Can you please tell me that how can i get paid and if I want to replace this money with cash how can i do that .......please answer this

not sure I understand the question - Steemit will automatically pay you every 7 days from the time you made a post - once that happens you can get your money "powering down" which is what they call it when you want to convert your steem - there are lots of posts and videos that go into more detail. I'm not sure exactly how to do it since I've never cashed out- I'm trying to convert all of my steem to steempower. Best of luck to you.

You just have to use multiple spaces I think.

Thanks.. but I've tried that and it only moved it over one space... back to square one

@jorlauski, remembering my old days of HTML use, I tried this and saw that it worked on the Markdown interface. Just use this (but without spaces, it won't show here if I type it as it should be written):
& n b s p ;
So just remove the spaces between that code, and use as many of them as for the amount of space characters you want in between your words!

Thanks, but sometimes out of nowhere, a word in a paragraph will start on a new line in Steemit posts. Do you know how to stop this happening? Its happening on my post about the Games Industry, but seems to disapear if you make your page width smaller.

The Steemit layout may not allow it.

Kinda late but you can write " "

thanks - i use "& nbsp;" quite regularly - its good for making a new paragraph ... but if i want to make a space on the same line.. I should be able to use the space bar like in Word.... but no matter how manny spacs I put in ... steemit markdown defaults to ONE space... si I'm back to where I started and I never found a good answer to my question - so if anyone knows .. I would totally appreciate it.

I thought putting multiple " " would add multiple spaces on the same line like so:
steem          it

Issue with controlling the spacing between words/characters is the word wrap in Steemit's style. It is set to make Steemit as responsive as possible for tablets and phones. There are ways to do it but mobile view of post may differ.

📌 Possible Solutions:

  • You can use HTML <pre></pre> tags to get your desired function.
    • Demo:
      P R E                 FORMATTED      Text 
  • Aside from &nbsp; there is &ensp; x2 as big &emsp; x4 as big.
    • For increased distance between elements, use multiple times.
  • One last way, you can use a transparent graphic to specified width.
    • Code: Spacing![](!
    • Demo:

📌 If you want more control of post layout, learn steemit HTML.

⚠ I'm working on an app to help make it easier to use HTML: Find out more...
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thanks for the info - it's useful - I'll check out the app you were working on