Easy Money is Not a Place for Steemit | Virtues to help you succeed in Steemit

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It's hard to earn in the platform

No post no pay. No comments no cash. No engagement no equal returns. I believe everyone totally agrees with this one. It's the perfect representation of life - it's difficult but it must go on. You can't just post anything and expect everyone to come aboard and place their votes on your blog. It's an arduous task to make sure that you earn something out of your effort.


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It's difficult to be here, that's for sure but compared to spending your time idle, being in Steemit practically beats any other platform. Here are 4 virtues which may help you bring greater profits.

1. Have commitment to the Power Up

To everyone who is not familiar with how cryptocurrencies work, Steem like any other altcoin depends on one thing and one thing alone which affects its price: Value Appreciation. Steem becomes a commodity when people think that it is a commodity. As for the user, the more value you hold, the more powerful you become mwahahaha. As Varys from the Game of Thrones once said:

Power resides where people think it resides.


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The same goes with the power of our most beloved crypto. If the supply drops while the demand remains high, there will be scarcity making the coin more valuable. As you may how noticed with community accounts such as @sndbox, they are urging everyone to Power Up as it is very clear that it will be beneficial for the platform. The more people HODL to their Stemm and Steem Power, the more the platform becomes more valuable and you as the holder to look more appealing to your followers. I basically think that having Steem Power us just a power play. It make you look infleuencial.

2. Hone your Interpersonal skills

Contrary to my misconception prior to engaging in Steemit, the place is a safe haven for introverts. The blogging interface allows people who love spending time by themselves to really think through their thoughts. Being introverted myself, it's amazing how much my principles are concreted here simply because I write about it.


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Having the comforts of your own personal work space and your flexible time allows you to save up on energy to interact with people from all over the world without that social anxiety attached to it. This makes the platform such a great place to engage with people. Furthermore, Steemit meetups seem like such a big deal nowadays and is the perfect way for you to meet people of similar interests.

Furthermore, as I traveled the wide virtual world of Steemit, I have come across testimonies stating how commenting alone allowed them to earn just as much if they would have posted. It is of course imperative to be as genuine as you can. If you see a post worth commending, why not take the extra leap and leave a thoughtful comment. Be genuine about it and say what you really mean.

3. Be more civil with your comments

As in any human interaction, conflict is always inevitable. We are never spared with the commotion of conflict and misunderstanding anywhere we go. There will be times where people will disagree with your post. Instances will arise where you will be given remarks on your lack of citations, inadequate information, or plagiarism. It is important not to take this as a lash on your reputation but a way for you to improve.


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Being more civil in Steemit means you are aware of individual differences in opinions and work your way to understand accept that this is a normal part in the diverse ecosystem here. Being civil about it and stating your disagreement to a statement in the most constructive way can indeed help you not only in the platform but anytime and anywhere.

4. Learn new things each day

Everyone has had writer's block every now and then. There are just times where you don't feel like making any article. What I did learn from these experiences is that I haven't given myself the best opportunity to expand my knowledge. When you have writer's block, you are drained from your opinions and you resort to making a shitty post just to have something to post.


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Having that hunger for growth and learning new things allows you to have more things to write about. In fact, I have learned so much from my week of hiatus from Steemit and I am now longing to make more posts about it. Hopefully, I have more time so I could share it with everyone.

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Fine piece of writing and advice my man.


Thanks so much @enginewitty. Definitely means a lot coming from you.

I agree. When I was just starting my first 2 post earned overnight and I thought Steemit work just like that, post something and wait until it generates income for me, but I was wrong. But because of my willingness to pursue Steemit, I dedicated most of my time to study every single detail of it and I would say that I gradually improved in this platfrom.


That is true. I still dont earn much here as much as I would but it surely beats not earning anything at all. My intro post earned ongly 0.3sbd which was depressing but i was glad that I managed to climb my way

Very welll said, your growing followers will not know all peopl they follow. You have to be different you have to engage, you have to be sincere. To express yourself and share the talent maybe no one knows about yet and be praised about it is already great but earning on top of it is a bonus. Be patient and be kind. It will all come back to you. 😊💙

I totally agree with that. Some of them makin a mistake about steemit. They must learn first and the earning will follow them


I think it's vital to understand the platform initially. One example is the concept of powering up. It's very difficult to do since most of us here are trying to earn but I do believe that this is beneficial for everyone.

Yeah one has to be ready to work pretty hard

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This totally speaks to all steemians! Thanks for this @josejirafa.


No worries @morken I hope you learned something or atleast made you rethink on a certain insight

My first month on steemit just passed and I think what you said were all true. Most importantly this:

Learn new things each day

Steemit urges us to be outside of our comfort zone. It helps us improve, become better. We are all good, we just need to be better and steemit is the best way to help us become one. Thank you for sharing! :)


Spot on! A big portion of my life changed because I was introduced to Steemit and I mean that in the nost genuine way as well. I owe a big deal to this platform whixh may be the reason why I want to commit myself here. Thanks for stopping by @reewritesthings

We learn and achieve every day of our life's and even thought i am not earning a fortune here i think been consistent making friends and learning from Steemit has more value :)