just that somehow it slipped by.

But not every post that have publish has "slipped by", I have had a little attention and some very nice and encouraging comments. So for these days, when I do get the eyes on my material I want to be sure it is something that is top notch and not just something I just threw out there because I convinced myself it doesn't matter.

Osum post ,bro.Learn many things.

Josh great video
This really helps a newbie like myself understand how importance Steemit Platform works

Well written article on steem.. thank you

Hi joshsigurdson
Welcome to steemit. Thanks for sharing steemit your formula information.
Have fantastic day.

Wow sir very nice post..3D4716D5-7C7E-43F7-AE9D-712FC90ED84A.jpeg

Very good advice, easy and logical,
And be purposeful and try every day.


Yes, @foxkoit. It is about doing it every day. Thank you for your comment.


You are welcome . And I like your videos too, they are very good.

Ive watched Terry Brock on youtube before, he defintely has that "tv voice" lol, I like his stuff, this is a great video and I agree that its difficult to talk to people about Steemit who are not into crypto already. I typically get a glazed over look when I try to explain how Steemit works. Hopefully as the interest in crypto grows, people will naturally be attracted to steemit.
I honestly don't know what my focus is yet, I am just trying to learn how to write content so far since I have never done it before...just trying to learn as I go for now :)


Thank you, @emmyem84. You are most kind. I got that "tv voice" by paying a lot of money for it! :-) (just kidding!). Actually I started in radio when I was a junior in high school. Undergrad degree was in radio, TV and media.

Get that focus. It is most important that the world knows you for a speciality in something. Hey, if I can help, give me a shout. You can reach me on that Internet thingy! :-) All the very best to you!


Well its worth every penny! Thanks for your offer, I might take you up on it someday! Steem on! :)

Informative vedio...resteemit done..

Love @terrybrock's ENERGY and passion!

Great interview @joshsigurdson.


WOW! Thank you, @mckeever. Glad you liked it and wish you the very best for the future. Stay in touch, please!

a very useful video that clarifies the business opportunity between the fesbook and steemit. and now I understand now that I leave my fesbook now preoccupied with the dollar in steemit. steemit is indeed extraordinary.

terrific & accomplishment!

try to follow yours advice,sir joshsigurdson...
i hope i may develop of my skills from these tips...
thank you so much..
@upvoted @resteem

Beautifully present everything well presented in a beautiful way. Thank you for sharing your best.

Great video but I have to ask, I feel overwhelmed. Will i understand this? ah, yes; we've never met. College education, just new to all this technology. Do you have to upload a video to YouTube prior to putting it on Steem? again, thank you. I look forward to learning this platform.


I know what you mean @prettynicevideo It can seem overwhelming. The good news is that there is a lot of help and assistance on Steemit. Make it a point to "Go to Steemit School" regularly learning. I do that on a regular basis and it helps. Thank you for stopping by.


Thanks. I really appreciate the advice. I think Ill do some more content consuming, take your advice and watch the schooling videos. I hope i can get it figured out. That be one hell of a success story :)

@joshsigurdson I love STEEMIT and yes there is a way to become a Superstar and you must be consistent and interact with others.


Yep! You hit the nail on the head, @stokjockey.

good video and insight @joshsigurdson interview with @terrybrock, lots of good ideas specially the three "C"'s mentioned by terry. the content,consistency,and community.

Doing one post a day is very difficult to do. But i am willing to do it. It takes time i know but i would like to try for sure.

I have already set a two years target for myself. Lets see where i will reach in these 2 years. I hope i can make it big and earn a lot of steem soon.