Tone Vays Debates Ned Scott And Dan Larimer About Steemit

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Tone Vays Debates Ned Scott And Dan Larimer About Steemit

@ned & @dantheman debated Tone Vays about Steemit

Here is the other part published earlier by Whalepool on their YouTube channel:


I stopped listening at

"If you haven't done that re-search, that explains a lot."

After talking about content being on the blockchain.

Shows again, like last time Tone Vays has no idea what he is talking about.

Funny he forgot to mention how he stopped working for NewBraveCoin.

Still listening. This is a debate I was waiting a long time to hear. :)

I'll have to give it a 2nd try tomorrow, too late now for my time-zone and Tone

Tone Vays thinks Steem isn't powered by a blockchain according to his definition?

Oh, I think I get it. For Tone, "blockchain" isn't simply a compound word meaning a cryptographically-secured chain of blocks of data; it is actually an acronym:

Bitcoin Ledger, Other Coins Keep Calling Histories Alternative Incommensurable Names

See with that definition, he can argue any coin that isn't bitcoin technically isn't using a "BLOCKCHAIN" but is instead just using something like an Excel spreadsheet. 😉

I like his pinned tweet, Steem was not the only scam in town, Zcash topped Steem.
Notice how he tags Chris from Bitcoin Uncensored. The guy takes time to draw.

Bitcoin Ledger, Other Coins Keep Calling Histories Alternative Incommensurable Names

lol did you come up with that when writing the reply? :P

This is all rather ironic, and here is why:

On the 10th of November, Tony was in Moscow, on the bitcoin & blockchain conference (to straighten things out - Tony speaks Russian rather well). On that conference we presented Golos on 3 occasions and hence touched the subject of Steem and Bitshares. Moreover, after the conference, there was an afterparty (organised by myself), at which he was present. The afterparty was all about Golos. Tony sat right next table to the stage, when i was taking questions from the audience.

Strange, but he didnt ask even 1 single question...

Which drives me to think, that, it all sounds like a bunch of fud. Sorry Tony, but it just does...

Tone speaks Russian rather well because he was born in Russia. Not a secret, he's the one who told me. :-)

I wasnt aware of that )

I was absolutely flabbergasted at how that conversation went. I didn't listen to the post, but if it included the entire conversation then it probably captured the following:

  1. complete disregard for factual history regarding launch
  2. complete inability to accept a factual correction (repeating lies)
  3. completely unrealistic expectations for us to "keep it off the market"
  4. apparently I was part of some other scam prior to bitshares? More evidence of complete disregard for verifiable facts.

All of that was before even beginning to debate the definition of blockchain. Apparently we cannot even compare bitcoin's early days to Steem's early days. New, experimental, systems are supposed to just pop up and start their life fully decentralized rather than grow into it.

There are legitimate arguments you can make against Steem and then there are illegitimate ones. He wasn't actually able to get to a single legitimate argument because he was so blinded by ideology.

What is worse, he is unable to accept or discuss any legitimate criticism of Bitcoin. The only way we will ever grow is if we can acknowledge our faults and ruthlessly seek to improve upon them.

I'm agree, you eated him because he didn't know what was talking about -even many of us don't know-. It was a great interview for you because some points of your vision were clarified but there were a few valid question, example, about the storage. What will happen with the domain name in the future ( dont belong to the blockchain). Why is pegged to USD -the SBD- and what is going to happen when it collapse. How you are going to decentralize all your stake. How many witness are needed to be a healthy ecosystem. Also the Tone's question about the SEC (or FBI or any goverment institution) is important, places like megaupload were closed easily. But the main question for me -as I'm writer and have my essays here is what is going to happen if like, hotmail, you decide to shut down the blog system because is expensive to maintain. I'm not cryptotrader, not developer, just a mortal looking for profits and freedom.

I'm a member and mod from Whalepool, and I can be heard on that audio a few times. I think you guys did great. We especially like Nate.

Hope to see you guys again.

Your side of the debate was eloquent, this response is eloquent, I can't be eloquent-the guy is a total ass. I'm trying to picture what he was doing while the rest of you were speaking and the image I have is of him examining his manicured nails while half listening just to seize the moment he could jump in and spout pseudo-intellectual bullshit. But I think overall this helps you far more than it hurts, any listener with half a brain won't get trapped in the box he's made for himself. And likely will only listen to him again if the guests are someone they're interested in...unless of course they enjoy being supremely irritated.

Finally listened to it this afternoon and was really impressed with Dan and Ned.

Tone just comes across as a complete moron in my opinion:

"I said I was going to prove everything in the whitepaper wrong but when I read it I realised it was not that easy." - Err how does that prove a scam - sounds like the reverse to me.

"You can't compare anything else to Bitcoin."

Why the F*** not - perhaps because it is your God and doing so is blasphemy?

"Dan and Ned should have made sure that Steem was worthless and not on any exchanges for 18 months."

  • Someone doesn't seem to understand that Dan and Ned don't control the exchanges or how people speculate.

