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RE: Steemit Is Changing - How It Affects You

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I think the bots are a really big problem for the platform, because they just take away the organic or natural behavior of it, there are new people who post content and get 30 votes but less than a dollar, so the idea of @meonline would be great, not showing the voting value until it's past the seven days, so the content that has a mayor number of votes would be the one that gets trendy


Facebook has bots but they are not called bots. Facebook Ads are part of a revenue system. People pay for the ads to gain views on Facebook. The bots are basically programs or buttons that are powered by money. That is what the free market is all about. You want to be promoted as an artist, either find a manager or a bot. Managers try to get people to see musicians just like bots do.

I agree with you. Bot's are nothing else but Ads
without them value of steem will collapse

Agreed. Awesome.

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