I could list so much more idiocy from the Bitcoin worshippers on that show but life is too short for me to waste on people who are too stupid to understand the hypocrisy of being pro Bitcoin and simultaneously using the very same arguments that were used against BTC against Steem now.

I think the only thing that has been proven is that Tone isn't as clever as he wants people to believe. The guy can't put together a single rational or reasoned argument.

He just seems to be acting based on "faith".

Why the F*** not - perhaps because it is your God and doing so is blasphemy?


I could list so much more idiocy from the Bitcoin worshippers on that show but life is too short for me to waste on people who are too stupid to understand the hypocrisy of being pro Bitcoin and simultaneously using the very same arguments that were used against BTC against Steem now.

Thank you, exactly.

Its people like him I have to thank that I didn't purchase eth during the crowdsale.

Yes a lot of people made a lot from altcoins including ether. Bitcoin is a religion to them - there is no logic or rationality behind it. These kind of people are bad for the whole of cryptocurrency including Bitcoin.

Unfortunately Tone is fool without the grace and courage to admit he simply isn't smart enough to understand Steem. It's a waste of Dan and Ned's time trying to help him understand, though it's very good of them to try. Steem fits every reasonable definition of a blockchain and has technically left Bitcoin for dust. I feel sorry for anyone who would believe Tone's baseless, intellectually shallow and petulant accusations....'I will be right' he says. Tone was wrong about Steem yesterday, he's wrong today and sadly, it seems like he'll be wrong tomorrow if he can't find some humility.

I got distracted a few times and had to go back and listen a few times, but @ned and @dantheman were informative and forthcoming with good explanations. Every time I hear them talking or read their articles, I'm impressed by their dedication to the platform.

Does Tone actually 'do' anything, other than yap yap yap!? The guy can't even operate his own fucking microphone, how does he feel qualified to comment on anything technical!? What we are doing here is obviously so far over his head he should just find another 'real' shitcoin to attack ... not that anyone cares about those coins or his attacks.

Where can I donate to get some @klye art to go with this talk. Like from the Ricky Gervais Show!

Ned has got exponentially better at making the case for steem/steemit! just comparing is initial interviews to the last couple he's done. Ned, you're awesome!

@Ned knows his blockchain! And not afraid to correct others who try to characterize STEEM in ways that aren't true. Great job!

This is the best thing ever hahaha. GET EM NED GET EM DAN !!

I thought Dan and Ned did a great job responding nicely and cool to all the FUD.

Very well done. It cannot be easy to be so professional under such pressure and fire from these guys.

On the other Tone had no idea what he was talking about, pretty much every thing he said was plainly wrong and he had made weird assumption upon which he based that steem is a scam.

I think that Dan and Ned can more confidently talk about how they do control a majority of the coins, via steemit and why they are doing this.

I think it is also ok to say that we are not trying to be like bitcoin, but actually have created this blockchain with the focus of this blogging platform.

The fact that Tone Vays gives so much attention to steem proves that steem is different than all other altcoins and that it has huge potential.
He seems a bit scared about his bitcoin investment, I think bitcoin and steem will coexist. I don't see steem as a store of value because it doesn't have a limited supply. From what ned said the supply is being cut by 0.5% every year for 20 years until it reaches less than 1% inflation. In my opinion witnesses will have to revise this inflation schedule when more users use the site. I don't know how the steem blockchain is going to pay millions of users ( possibly) with less than 1% inflation, the price would have to be ridiculously high. All in all I think both bitcoin and steem have a bright future ahead.

Steem is not a scam, that's ridiculous, I will steel listen to the discussion.

I will tell you what I think after I listened to the discussion.

::: yes Tone Vays had no valid argument for his scam accusations.

I am not going to make the most insightful comment. I am just going to say Tony Vays is an ass...period.

Hot damn! This should be good.
I know what I'll be listening to after I get the kids to sleep.

been waiting a while for this. Watching it now thanks.

Steem is the best Blockchain out there... People make huge mistaking thinking Blockchain = PoW...and that's where many people will miss the great innovation in this industry. Steem Blockchain is 2 years ahead of what people know now (bitcoin) and that's why they don't understand Steem. Maybe tone-van want some help... he will still bring this stupid argument next month, next year and maybe in is entire life, and people will be following all the shit he is talking about without any proof. Our community is more than stronger and we are moving forward... Just keep calm and Steem guys!. Thks Dan & Ned!

fixed now.

An update yet?

Can't believe I'm waiting to waste time listening to Tony Vays.

The second one is fine. The first one seems a to be cut short.

fixed now @thecryptofiend it was a long debate had to remove images and reduce audio.

OK cool will watch it soon.

Why is 'Tone' so aggressive with his questioning?

Thank you! ☆☆☆☆☆😎

This was a great debate, near the end when they asked what is the benefit to having women on the blockchain?!? Around 50% of the population has some value...

I hope this helps to know what the heck this Steemit is all about.

I agree it is a heated debate :)

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I just had time to listen to all of it as well. I wanted to comment but I don't have to because you already nailed it with yours.

ps. After this 'debate' I just feel like investing more.